Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 8 Episode 5

Man With Two Hearts

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2008 on MTV - Music Television

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    Degrassi has become with the creature with two faces. That means that there is a really good plot, however there is a really bad plot lurking around in the same episode. You can only predict what the good plot was. Of course it was Riley & Peter's plot. The episode where the viewers found out that Riley was in the closet, and had a crush on Peter. Not exactly groundbreaking, but it is interesting. Now I don't know if everyone just absolutely dismissed the new characters come season eight, but some characters you just know have potential to be the show runners of the series. And that's what I'm sure every fan saw in Riley, especially in this episode. The moment he was rejected by Peter after the kiss, you couldn't help but feel bad for him.

    Sure Degrassi has gone down this route before, but they always manage to do it differently. Like Marco with his homophobic parents or something as unexpected Alex kissing Paige, but now we have someone with an anger problem, and that could only mean trouble, which is promising. Now lets talk about the ugly. I know this plot hasn't really been done before, but I'm sure there was a reason for that. Alli & Clare with a sex toy? Jane not being completely grossed out? I know I wouldn't have picked a sex toy up off the bathroom floor even if it rolled over to my stall. By the end, it just felt way too after school special for me, and telling off Holly J? Not to mention it was the worst comeback you can think of, but she still managed to get offended. The mention of Darcy was possibly the only memorable thing about this plot. So overall a really great plot with potential to a very filler plot with absolutely no potential. Yup, that's Degrassi Season 8 for ya.
  • Peter develops a relationship with Mia, and a new friendship with Riley, who thinks it's more than just a friendship. Alli and Clare find a vibrator in Spike and Snake's house.

    Not the most exciting episode ever, if you ask me.

    Peter and Mia officially begin their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend, which sort of upsets Danny, who of course, had the crush on Mia during the two-part season premiere.

    Meanwhile, he also becomes friends with Riley - who I never liked at all. He starts to spend more time with him than his girlfriend, Mia. I'll admit, she's really annoying, but, she is kinda seriously hot! So that's a slap on the head for Peter when Riley kisses him and he acts like he didn't see it coming. Please. I saw it coming without even pressing the INFO button on my remote.

    So Peter's freaked out and disbefriends, Riley, I guess? Riley's denying it, but who cares about him, really?

    Meanwhile, Alli and Clare are in Snake's house for some reason and they sneak into Snake or Spike's room for some reason, and find a vibrator under the bed of whoever's room it is.
  • Peter kisses Riley and Clare has a vibrator.

    The episode was great! I love the A Plot! Riley is so interesting because his character is a complete 180 from marco. I love how Peter keeps his secret in the end even though Riley tried to beat him up after Peter wanted to talk about Riley kissing him. The moments before the kiss were so awkward. Even Mia was okay in this episode because she was supportive. The B Plot was freaking hilarious. It was a little juvenile, I mean come on, what 9th grader doesn't know what a vibrator is and hasn't had the whole sex talk? I love how Allia said the vibrator belong to Clare and Clare said it belonged to Alli when Jane found it in the bathroom. And when it went off in class and Mr. Armstrong foun dit nearly killed me. Alli was kind of funny when she tried ot say it was a robot too. All in all a great episode.
  • Season 8, Episode 5.

    I enjoyed the whole Claire storyline with the vibrator. Wow it was good. I liked the scene with Jane in the bathroom. And just whoa with the Peter storyline. He is spending less time with Mia because he has no male friends, and he is friends with Riley now. They cut class to play a boxing game on the Wii, and Riley tells Peter that he is doing it wrong. He kisses Peter! Whoa awkward... Riley just leaves. Wow. Definitely an enjoyable episode, although it doesn't start out that way in the first few minutes. On a side not, Mia is incredibly hot!
  • Peter is officially dating Mia but he develops a friendship with Riley. Could Peter and Riley be more than just friends? Clare and Alli find something interesting in Snake and Spike's house. What could it be?

    This is another great episode of Degrassi. I didn't like that there wasn't a lot of drama, but I have this feeling that there will be a continuation with Peter and Riley storyline. I actually think they did a food job on portraying how Riley would kiss Peter. I think the same thing would happen in real life. Anyways It's great to see Peter get a good storyline. It was awesome how Riley acted that he suddenly didn't know about the kiss and almost beat up Peter. Then Riley calling Peter gay (I won't say what he atually said because that's more offensive") was intersting twist to the storyline. Clare is getting some pretty intersting storylines. I would never think that Snake or even Spike would have a vibrator, but anyways one of the coolest scense is when the vibrator turns on in her back pack and the teacher says no cell phones and he takes out the vibrator. Then Alli says it's robot. That scene is really funny. Anyways I give this episode a 10/10.
  • I wonder what they will do with another gay storyline....please don't do to Riley what you did to Marco.

    So Riley and Peter are becoming good friends and they are hanging out together and Riley suddenly kisses Peter. Eventually Peter is cool with Riley being gay but you can see that Riley is having serious issues with it.

    I just hope that they don't do with Riley what they did to Marco - too stereotypical and clingly to one guy that didn't treat thim well. Claire and Alli find a vibrator at Mr. Simpson's house....and they are caught with it with they bring it to school. All I have to say is that I loved Claire's remark to Holly J: "Maybe if you did it you would be nicer"

    Overall, nice episode and this season is an improvement over last episode....thankfully.