Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 8 Episode 7

Money For Nothing

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 2008 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Holly J.'s family goes through a financial crisis.

    "Money For Nothing" is a great Degrassi episode. This is probably the episode that starts the progression of Holly J. being nicer. In this episode, Holly J.'s parents are in a financial crisis. She basically loses a whole bunch of money and she needs to get a job. I love how she gets a job at The Dot. I love how Holy J tells the news reporter about Mia sleeping with Tom Blake. And it's sad that Holly J. gets kicked off the power squad. I love the subplot with Peter's mom dropping by and she notices that Peter is all grown up and he can be independent. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • Holly J family gets into a financial crisis and Holly J basically looses all her money. She does whatever it takes for nobody to know. Also Peter gets a surprising visit from his mom.

    This was an AMAZING episode. It was unexpecting, and dramatic at the same time. Its great to see some characters break down.
    Anyways. Holly J looses all her money by her mom because they need to save. Holly J says she cant go to the Spirit Sqaud competiton she won and she cancels her date with Blue. Blue spent hours in the rain getting it and he;s very upset Holly J changes her mind( and she lied to him to seem like she didnt like him)
    Holly J starts working at The Dot with Spinner. She dumps food on Derek and gets fired. Later she sees Mia is being reported on and tells the reporter that Mia had sex with Tom to get the job which was not true. Leia had told Holly J. Mia actually had the job before she even had sex. But still the reporters say that Mia was in a sex scandal. The next day Holly J gets kicked off the Spirit Sqaud for ratting out Mia. Then she goes to Blue who is done with her in a heartbreaking scene. Peter was simple. His mom came and wanted to live with him again. Peter showed maturity with Mia so he got to stay. Pretty good stuff. The acting was great although i did expect more of a reaction with Mia when she found out what Holly J said on TV. she smiled while Holly J was saying it which was weird
  • Bext episode so far this season.

    So basically to summerize this episode Holly J's dad goes broke and she has to get and job and so on. Now I'm going to review it by plots.
    Plot A- I loved it! Holly J is one of my fav Lakehaurst kids beside Jane and I really enjoyed the plot. I like how she told the press about Mia it was funny because I hate Mia so much. I really don't think that should have kicked Holly J off the squad. I mean yeah she snitched on one of her teammates but really Mia is a sl*t no doubt. But anyways I give the A plot an A+.
    Plot B- For a second I totally fogot there was a B plot. Okay well I hated this B plot so much. No because Peter'es mom came or anything but it was so pointless. But anyways I give it a C+.
  • Season 8, Episode 7.

    Holly J. is desperate to keep her Queen Bee appearance after learning her parents are in a financial crisis.
    Peter's mom, Ms. Hatzilakos unexpectedly drops in for a visit. She's stays at his pad while she's in town, and Peter quickly discovers that his life isn't so rad with mom around. I felt so bad for Holly J. I'm glad that Spinner gave her the job. Yay Miss Haztilakos! Woot woot! Holly J. and Mia are freakin' hot! I can't believe Holly would do that! What a b****! Mia and Peter are great together. I can't believe we always hear about Heather Sinclair but never see her...