Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 8 Episode 14

Jane Says, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 08, 2009 on MTV - Music Television

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    Definitely a huge step up in quality after part one. Things come to an interesting pace and a story line we haven't seen before emerges and actually creates some quality drama. Jane being molested as a child was great character development and I think at this point, is where I finally warmed up to the character.

    The possible repeat in history with Mia's baby was scary. I also liked how Lucas played a part in the whole thing too. We got some great scenes with Paula Brancati, I really commend this actress for her work in this episode.

    The subplot this week was way better than part one. Even though I did find it pretty funny that all Clare has to do to "look hot" is too wear some clothes from Goodwill. The Alli & KC scene was eventful but I never liked the Alli character so it didn't do much for me. Good episode overall, actually brought some genuine emotions to the table.
  • One of my favorite episodes.

    After Jane begins to realize what really happened to her as a child, a very overwhelming feelings takes you over, and you begin to feel for what Jane went through. Paula's acting in this episode as Jane was very exceptional and we see a new emotional side of her, rather than the usual tough girl. I like how at the end of the episode it shows Jane, her mother and her brother all in the therapy session and shows that with time, they will all be brought together again and be healed. Very good episode and I recommend anybody to watch this one.
  • {review of both episodes}

    Jane's Brother Lucas is totally not caring about anything. Their mom decides that their father, whom Jane and Lucas have not seen for a while because of a divorce, should come, and maybe Lucas will change his behavior. Jane is not happy about her father coming, and she thinks it is because of the divorce. She acts differently towards her dad for reasons she cannot fully explain. She feels hurt and lost because Lucas wants her to forget everything. Jane tries hard and remembers that her father used to touch her inappropriately when she was younger, tucking her in. She tells Lucas about this, which makes him change his attitude towards him. In the end Jane, Lucas, and their mother go to therapy.

    A touching episode, I had no idea what was coming, but I knew it was big, which it obviously was. Definitely a great episode
  • Jane tells Lucas what really happened between her and her dad. Clare changes her look.

    Very good episode of Degrassi. I don't think Degrassi ever dealt with molestation. Paula did some good acting in this episode epecially with the crying. I hate the father so much. I'm glad Lucas stood up for Jane like he did. Alli and KC kissing was the perfect thing to happen. I just wish that Clare would have walked in on them. Clare's clothing change was awesome. She looks good with her hair down. It was funny to see Alli get jelous of Clare. KC wsa so nice to Alli. He's a good guy. Johnny telling Alli that she's beautiful was awesome. I hope something more happens between them. Mike Lobel as Jay made an small appearance. I just wish he had a bigger role in season 8. I give this episode a 8/10.
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