Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 9 Episode 19

Keep On Loving You

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 07, 2010 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Superb

    I found this episode kind of weak, to be honest. It's a decent episode, with Holly J not liking the fact Declan cannot say the word "love" to her, but I don't know... it just bores me a little when I watch it. I cannot explain it no matter what, it just does. I liked the plot, but I do not think it was handled well, at all, and it lessens the episode of course. I do think it had a nice ending though that makes the audience want to know what happens next season. Overall grade- a B- or so
  • Holly J/Declan relationship plot: Good. Chante/Danny/Peter plot: Snore.

    So this is is how the season ends before the season 9 movie. Not a great finale I would have to say. I know this doesn't really classify as the season nine finale, the "movie" does, but we still have to wait a while before we see new episodes after this one. And I got to say this episode wasn't very enticing. I always liked Holly J/Declan plots, which is why I still had some respect for this plot from the start. Talk about character development: Holly J loses her virginity to Declan in this episode, only to get her heart broken when Declan doesn't say he loves her. The plot thickens when Declan is forced to move back to New York with Fiona. This was a good flow, since the movie takes place in New York where Holly J will be visiting. I like how this plot wasn't resolved in one episode, Declan & Fiona are moving back to New York as far as this episode is concerned. Which makes it more dramatic, therefore makes it a good plot.

    The thing that really annoyed me about this episode was the cringe-worthy B plot. Why can't this show have better side plots!? Why can't both plots be equally good? I never liked the Chantay/Danny relationship, putting Peter in the middle of their unlikable relationship was incredibly annoying. And I was tempted to change the channel when their scenes came on. Great A plot, pretty weak B plot.
  • Holly J. says "I love you" to Declan but Declan can't say it back. Danny gets jealous of Peter when Peter has to share a kiss with Chante in the play.

    Great episode! The only thing wrong with this episode was that it could have a been used as a plot for other characters that need developement. I do like how Holly J. says "I love you" and Declan isn't ready for that. This episode shows that Declan is more than just player, he has a sensitive side. I like how this episode sets up for the movie with Declan and Fiona moving to New York, and Holly J. gettin an internship in New York. The play was kind of cool to watch since they'e been working on it all year. It was also kind of lame because Danny was jealous of Peter. It was kind of funny how Chante drank Danny's water instead of Peter's water. I really liked how this episode showed Fiona as a loner. She has no real friends at Degrassi. It's interesting how she really wants to move to New York. I can't wait to see her in the movie and her upcoming storylines in season 10. I also enjoyed seeing Jane and Peter sing. I give this episode a 7/10.
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