Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 19

Moonlight Desires

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Marco gets denied the right to donate blood.

    "Moonlight Desires" is an excellent episode. It really shows that even though the LGBT community keeps getting more and more rights, they still struggle with getting equal rights that they deserve. It's really sad that they won't let Marco give blood. Anyways, this episode actually gets even sadder. Dylan is cheating on Marco. This is the episode when Dylan starts acting like a jerk and he treats Marco horribly. I'm so glad that Marco breaks up with Dylan in this episode. I enjoyed the subplot with Spinner and Jay deciding to break into Degrassi. I actually love how Jay stops Spinner from trying to burn down the school because it shows that he's levelheaded. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • It kept me entertained.

    Marco was introduced to the assumtion that all gay people have AIDS but did not go down with out a fight which I was happy about. We saw another side of Marco, forceful, non understanding, and I liked it. But Marco later realizes that the nurse wasn't completely wrong because he catches Dylan in bed with another guy. Marco then breaks up with Dylan. Adamo did so good. He really looked so upset he was gonna puke. And when things were really intense Marco kisses Craig to get Dylan jelous... kinda a comic relief to settle us down. I think it was a really intense episode for Marco.

    But when Spinner was gonna burn the school down.... That wasn't as entertaining. I mean we wanted to see what was gonna happen with Marco then Spin and Jay keep poping up, at least it wasn't that lame of a storyline so it also kept the show intresting.

    All in all I think this was 1 of the best Degrassi's, not the best but darn close.
  • I love and hate this episode at the same time...

    This episode was mixed for me. I hate but at the same time I felt everything that happened in it happened for a reason. I am mad that Dylan broke Marco's heart like that, but I think that it needed to happen. Because Dylan broke up with Marco it forced Marco to grow up, and mature as a character. He became more independent and able to cope with things by himself which he wouldn't have been able to without Dylan breaking his heart. By doing this Dylan basically shoved him out into the world and made him realize he had to learn how to deal with the up and downs of life.
  • Dylan broke Merco's hart!!! So I now hate Dylan!!

    Ok this is on of the best episode ever. Marco decerves a hell of a lote beter thin Dylan!! The part were Marco kissed Craig was a rill tinshon bracker. I'd all so like to say that I hate Dylan!!! I'd all so like to now if im the only one that thnks Craig and Marco wold be a good to gether? By the way sarry for my bad spelling!!!
  • This was a kinda sad episode

    This episode, Moonlight Desires, was a sort of sad episode to me. I mean, Marco is head-over-heels for Dylan, and then Dylan drops a bomb shell on Marco. I did lioke the part when Marco tried to make Dylan jealous by kissing Craig! It was a stress reliever.This episode goes down as one of my favorites, though!
  • One of the best episodes of this wonderful series!

    I thought this was one of the best episodes of Degrassi for several reasons.

    First, finally, someone challenges that ever so popular stereotype that AIDS is strictly a "gay disease," nice job Degrassi writers! I hope this subject gets touched on a bit more in the future, but I think this is a great start.

    Second, the breakup scene was very sad, but very well done. Kudos to Marco for having the guts to do the right thing! Not many people are that brave.

    The kiss with Craig provided a brief, yet needed moment of comic relief.

    My only complaints with this episode were a.) I think Marco seemed to act slightly unrealistic post-breakup. I think it would have been more believable if he had at least acted a little upset, and b.) I though the whole Jay/Spinner breaking into school bit was very boring, and just there to provide another storyline.

    But, nonetheless, fantastic episode!
  • A waste of time.

    I didnt get the point of this episode. It was boring and pointless. With Marcos character it seems like all there doing is dragging his character from season to season with the same storyline. Its old and alot of people are tired of seeing it.

    The sub-plot was equally as boring. I thought that spinner should've atleast burnt down half the school. But of course jay had to stop him.

    Over all. this is probably the worst degrassi episode.

    Boring shi*
  • I think this is a fine example of the drama that occurs on Degrassi.

    So, I absolutely loved the cat fight between Manny and Paige. This was a perfect display of Manny's... I can't exactly find the word for it, but, it showed Manny's bitchy side... again. Yes, that's the word. She doesn't just walk away from things and she's not afraid to stand up and, well, fight. But I think she took things to far. Paige's reason for beign mad at her was also a little too stupid and out of bounds, but that was no reason for a fight. Then again, if they just "sat down and talked about their problems", this would turn into a Full House show. The brawl between them was a perfect way to showcase two of Degrassi's bitchy characters. Not that I have anything against them.
  • Marco defends his gay-ocity by fighting the sterotypes that keep him from giving blood. Then Dylan turns out to BE that stereotype so Marco tells him to swish his gay behind out the door. Meanwhile Spinner tries to get back into breaking in.

    Not a bad ep overall...a lot of rehashing over old information though. I missed the usual amount of "mean girl" drama which was replaced by "cheating gay boyfriend" and "ignorance isn't cool" drama. This entire episode is a big rainbow pride fest with very little shock and awe (or am I desensitized so much that seeing a boyfriend cheat isn't so shocking?)
    I thouroughly approve of seeing more Marco...yum yum that man! :) And the kissing of Craig was a cute little treat for the girls at home.
    The Spinner story kept popping in at the worst times like a bad car commercial. And who cares? Wah, I want to go back to school! Waaa, I want to torch the school in revenge! Waaaaaa, I miss my friends! Gimmie a break honey...and go get me some lemon with that water.
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