Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 18

Modern Love

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 24, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Matt and Paige's relationship go public.

    "Modern Love" is a good Degrassi episode. Now, I hated the Matt and Paige relationship. It made no sense to me. So in this episode, I'm glad that the rumour got out about Paige and Matt. I loved the Manny and Paige catfight. I seriously love that this is the last episode you get to see with Paige and Matt really together as a couple. I love the subplot in this episode. I actually love the subplot more than the "A" plot. I love how Emma has a new neighbour called Chester and that they're pulling pranks on each other. I just love how Emma has the idea to cover their tree with tampons. I give this episode a 7/10.
  • I love Matt and Paige together

    I love how Matt and Paige deal with being outed. I love their relationship and I think it is so awesome that they plan to stay together despite everything. They are so cute and real. I also think it is great that Emma is getting over the whole ravine thing, but I can't stand Chester and I don't see how the other girls like him. That just must be something I don't understand
  • good ep. execs...

    i loved this episode because i've been wanting to see a cat fight for a very long time. and why not with two of my favorite people on degrassi? but what the freak was up with manny's hair? were they trying to make her look like a psycho before they even started fighting cuz they definately achieved
  • In this episode we see Paige's secret is reveled to the whole student body, a great way to end the whole secret relationship storyline.

    This is a great episode, not just because it ends a good storyline, but that it is told in a great way. First, Hazel sorta blabs about Paige's relationship with MR.O Then Manny and Paige get into a fight and the who student body learns about their relation ship. In the end Mr O is kicked out of Teaching School.
  • It's about to be a what? GIRLFIGHT.

    This is a hot episode. Lots of girls. 2 of them fighting each other. I gotta say Paige is like most blondes that can't fight, they have to slap another girl. That was sexy, but Manny kicking Paige was the highlight of the fight. Manny is a hottie. She woulda won. Also, I was laughing when she told everybody Paige and Mr.O were a couple. She deserved to tell everybody. Paige is nothing but a witch. She's too bossy, witchy, and evil. I know she's a sweetie sometimes, but her slapping Manny has crossed the line. This episode is 1 of the greatest this season, lots of hot girls. 2 fighting each other.
  • This was a real good episode! It was exciting and funny and it made you want to be there.

    This episode was the best episode since emma was with Jay. I like cat fights especially on degrassi! paige is just way to young to be with mr.oleander. Manny and craig don't have anything on her. If they found out that Mr.o and paige were together he would go to jail.
  • In this episode Paige's Secret relationship with Mr.O is revealed when Manny blurts out the truth to half the school after a fight in the main lobby of Degrassi.

    This was another great episode of season 4. The student/teacher relationship was finally revealed and Emma got to no the kid with the mole alittle more. The main plot was really good. I thought it was a good way to bring the storyline to a close, since i think Mr.O wont be returning next season. The sub-plot was aite. I would've liked to find out if Emma got a disease from what happned in Secret but i guess they left that important part out for a reason.

    This episode also had 1 of the best, if not the best fight in Degrassi History between Manny and Paige.
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