Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 8 Episode 9

Lost in Love, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 18, 2009 on MTV - Music Television

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    Way more entertaining than the first part but still pretty pointless. This episode was so uneventful. Spinner & Jane break up, he proposes, he messes it up even more, and then they get back together. I guess that's what's to expect from a Valentine's special. Manny was pretty funny in this one, she's always fun to watch. The Spinner & Holly J interactions really stand out above all.

    Watching the unecassary Sav/Anya "drama" while a softer side is shown to Holly J with her staring off at Blue was pretty dull. The only plus side from the scene was watching Jay have a heart to heart moment with Holly J, something I definitely did not expect. Kelly/Emma - Cliche as always. KC/Clare - Cliche City. Robot Wars? Really? What is this, iCarly?

    So a pretty forgettable two parter and quite an unecassary uninstallment when you look at the big picture, not to mention US fans had to wait like 4 months for this episode. I'm sure there were nothing but disappointed like I was.
  • Season 8, Episode 9.

    Wow, there was a lot going on. Like, Spinner proposes to Jane in front of 100 people! Wow, that's a lot of pressure on her and it's not really right. She was kinda right to reject the proposal, but still, the whole scenario is just complicated. And I can't believe how the kid made the robot ask Clare to the dance. WOW. That put a lot of pressure on her as well. And Emma thinks that Kelly is cheating on her with Gwyneth. I liked when Clare was dancing with the other kid, but Connor is so annoying. I was waiting for a meteor to hit the school and wipe him out. But whatever, good episode.
  • Jane overreacts to Spinner not getting into police college. Clare goes to the dance with someone shs doesn't want to go with. Kelly proves his love for Emma.

    This episode was a pretty good episode. There wasn't the drama I wanted to see but it was better than the last episode I watched. This epiosde proves how much I dislike Connor. I mean he can't be so dumb that he doesn't know that Clare doesn't like him. I hated the way he asked her out making her feel like she had to go to the dance with him. Connor is in high school and is acting like a child. I hope his character gets better soon. It was cool seeing Toby in this episode. I wish we could get an update on his life, maybe he'll make another appearance at the end of season 8. I can't believe how Emma and Manny automatically blamed Kelly for talking with his girlfriend. They overreacted, but I like that Emma overreacted and went home because the dog she was petting was adorable. Kelly was so sweet playing the guitar and seeing a song for Emma. Anyways the episode wasn't so bad and I enjoyed more than the last one so I give it an 8/10.