Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 6

Islands In The Stream

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2004 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Paige gets fired from the Dot and gets a new job working at the theatre. Toby and Rick have a competition to see who can get kissed by more girls.

    A great episode of Degrassi. Paige is a really bad waittress. I'm glad she got fired from that job. I like her now job better. Spinner is a big jerk. First of all he starts crushing on Manny and a picture of him is shown at the car wash almost kissing Manny. Then he goes and treats Paige like dirt. I am so glad they broke up in this episode. When Craig and Spinner are fighting Paige gets fired. It was really nice for Alex to get her job back. Toby Rick have competition to see who can kiss more girls. I am so glad Toby gets more girls because I still don't like Rick for what he did Terri. I wish Toby and rick weren'r friends but then again Toby didn't really know Terri. He should though because Ashley and Terri were like best friends in season 1. Anyways this episode was really good. I give it a 10/10.
  • alright i guess

    this episode is alright umm idk maybe. Its the end of spaige which sucks but that story line is remotly interesting. Unlike the one with rick its awful. competing for kisses what garbage no one likes either of theses characters neway so why make this. Maybe its supposed to lead up to the shooting but still couldnt they make a better story to show no one likes rick then having no girls kiss him i mean come on, but u should probaby see it neway because spinner and paiges break up is pretty important
  • Paige gets a job to pay back Spinner for wrecking his car. Toby and Rick compete to see who can get the most kisses.

    This episode marks the breaking point of Degrassi's power couple: Paige and Spinner. Though they were still dating, Spinner makes it very clear that Paige owes him for wrecking his car. You see a sort of "role reversal" among Paige and Spinner. Paige always came off as the one in charge of the relationship(she's a natural-born leader and loves to be in charge), while Spinner was like a cute puppy that followed behind her. We see Spinner trying to assert his newly discovered "power" over Paige during the popcorn scene at the theater, but he only asserts the fact he's a jerk on a power trip. The Paige in this episode is not the Paige I konw: she's tame in a helpless sort of way, a side of her we haven't seen since "Shout".

    There are several things that didn't make sense in this episode. First was the interaction between Spinner and Manny. Did they not just agree in the previous episode that their "moment" went a little too far? Then we see Spinner all over Manny near the lockers. I find it very fitting that Craig is the one that interrupts them. The confrontation between Craig and Spinner made even less sense. Sure, let's fight over another girl in front of you GIRLFRIEND.

    In the subplot Rick and Toby become friends, and it's apparent Emma's at least friendly toward Rick. However, Rick and Toby play a game to see which one can get the most kisses. One thing I want to know is how Toby (the geekiest guy at Degrassi) is able to get a kiss from girls, but other than that he can't get girls to notice him for anything.

    This episode wasn't bad, but too many things didn't make sense because they came out of nowhere.
  • My Favorite Episode

    This episode is just really well written and really great. The actors did a very good job acting and the storyline made the episode my favorite. If I had to vote for Degrassis Best episode, this episode would definantley get it. I think Lauren is a really great actress and she did awesome in this episode. Islands In The Stream had great comedy, drama, and everything else a great episode needs.