Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 7 Episode 8

Jessie's Girl

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 2008 on MTV - Music Television
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Jessie's Girl

Ellie scores an interview with Caitlin, who is back in town for a movie screening at the campus. When Ellie catches Caitlin making out with Jesse, she soon starts wondering if she can handle Jesse as both a boss and boyfriend. Holly J. continuously belittles and back stabs Anya, and Mia tries befriending her, but is shocked by how Anya doesn't do anything about it.


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  • Ellie invites Caitlin to host an event.

    "Jessie's Girl" is not a very good Degrassi episode. I loved Ellie up until season 6. I dislike her character when she started dating Jessie. I hate plots that involve Jessie and Ellie. I hate them as a couple. Caitlin comes back and she sleeps with Jessie. I know Ellie overreacted to Caitlin sleeping with Jessie because Caitlin didn't know they were dating, but why did they have to ruin's Caitlin's character by having her sleep with a college student? The only good thing about the main plot is you can tell Ellie's starting to go through a depression when she starts drinking. And this is continued in "Degrassi Goes Hollywood". I enjoy the subplot with Holly J. bullying Anya. I think we find out that Anya has dyslexia in this episode. I love how Mia tries to stand up for Anya. I give this episode a 6.5/10.moreless
  • "Slut!"

    A really great A plot, at first, I didn't think I would like this plot since it was a bleh... Ellie/Jesse plot. But, it really developed from there, to Ellie's alcoholism that she got from her mom, and how she called out Caitlin for hooking up with Jesse and calling her a slut in front of 100 people. Holly J and Mia continue to battle it out, and I hate Holly J from this point on, so messed up to Anya, and she just takes it. It annoyed me so much, and Mia lost this battle, she's losing the war so far. Awesome episode that foreshadows Ellie's drinking problem. And finally Ellie/Jesse are over! It took her 2 seasons, to grow some backbone! Awesome.moreless
  • Season 7, Episode 8.

    When Caitlin returns to town, Ellie finds out the hard way that dating the boss isn't always a good thing. Meanwhile a project allows Mia to have an advantage over Holly J. and Anya. Wow I can't believe how mean Holly J. is! She is so unbelievable. She brings up Anya's dyslexia in front of everyone. And Anya is unbelievable! Mia is trying to help her and she is just a bi*** to her! Caitlin is pretty hot. I can't believe Jesse did that! Poor Ellie. She made a very nice dramatic scene, which I always like. =] Glad she did the right thing at the end.moreless
  • Catlin is back and someone isn't so happy about it. And someone is. Jesse and Ellie A plot and Mia, Holly J and Anya B plot.

    While I have to say it was another "tamed" episode of Degrassi, JG was rather good...after I watched it over a few times. The first time I saw it I was still waiting for something good to happen even when the episode was over, but after the third time watching it, it kinda was entertaining. Ellie finally breaks it off with Jesse. Thank God!!!! Catlin and Jesse get caught messing around by a slightly drunk Ellie. Afterward, Ellie goes back and forth about maybe quiting the Core journalist job. I liked that they slightly touched on Ellie and I loved it...that was the only thing that spiced this episode up really...and when Ellie interviewed Catlin and called her a slut....A great Degrassi moment. I liked this episode a little more than others did obviously. The B plot with Holly J showing again how much of a **** she can really be was okay but still liked the A plot more. Holly J makes fun of her so called best friend, Anya for being dislacsic (I did not spell that right, don't care) so Holly J tells Anya to cheat but snitches to the teacher that her science project is playgerised (spelling?)...Holly J did all this just because she was jealous that Anya maybe starting to like Mia more than her so...the Sinclair sister acted a damn fool...and Anya still ended up being friends with the ****...crazy. But a fair episode I'd say. Oh and Marco's best line ever: "Have a bunch of sex" HAHAHA!!!moreless
  • Caitlin's back and she's taking Ellie's boyfriend.

    This episode was okay like most Degrassi episodes these days. It wasn't all that hard to get distracted from this episode because the writing was a little dull. Ellie kinda sat back after learning what Caitlin did, she could've taken a little more control and at least have slapped her. But she did the mature thing (which is fine) and decided not to do anything. I usually like Ellie's storylines but i guess since they quit revolving around her cutting she has become another dull charecter. Im pretty sure this episode could've been written a little bit differently but im okay with it. At least it wasnt as boring as the coming episodes.moreless
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Sian Richards


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