Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 2 Episode 9

Mirror In The Bathroom

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2002 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Toby wants to join the wrestling team. Terri's a plus-size model.

    "Mirror in the Bathroom" is an awesome Degrassi episode! I love how Degrassi tackled the issue of male body image. Usually you see girls develop an eating disorder, but in this episode Toby develops an eating disorder. I love how he wants to join the wrestling team, but he wants wrestle weaker guys, so he tries to lose weight. It's really interesting to see a guy take laxatives or throw up and over excercise instead of a girl. I love Terri's subplot of becoming a plus-size model. It goes against the norm of only skinny girls can become models. I love how Terri tells off that guy at the ice cream stand. I give this episode a 9/10.
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    The main more important characters are pushed aside tonight to make time for the less important characters. Degrassi tackles the issue of a guy dealing with an eating disorder. The reason why Degrassi wanted to tackle this issue was due to the fact how uncommon males with eating disorders really are. I felt like they could have done way better with this issue. Toby was out of character and seemed to have undergone a character change overnight.

    That wasn't all. Not only Toby's plot was uninteresting and incredibly annoying. We've got Terri's story line. Now I'm not saying anything was wrong with the issue. But did they really have to go to the extreme of making Terri a plus size model. It was just too over the top. Not to mention, incredibly cliche and absolutely predictable. I'm sorry but this wasn't a great episode of Degrassi for many many reasons.
  • Aww. :( Poor Toby.

    Aww. :( Poor Toby. Grr. Middle school sucks for kids. No ifs ands or buts. It messes with their minds and terrible things can result, like what happened to poor Toby. :( It sucks being the wall flower. Many many many kids know that feeling. No one hardly ever takes notice of their need for attention, so it continues to grow in the wall flower, until sometimes they'll do something drastic because they want to be noticed. They want recognition and attention. So poor Toby wanted on the wrestling team and lost weight because he started eating a lot less, got really sick, and passed out during his match. :( Aww, poor guy. Thank goodness people actually saw the warning signs and the damage he was doing to himself and cared about him. Too bad he didn't listen. But he got attention (no exactly the kind he wanted) and hopefully he knows know he has people out there that care about him. This episode was alright.
  • Not worth watching

    This was honestly not worth watching. It was a waste of time and we see nothing from it. I guess its good to know that plus sized models should be respected too, but other than that is was just basically an excuse to give both Toby and Terri more of a deeper story line. You can pretty much skp this episode.
  • Toby is desperate to make the wrestling team because he doesn’t want to be viewed as a geek anymore. Terri fulfills her dream of becoming a model, but is ashamed to tell her friends because she is a plus-sized model.

    This episode is very unique because it's the only episode where the A and B plots focus on the same topic-image. What is really interesting is that they had a boy have an eating disorder. Most of the time when someone thinks of eating disorders, they picture a girl starving herself in order to look more like someone famous. So it was refreshing to see this issue addressed in a non-stereotypical way. Toby forces himself to lose weight because he wants to become a wrestler and be cool. But people already like him for who he is. He even has a girlfriend now. Unfortunately, he had to learn the hard way that crash diets are more harmful than helpful.
    I was really happy when Terri told off that jerk who called her fat. She should be proud of being a model, even though she doesn’t have the perfect body. No one has the perfect body and like Terri said, “most girls on the planet look like this-plus sized.”
  • Toby wants to be popular, so he joins the wrestling team. Terri is ashamed when people discover she's a plus-size model.

    Many people believe that the main issue of "Mirror in the Bathroom" deals with eating disorders. I beg to differ. Toby's eating disorder is just a part (not the focal point) of the overall issue of this episode: the idea of ACCEPTANCE.

    The number one desire of every human being on this planet is to be accepted; to be noticed and liked by their peers, parents, etc. I believe this desire is at its peak during adolescence, when teens are trying to "discover" themselves. This episode showed how far a person is willing to go to be noticed. Toby saw an excellent opportunity to become popular by joining the wrestling team. This presented a challenge in itself.

    Toby was in the same weight class as Sean, the superstar of the team, and he had to beat Sean to make the team. If Toby didn't have to wrestle Sean, it would've been end of story and Toby lives popularly ever after. However, it doesn't end that way, and Toby finds himself searching for a way to drop out of Sean's weight class.

    Toby's eating disorder, starting with the laxatives to starving himself to even binging and purging made the situation more complex. The theme of eating disorders eventually overshadowed the theme of acceptance. Hearing and reading many people's opinions about this episode, many regard it as not really covering the issue of eating disorders because it was happening to a guy. What they forgot was that Toby was on the WRESTLING team, and as Snake pointed out in the episode many high school wrestlers today have issues involving "making weight".

    Now on the opposite end of the spectrum was the subplot of the episode, which focused on Terri who didn't want people to know she was a model. We discover Terri is a plus-sized model for a national ad campaign called More Grrrl. She's ashamed because as she puts it, "I'm fat." She even goes as far as trying to cancel her upcoming photoshoots because of the comments Mohammed made about her size. Spinner then gives the best monologue of his life by telling her she's pretty (I agree) and basically telling her to forget about what people will think about her.

    This episode covered the greatest and most influential concept of human existence: acceptance and rejection. People will do anything to be accepted, and people will do anything to prevent being rejected. Though most will disagree, I give this episode a 10 because it'd be insane for me to rate it any lower.