Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 11 Episode 44

In The Cold, Cold Night, Part One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 11, 2012 on MTV - Music Television

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  • A Fair Episode

    Fiona/Imogen: Gonna say they both make a good team together when they are setting up a Frostival but now Fiona is dealing with a very same situation like Holly J did but with a different look into going broke... Yeow... sure didn't see that one coming.

    Clare: Hmm, hmm, hmm... even though I've been trying to catch up on the Degrassi history, it's even hard to believe that Alli and Clare are friends anymore but hey, what do I know? Clare is trying to repair the damage that was done a long time ago... after all she should know that it's time to bury the hatchet and move on from there.

    Maya: I do understand where she's is coming from and to tell everyone honestly, she's starting to become a favorite character of mine but it's sorta early to see where Olivia's character goes from there in her freshman year. Sorts remind me of my ex-girlfriend who wanted to do so much more in school, meaning that she's trying to be smarter than I am. I'm afraid to admit that I was a C average guy and she's an Honor Roll student so that kinda hurts me when Maya reminds me of my ex-girlfriend. Eh... No need to say anymore because all those plots together made a good episode for me to enjoy. Thanks, Degrassi and keep up the good work.
  • Awesome Episode

    Fiona (A-Plot): Pretty good. It was funny to see Eli pick up on her Fi's, Imo crush . It seems Imogen is starting to feel something too. Just by the way she was talking during science class and the kiss she gave Fiona out of completely no where! She never did that before! It was great to finally she Fi and Imo overthrow Marisol and Katie. Fiona was so right about Katie. That drug headed little...

    A bit surprised that the Coyne's are in all this legal trouble! I however, knew it was only a matter of time before Fiona lost all her money like HollyJ did back in Season 8. It was certainly warming to the heart, that scene with Fiona, her mom, and HollyJ. Even after Holly's graduation, her and Fiona are still the best of friends!

    Clare (B-Plot): It was really nice to see the reunion of Clare-Alli-KC-Connor foursome. That's something I've really missed. It warmed my heart to bits! Clare making up with Alli and Jenna was good. I feel like Clare is finally coming around. It was interesting to finally discover the status of Jenna-Jake. I think they might be Friends all right...Friends With Benefits. I don't know, they could be just friends..

    Also glad to see the Clare-KC thing cleared up too. Its nice everyone is over everything that happened in the past.

    Maya (C-Plot): I felt Maya was kinda OOC..just a tad. Maybe its just I haven't really seen all of her. This is arguably her first real storyline. Ms.Oh and her are funny together xD.
  • Fiona and Imogen plan the Frostival. Clare needs help on the newspaper. Maya loses interest in music class.

    "In the Cold Cold Night" Part One was an excellent episode. It was great start the season finale. I'm loving Fiona and Imogen's plot of getting their revenge on Marisol and going to Mr. Simpson, so they can put on the carnival. The episode got so much more interesting when Fiona forges a check with the foundation's checkbook and then the next day police and investigators were taking items as evidence. I was shocked out to find out that Fiona's mother was accused of fraud and placed under house-arrest. I love how Holly J. showed up to stay with Fiona while the semester ends. It's just makes me really sad at the possibility that Fiona might be moving back to New York. I loved Clare's plot. I love how she admitted to being a hypocrite and she apologized to Alli. I love how KC, Connor, Jenna, and Alli showed up to help Clare with the newspaper. I was surprised to see Eli show up and offering to help out. Maya's plot was good with being tired of being in a boring music class. I can't wait to see if she actually tries for that indie rock band. I give this episode a 8.5/10.