Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 6 Episode 13

If You Leave

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 09, 2007 on MTV - Music Television
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Emma is still really upset over the death of J.T. and when Manny spends all her time with Damien, from the rival Lakehurst, Emma starts feuding with Manny. Marco suspects Dylan of cheating, again.

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  • if you leave

    emma discovers manny is moving back home, and she feels ignored. a cheer pep thing is at degrassi, and lakehurst teens are gonna be there. how will degrassi teens handle this, when their rivals will be in the same building as them? dylan has been secretive recently and marco is worried he is cheating on him. but he later discovers the real reason, and it is definitely not what he had expected.

    good episode, i thought the acting was great and the plot was great, and so because of all this, the episode definitely gets an A+, from me at leastmoreless
  • Lakehurst is coming to Degrassi for a spirit squad competition and Marco suspects Dylan is cheating on him.

    Well this is not the best episode but it was pretty good to watch. Manny's parents want her to move back home. I don't really like Manny's dad at all but her mom is sweet. Emma was being so selfish and so was everyone else at Degrassi. They do have to realize it was one person who killed JT and not the whole school. This is the second time where Emma doesn;t support Manny's cheerleading. Marco suspects that Dylan is cheating on him. Marco looks so upset in this episode. It actually does seem like he is cheating though and I still don't get why Dylan didn't tell Marco the truth in the first place. His reason was so dumb. Anyways the episode was pretty good but more like a filler episode.moreless
  • Manny begins to date Damian, which causes feuds.

    This episode was very amazing. I love storylines like this. It is like Romeo and Juliet. This episode was so well written. The writers are very talented. They are also very creative. This episode was so dramatic. Dylan might be leaving to play on a sports team. I love feuds between Manny and Emma. The writers need to make a fight between them last for like three or four episodes. That would be dramatic. This episode, in my opinion, is a series classic. It aired on such an amazing night. There was an amazing Instant Star hour long premiere, there was a very dramatic Beyond The Break episode, and there was this. This episode is the reason I watch this show.moreless
  • Manny does something Emma doesn't approve of, chaos ensues.

    This was horrible, plain and simple. It was a filler episode, nothing happens, and it does nothing for the plot or character development of the show other than once again showing us what a spoiled brat Emma is.

    Nothing in this episode made sense. All of Lakehurst is responsible for JT's death? Huh? It makes about as much sense as blaming all redheads. Nothing Mia said at the Dot to Damien made sense either. So was Damien friends with Drake? Is he lying to Manny? It was never explained and none of the characters seem to care either way.

    This is just another Emma episode that should have gone to Liberty. I don't think I'm the only fan that is more interested in how the love of JT's life is doing with his death as opposed to an aquantince he hadn't spoken to for years.moreless
  • Once again, Emma has to attract attention in the worst way possible.

    I have to admit, after watching this episode, I was a little letdown by it all. The main plot didn't make sense, and the B-plot was a bit of a letdown.

    Emma blaming all of Lakehurst for the death of JT Yorke is ridiculous. Not only that, she takes her anger out on Manny, who did nothing wrong except try and make things better for everyone. Mia lashing out at Damien doesn't make sense either. He tried to end the rivalry between the two schools, and if he was really friends with the murderer, why the hell did he give up his name in the first place?

    I did not feel sorry for Emma when she was reprimanded by Snake. This wouldn't be the first time on this show that blame has been mishandled. In Season 4, when Jimmy was shot, it was easy for everyone else to blame Spinner and Jay because they, unknowingly, pointed a loose cannon in Jimmy's direction. In reality, all of Degrassi was out to make Rick suffer. The paint and feathers prank tipped him over the edge. Rick brought the gun to school in the first place, and even though Jay and Spinner framed Jimmy, who fired the gun?

    My point is, this episode was stupid in that many elements didn't make sense. Emma wanted to blame someone and Manny became a target, which carries no logic at all. In this and the previous episode, Manny did nothing except try to make things better, and this is what she gets for her troubles.

    I really hope that Degrassi: TNG comes up with something great, and soon. Perhaps the return of Paige will bring the drama this show needs.moreless
Mark Foward

Mark Foward

Judge #1/Announcer

Guest Star

David Krae

David Krae


Guest Star

Samantha Munro

Samantha Munro

Lakehurst Cheerleader

Guest Star

John Bregar

John Bregar

Dylan Michalchuk

Recurring Role

Mazin Elsadig

Mazin Elsadig

Damian Hayes

Recurring Role

Jajube Mandiela

Jajube Mandiela

Chantay Black

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (5)

    • Emma: If the school printed money, your face would be on it.
      Manny: Yeah, and I'd use it to buy you a big box of shut up.

    • Marco: Well what do you want me to say to you Dylan?!
      Dylan: That.. that you're proud of me!
      Marco: I..I am.

    • Emma: Manny Santos has healed the whole school, somebody call the media!
      Damian: Now I know how Manny is your friend, she MUST be a saint to put up with all of your crap.
      Sean: Take a big step back, Lakehurst guy.

    • Emma: J.T. is gone and people like Manny just want to pretend it never happened, and I'm pissed!

    • Manny: So, I got your text. What did you want to show me?
      Emma: This. This curb right here. This is where it happened. J.T. died here.
      Manny: Em, you don't have to show me this.
      Emma: No, I think I do. This whole thing between us. It isn't about Lakehurst or Damian. It's about what happened here two weeks ago.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Samantha Munro has an uncredited appearance in this episode. Samantha Munro would go on to play Anya in Season 7. Although it is possible that she is playing Anya, no official sources credit this as being her first episode, so it most likely that it was just a random person, and her first episode isn't until next season.

    • Deanna Casaluce (Alex), Lauren Collins (Paige), Ryan Cooley (J.T.), Stacey Farber (Ellie), Jamie Johnston (Peter), Mike Lobel (Jay), and Amanda Stepto (Spike), do not appear in this episode.


    • The title of this episode is the same as a song by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark from the 1986 soundtrack for Pretty in Pink.