Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 7 Episode 3

Love Is A Battlefield

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 19, 2008 on MTV - Music Television

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  • "You were better off as a stripper!"

    Well the writers have officialy butchered Alex's character by this episode. Alex had the best of intentions through the whole episode, the only problem is when she got high with Jay. Paige was so mean in this episode, after 3 episodes, she just throws her relationship away after just getting back together, after taking a whole year, and A plots in order to get back together. It makes no sense, and everyone was so out of character. The end was intense when Paige was a total b*** to Alex. Everyone thinking Manny was a racist? Hilarious, but not a good plot. I'm glad Manny & Damian didn't end up together. Okay episode. Very out of character.
  • Paige gets a new job in fashion and her relationship with Alex gets worse. Manny wants Degrassi and Lakehurst to merge together while Damian wants the schools to be seprate.

    This was a really good episode of Degrassi. Paige gets a new job in fashion. She's an assistant for some lady. Paige is such a jerk in this episode. She gets her dream job and all of sudden she's queen of the universe. She was totally rude to Alex. Ok so Alex was getting stoned but people make mistakes and Paige didn't realize it. I was starting to like the storyline of Alex but now she's gone for good. Manny really wants Degrassi and Lakehurst to become one school while Damian, the guy she likes wants to keep the school seperate. Those girls calling Manny a racist didn't give Manny a chance to explain. And there was no rumour at all until Holly J went around opening her big mouth. I am glad that everyone voted for the schools to merge together. Hopefully they will get over the rivalry. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • Alex and Paige are officially done! and it sucks! AND ALREADY????

    Okay! A big WTF!!! Paige and Alex broke up! Let me tell you all what was the problem with this whole wack ass episode! First of all, It was way to early for this episode! What the hell were the writers thinking when they made this episode? I mean this episode should've been in like, what....the season finale ir somrthing but not the third damn episode.....even if you don't like PALEX you still will be left in front of the TV screen with a WTF expression on ur face. Also, it was so poorly written! So out of character and it made Paige look like the good guy. Paige was out of character the whole episode and then when Alex was smoking with Jay....WTF! That came out of nowhere! Why would Alex be smoking with Jay. And why would Alex be laying around not working or nothing, when she was working so hard to go back to school and get better grades so she could become a ??? whatever she wanted to become...I was looking forward to a good long drawn out and dramatic storyline between Paige and Alex this season that would explain them departing or breaking up and this is the best the writers could do???? How disappointing.... Ecspecially after the almost perfect season premiere. Now I'm worried for the rest of the season! DAMN. Oh and as for the B was better than the A plot...and the B plot sucked. But LIAB wasn't uninteresting. It was an okay episode...but with sooooooo many mistakes!
  • Palex breaks up once again.

    This was just a useless episode. We've already seen it happen back in the season five finale and they show it to us once again. I just hope this time it's for good. I think it is because i heard that paige hooks up with Griffin. Anyways i can see why Canada decided not to air this episode. I feel happy for the canadian viewers because this episode was a load of garbage. Paige was so annoying in this episode too, she just needed to come off of her high horse and realized other people have feelings too. Gosh the writing is really poor this season.
  • In this episode, after watching palex go back and forth all season six to reunite at the end, their demise arrives in a repackaged form of previous problems that leave you feeling angry, confused, and disappointed

    This episode was truly hard for me to watch, the more it unfolded the more my stomach cringed and I realized how this would end. And surely, end it did, and badly, to the point of Alex being 'evicted'.

    First of all, I smelled trouble when Marco asked Paige about Alex's plans. I thought to myself why couldn't he ask her this himself? This made me nervous. Alex volunteering to help Paige out I liked, even though Paige was investing way too much into this job to me. My sour point with Alex was when she blew Paige off for Jay of all people, to sit and smoke?! I thought Alex had grown beyond this place of carelessness. I guessw not, and when Alex's morality and hard earned values kicked in, it was Paige's expense, snd she dismissed her like an afterthought. The whole thing just escalated without really making any sense to me. Alex as of season seven wouldn't have blown her off to SMOKE WITH JAY. And Paige wouldn't have said 'I'm done' so quickly, even packing her things, just like that. And that's why I'm done with this review of the worst episode of Degrassi I have yet to see. Try again writers! My guess is that should Alex return, she will be farther than Paige, successful and with someone, making Paige feel like she's accomplished nothing. This could take, what a year? Season 8, anyone? Because we haven't seen the last of Alex Nunez.