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Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 9 Episode 17

Innocent When You Dream

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 24, 2010 on MTV - Music Television
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Episode Summary

Innocent When You Dream

Clare starts fantasizing about Declan in vampire themed dreams. She starts writing a fan fic based on the vampire novels she has been reading, replacing the main character with Declan. Declan discovers the stories, and Clare hopes he doesn't find out it's her. Sav tries to film a music video with his band, in order to get his mind of Anya.


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  • Awful.

    Remember when this show was tolerable? I couldn't believe this was Degrassi, I remember a time when Degrassi actually went there and you didn't have to cringe when someone said something extremely cheesy.

    Wow, after watching this episode, I would have to say I would have to be embarrassed of even watching this show. Clare was completely out of character, and she was acting like a stalker. What's with this out of nowhere crush on Declan? And the vampire fad? Really, why Degrassi, why did you have to go THERE. Honestly, why would Clare bit a strangers neck, and then steal someone's sweater? What was she going to do, sniff it? Come one, where is goody two shoes Clare who wasn't strange at all!? The Sav/Anya was pretty much the only thing that helped this episode. The Sav scenes were boring but we get to see some development with Anya. Her character is really undergoing a change. Being manipulative isn't a thing I would suspect when I first saw her character enter Degrassi in season seven, but now she is a completely different person.

    Bottom line, is this episode featured cliche plots, and out of character decisions from all characters.moreless
  • I Liked It...

    Maybe because I'm sorta new to the show but I liked it. I do agree that Clare just liking Declan for the heck of it was random, but I personally think it was OK for the episode. I liked Anya's and Sav's subplot, I hope they get back together, I like Sav's character and I think Anya is hot ;)

    Overall, I really liked this episode, the only thing I don't like is the Twilight-esque parody (the book series in the episode), which was weird, but I found the rest to be great, my overall grade for this- an A+moreless
  • Wow..Just Wow...

    Words cannot describe how god awful this episode was. I have been a huge fan of Degrassi ever since 2003, so I know what the writers are capable of doing and this episode just doesn't do it. The whole Twilight phase has sadly taken over many pre-teen girls, and I feel it shouldn't of been used in Degrassi at all. The whole concept of Clare dreaming about her sexy lover Declan as a vampire was too cheesy even for Degrassi. I actually couldn't believe it when I first read the description for this episode, I was hoping it wasn't for real. This episode is a love/hate for most people. If you like Twilight you will probably like this episode, but for us who cannot stand it, the episode is almost unbearable to sit through.moreless
  • Clare has vampire dreams about Declan. Sav misses Anya.

    Worst Degrassi episode ever in terms of drama, storylines, and character development. The only reason this episode is getting a 6/10, because it was so ridiculous it made me laugh thoughout the whole episode. Where did this episode come from? When did Clare start having a crush on Declan? You'd think she'd be trying to get KC back in this episode. Clare was so creepy in this episode. I can't believe she stole Declan's sweater. I can't believe she bit that kid in the closet. I can understand the writer's having an episode about the vampire fad, and writing fan fiction, but this episode came out of nowhere. Sav plot was boring. The music video was lame and Sav was a huge jerk to Anya. The best part of this episode was that Anya and Sav didn't get back together. Anyways, I give this episode a 6/10.moreless

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