Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 11 Episode 17

Lose Yourself, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 11, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Child and Family Services come to observe Jenna and KC as parents. Mo thinks Sav has a chance with Miss Oh. Clare is still convinced that Eli is trying to sabotage her relationship with Jake.


    "Lose Yourself" Part 2 is a terrific Degrassi episode! This episode was so intense with Jenna finding out that KC has feelings for Marisol. I can't believe she hit KC in the face with her guitar. In this episode, Family and Child Services come to observe KC and Jenna as parents. I think it's great that Jenna wants to give Tyson up for adoption so he'll have a better life. I'm glad KC and Jenna broke up. One thing I'm wondering is if Jenna's homeless now. I mean her brother moved back to Alberta, so now she has no where to go. I love how Mo sent Miss Oh the song Sav wrote for her. I love how she figured the song was about herself. I love how she told all her friends about Sav and that she tells Sav to call her Winnie outside of school, but has he to call her Miss Oh in school. I loved how she winked at him in class. I'm loving that Miss Oh is having a bigger storyline this season. I'm going to enjoy how this student/teacher relationship plays out. I love how Jake told Clare that nothing Eli says can break them apart. I love how Eli rewrote the play to make Clare the hero. That was so cute. I give this episode a 9.5/10.

  • perfect


    Jenna/KC- I'm glad Jenna found out about Marisol. KC is such a jerk. First, it was Clare, then Jenna, not Marisol. Is one girl not enough for him? Is he a polygamist or something? Cause he really acts like one. +1 for Jenna for hitting KC with the guitar. That made me applaud her. KC has been so super annoying this whole season. Jenna bringing up adoption randomly was interesting. I can't believe they're considering (and probably are) putting Ty up for adoption.

    Eli/Clare/Jake- i liked Jake saying he would never trust Eli over Clare and Eli rewriting the play to make Clara the hero of the story.

    Sav/Ms. Oh- this was nice. I can't believe Mo sent the "Oh girl" song to Ms. Oh. Seeing her at the concert was pretty predictable but it was handled well. I don't get why people find her that attractive as a teacher, but whatever. I'm honestly kind of interested to see if anything between them develops.