Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 9 Episode 1

Just Can't Get Enough, Part One

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 04, 2009 on Much Music
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In the ninth season premiere, Mia is offered a MAJOR modeling contract in Paris, Peter decides he'll go with her. But he soon realizes he doesn't fit into her sophisticated world. At a posh party, feeling frustrated and insecure, an unlikely guest offers an escape, snorting something. Soon enough, Peter's 'trip' goes terribly wrong. Meanwhile, Alli is concerned when new girl Jenna focuses on becoming Clare's friend. There's no way this is going to end well - and no way Alli's going to let it...


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  • Awsome episode!!!!!!!!

    This episode was great and is sadly underrated:(

    The way Fionna got defensive when the lady said she and Declan were "close" makes me wonder if Incest is going on between them?!?Anyway...Peter`s drug addiction was well done and funny!The word "crank" disturbes me.Anyway,the Alli/Clare/and Jenna subplot was kinda was like 4-5 scenes!But im sure its just a lead on to whats coming up!The HollyJ and Blue subplot was a bit yada yada,but was well played with good quality...the holly freaking j line was funny as hell,but a little overrated.The end when Peter came to a breakdown was well played and realistick.All in All A well done episode! :)moreless
  • Mia's modeling life is getting great, but then things change between her and Peter when she tells him that she's been offered a modeling contract in Paris. Stressed out Peter starts an addiction to meth. New-girl, Jenna, befriends Clare.moreless

    In the first part of the Season 9 Premiere of Degrassi, things are going great for most of the Degrassi students. Back from Winter Break, Mia's modeling life is doing well, and turns better than well as she receives and shares to Peter some news: She's been offered a 250K contract for modeling in Paris. At first, Peter is upset and nearly breaks up with Mia, but then, he decides he'll move to Paris with her.

    Well they both attend a party at new kids-Declan and Fiona's-mansion. Declan had invited them because his mom also worked for a modeling agency, and said Mia'd love to meet her. They go to the party, and Declan convinces Peter to play a song on the guitar by his band, The Studz. Of course, a group of mature, sophisticated, rich grownups don't want to hear ROCK music. What is he thinking? He blows it, embarasses himself, and gets stressed out even more. So a girl named Victoria, a friend of Fiona's, offers Peter some meth. Peter goes crazy, but promises Mia that it was a one-time thing when the next day he's drowsy and in the dumps.

    But then, Peter finds himself addicted to the substance. He then has to learn even worse news when Mia breaks up with him and says he can't go to Paris with her. He continues to abuse the meth.

    To me, Peter was just stupid in the first place when he listened to Victoria, and smoked the meth, which he originally thought was just cocaine. But that's still pretty idiotic. Peter should be smart enough, (his mom, former principal of Degrassi, should have taught him better than that) to make the wiser decision of not smoking the drug.

    Meanwhile, the other new girl, decently-pretty and blonde, Jenna, tries to befriend Clare, and successfully does, but not without the disapproval of Alli, who suspects something from Jenna. She becomes jealous when Jenna starts spending a lot of time with Clare, and Clare doesn't do anything about it.

    Oh well. I have no interest in Clare and Alli's a bit annoying, but Jenna. Maybe I can have her? But seriously now, maybe the new kids should unite, and she can match up with Declan, so Declan doesn't do anything between Sav/Anya and or Peter/Mia and or Spinner/Jane.

    And Holly J, or just plain Holly according to Blu, arranges the Winter Beach Bash event at Degrassi High School.

    Well, beaches mean swimsuits. Swimsuits mean bikinis; hot girls in bikinis. Me...flooding myself in drool. Just kidding, but seriously now - this was a decent opener to the ninth season, in my opinion.moreless
  • Mia is offered a modeling job in Paris, and Peter wants to go with her. Peter gets an invite by Declan and Fiona to come to a party, where Peter starts an addiction. Alli is jealous of this new girl named Jenna who has becomes friends with Clare.moreless

    Awesome start to the season. Part 1 was very boring. Mia is going off to be a model in Paris and Peter wants to go with her. I like the way they are writing Mia off. I just with they would have given other characters a good write off. I like Peter having a crystal meth addiction storyline. I haven't decided if it suits his character but it definitely adds drama to the show. Declan and Fiona seem like interesting new characters. It's different that they have parents who are politicians. It's going to be interesting what storylines they have. I like the intro of the Jenna character. I like how Alli was a jealous of her, until she found out that she thinks KC is cute. Then Clare got all jealous. It's going to be interesting to see how the Alli/Clare/Jenna friendship plays out this season. I give this episode a 7/10.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Usually two parters on Degrassi, even if airing on the same night, would have a "to be continued" after part one, but this episode didn't have one in it's original airing.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Clare: This is way harder than it looks. (referring to Jenna trying to teach her how to play the guitar)
      Jenna: That's what he said!

    • Alli: KC, where's Clare?
      KC: I thought she was with you.
      Alli: No, (moans) she won't text me back.
      KC: I just got one. (reads message) Wish me luck with my probation officer. (smiles, while Alli stares) Not that I have one.

  • NOTES (6)

    • song list:
      "Whoa California"
      Written by
      Jim McGrath, Tim Welch, Brendon Yorke
      Performed by Stüdz
      Courtesy Of Epitome Pictures Inc.
      Written by Jessica Tyler, Robert Tyler
      Performed by Jessica Tyler
      Courtesy Of Epitome Pictures Inc.
      "Transform On The Floor"
      Written by Andrew Lane, Natalia Maribojoc, Misty Gonzales, Kevin Milledge Iii
      Performed by Etnc
      Courtesy Of Etnc
      Written by Jim McGrath
      Performed by The Drew Jurecka Jazz Trio
      "Don't Call Me Dave"
      Written by Jim McGrath, David Baxter
      Performed by The Drew Jurecka Jazz Trio
      "Dance with Dad"
      Written by Jim McGrath
      Performed by The Drew Jurecka Jazz Trio

    • Argiris Karras (Riley), Cassie Steele (Manny), Jahmil French (Dave), Miriam McDonald (Emma), Natty Zavitz (Bruce) and Paula Brancati (Jane), do not appear in this episode.

    • Annie Clark (Fiona), Jahmil French (Dave), Jessica Tyler (Jenna) and Landon Liboiron (Declan), are added to the opening credits.

    • The theme song is altered once again, this time performed by in-show band, The Studz.

    • This episode marks the first appearances of Annie Clark (Fiona), Jessica Tyler (Jenna) and Landon Liboiron (Declan).

    • Kelly, Liberty, Mia, and Derek are no longer in the credits.


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