Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 3

King Of Pain

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2004 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Mind Your Business Alex

    Marco is going through a lot of strress, He's gay in high school. He's scared of judgment. I'm happy that Dylan is willing to accept him just telling his mom. He's not ready to come out. For Alex to threaten to tell the whole school is shallow and his life is none of her business. But I'm glad she didn't and Marco made her the VP of the class.
  • Marco versus Alex for school president.

    "King of Pain" is an excellent Degrassi episode. It's one of those episodes that you can watch over and over again. In this episode both Marco and Alex run for school president. I love how Marco comes out to his mom in this episode. I love how Alex threaten that she'll call Marco a queer in his speech, but instead she calls him a pretty boy. SPOILER ALERT, I'm not sure the Degrassi writers were planning on having Alex be a main character in season 5, if they did then Alex could have been struggling with her sexuality in this episode, and so maybe that's why she called Marco a pretty boy instead of queer Anyways, I give this episode a 9/10.
  • Perfect

    Marco can't admit to anyone he is gay which puts a strain on his relationship with Dylan. It also hurts him because he wants to be school president, but his opponent threatens to tell everyone he is gay Will he end up winning?

    A good episode that dealt with the topic of homoseexuality, and I think it did a good job. I think that girl who was gonna tell all Marco was gay was evil... like literally evil. But all in all it was a very good episode, I think, my overall grade for this episode is a big A+
  • In this episode Marco is running for school president, when Alex wants to run against him, he has to keep the whole school ,and his parents, from discovering that he is gay

    Although I thought really hard about what to label this episode, I chose "Character Development." In this episode I thought is showed, for the first time, a softer side to Alex, like she is a real person and does have the capability of being nice. Well nicer. I thought it was also a character development in Marco, it showed him coming out to his mom, also he semi - befriended Alex. This is my all time favorite episode, so I have nothing bad to say about it. I usually dont have bad things to say about episodes I review, but in this case, it is my all-time favorite episodes, of one of my all-time favorite shows!!!!
  • Marco-Alex fight fight for presidency!

    This was a decent episode. I found this was probably the episode that started the whole foreshadowing and sexual tension between Paige and Alex starts. Of course, Dylan really wants Marco to come out and not be ashamed about his sexuality. While, Marco thinks it's hard, he still has to focus on his big presidental campaign against tough-rebel girl Alex. Alex really want to humilimate Marco in front of the whole school by calling him 'queer'. She bails out when she realizes it wouldn't be nice to call some queer (plus, i think she was battling with her own orientation as well). Marco does the right thing by letting her be vice president next to him, which is great sportsmanship on Marco's behalf.
  • too much stuff going on for a 30-minute episode, IMO

    This eppy is not one of my favorites. It just seemed like a meaningless filler eppy. We discover that after a year of coming out to his friends, Marco still hasn't come out to his parents, and it's starting to get to Dylan, who has been "out" for a long time-to both his friends, dorm-mates and parents. Then, Marco comes out to his mom. Add to this the stress of student elections, and the possibility of Alex "outing" Marco to the school (and his dad)...there's just way too much going on.

    The sub-plot made no sense whatsoever. Why the writers decided to make Emma a b**ch, I'll never understand. Now, she is totally consumed with how she looks, and how it will look to everyone else if her ex goes on a date with Liberty. I'm sorry, Em, but you're not "all that" yourself honey!

    I think the writers should have made Emma's personality transformation happen over a series of episodes, and not just over a couple. It's like BAM, she goes from being an activist to being a mini version of Paige. Give us a little more warning please!
  • boring......

    another boring marco episode. nothing new. in this episode alex and marco are against eachother in the race to be president for the school ect? I cant remember this episode because it was so pointless and boring. The sub-plot was ok. It was better than the main plot. Overall this episode was pointless.
  • When Marco keeps his secret about Dylan , who is getting sick of it he lay sit straight.When Marco comes out to his mother it might have felt really good. When Emma found out that Liberty likes Chris she will not let that happen so her friendship is over.

    When I first saw this episode I was really suprised. I mean by the way Marco wouldnt come out I would have never thought that Dylanwould do something like but he did. When Marco happened to understand why Dylan did call my friend was crying her eyes out.She said " I cant believe that happened". She was right nieth could I. When it came to Emma I thought she wasacting like a really jerk.I mean your over him dont try to mess it up with her.I lked this episode because it shows how people react to things differently.