Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 4

Mercy Street

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2004 on MTV - Music Television

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  • The Return Of Rick

    At one point, I didn't like Rick because he constantly abused Terri. But he was getting help and no one at Degrassi understood that. I've always admired Emma's enthusiasm when it came to protesting and stuff like that and she of all people went against her own protest to defend Rick.
  • Rick returns to Degrassi.

    "Mercy Street" is great Degrassi episode! Rick returns in this episode. And I hate Rick so very much. Terri was my favourite character and he put her in a coma. Even though it's not right, I did enjoy Emma, Paige, Hazel, Spinner, and Jimmy, trying to get rid of him. But all they did was bully him and I'm against bullying him. But Rick should not be returning to school. He should have been charged with something and be placed in juvie. I do enjoy Emma's character development in wanting to gain popularity. I love the subplot in this episode. I love how JT sees Craig's penis in the locker room and then JT feels embarrassed about his size, and so he uses a penis pump. Anyways, I give this episode a 9/10.
  • Rick Returns

    Nobody is happy when Rick returns to Degrassi because all are mad at him for what he has done to Terri last year. So everyone treats him like crap and try t oget him to leave for good.

    A great episode, I really felt for Rick, I mean... he is tripped by Emma and then Jay Hogart gets in a fight with him, and all Rick wants is for people to try to forgive them... it was a very great episode and it is probably one of my new favorites, overall my grade is an A+, a perfect episode methinks
  • Great Episode About Forgiveness

    I thought this episode of "Degrassi" was great, but hard to watch at times. I felt so awful for Rick. I know that he hurt Terri, but people obviously didn't see that he was trying to apologize. Most of the time I like Spinner, but now I'm starting to hate him. I also hate Jay and Alex. I know what Alex's situation is, but why would Jay care about Terri? I don't think they were friends. It's probably because Jay is just an idiot. Paige and Terri weren't really friends either, except for the episode when they started a band with Ashley. I thought the subplot with Liberty, Manny, and J.T. was great for comedic relief. Overall, this was a great episode about trying to forgive and forget and about bullying.
  • Rick returns to Degrassi, but the "welcoming committee" isn't so welcoming. J.T. tries to "measure up" to Craig after seeing him naked in the locker room.

    In a very bold move, Rick makes his return to Degrassi after putting Terri in a coma last season. My first question is "What were you thinking Rick?!?!" Did he think that people would all of a sudden forget about what he did?

    Ephraim Ellis did an excellent job of playing a tormented soul, searching for forgiveness. I know for a fact that Emma's involvement in the situation made it ten times worse for Rick. The situation definitely went too far when Jay punched Rick, and I respect Emma greatly for stepping in to end it.

    The subplot was funny. Of course any plot involving a penis pump HAS to be funny. It was also saddening because this episode marked the end of J.T. and Manny as a couple. I completely understood why Manny broke up with J.T.: he didn't show any maturity in the episode until it was too late to salvage things with Manny. I think he should have used the pump before Manny came over; I don't think I could ever look her in the face again had she caught me using a penis pump. The scene where J.T. saw Craig naked was unforgettable. I love how they timed Craig dropping his towel right as J.T. was saying "hang down".

    I really liked this episode as it's one of a handful that I watched and felt sorry for Rick. However, I'll end this review with some questions to think about: Why did Rick feel as if he needed to come back to get the approval/forgiveness of his peers? When Rick tried to give Emma money for the ribbon campaign, she would've taken it had Alex not walked by. Did Emma care more about actually raising the money or sticking it to Rick? Why is this the first and last episode we see Emma hanging out with Paige and company outside of school?
  • When Rick returns to degrassi everyone raises their concerns with the fact that he might do what he did to Terri to another girl so with the help of Emma, Paige, Hazel, Spinner and Jimmy decide to run Rick out of degrassi for good.

    This episode is another degrassi classic. This is one of the episodes where everybody was in. And it didnt matter if they had dialouge or not. Atleast they were in it!!. Emma attitude changes in this episode is classic. And the \"growth tool\" in the subplot was classic too. Great