Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 2

Mother and Child Reunion, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2001 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Emma finds out the truth about Jordan.

    "Mother and Child Reunion" Part 2 - is a great continuation of the previous episode. It's actually really scary and creepy how this guy pretends to be a teacher and says that Jordan is a student in his class. It's really intense how Emma figures out that there is no Jordan and she runs to the bathroom and locks the door for safety. I'm so glad that Manny figures out that Emma's in danger and she gets Toby and JT to hack Emma's email so they figure out where Emma is meeting Jordan. I love how Mr. Simpson rescues Emma and is ready to beat Jordan up. Anyways, I give this episode a 10/10.
  • Pilot (part 2)

    In this thrilling conclusion to the pilot episode, Emma leaves to meet the man she's been chatting with online, after her mother (Spike) leaves for her reunion. Unfortunately for Emma, she learns that "Jordan" was nowhee close to being who she thought he was. Also feelings come to a boiling point at the reunion. Again, the reunion plot was great, but I missed some of it I didn't get because I've never seen the originals. But Emma's plot was so... scary. Never (or at least in a LONG time) have I truely felt worried for a main character as I did for Emma. Also, the way her friends saved was cool. An excellent conclusion to the pilot episode. 10/10 A+
  • Dangers of Cyber Space

    Emma goes to a hotel to meet Jordan, and when she gets there, she soon realizes that "Jordan" is an adult that wants to hurt her.

    A good episode on the dangers of cyber space. It is a little scary near the middle when Jordan says "Scream and I will tape your mouth shut". I liked how Toby, JT and Manny saved her, and I overall thought this was a nice pilot for a show that would gradually turn into one of my favorites (Which it is now). Overall grade for this episode is of course, a very high A+
  • Emma finally meets the mystery man who she's been e-mailing.

    Okay this was probably one of the most drop-jaw episode ever. Now i know when i reviewed part one of this episode i kept calling it revealing or something like that, but i change it to riveting and provocative! See i miss Degrassi episodes like this! There was always such great writing in each episode and no dull storylines that they dump on us now days. I think this was one of the best season openers. It's just so nerve-wracking watching this episode! You never know what will happen to Emma or what "Jordan" does. It kinda keeps you on the edge of your non theater seat!
  • scary, man.

    Wow, I would be sh!tting myself if I was Emma, I'll tell you that much.
    After that I would consider hitting myself in the head a few times, but that's just me.
    Once again, we all make mistakes.
    This was in fact a very powerful episode, I mean, the way Snake came and effed that dude up was awesome.
    Well, he didn't do much damage, he kind of just scared the crap out of him.
    It was a good "mother and child reunion" as the title indicates.
    I always find that Degrassi does a fairly good job in naming each episode.
    Still. Way too intense for a series opener. Well, maybe it isn't? I think it's just that sort of episode that keeps you wanting to hang on :)
  • This was the second half of the pilot episode, in this one Emma meets the person she has been chatting online with.

    I am for one so glad that this was a two parter. Not only a great way to start the series, but also a great because there was no possible way that the point could have properly been gotten across without it being two parts. In this one I thought, for a young actress at the time, Miriam McDonald did a superb job as Emma. The whole issue with online predators is such a current problem, it was amazing all together. Personally I thought it to be better than the first half of the episode. So thats it, I just need 100 words.
  • a good episode to the cliffhangers

    Emma is at a hotel waiting for Jordan, an environmentalist whom she met on the internet. After waiting in the hotel lobby, his "teacher" greets Emma and invites her up to his hotel room, saying that the person Emma is supposed to meet should be coming soon. Emma soon discovers that the teacher is the boy she met on the internet. She freaks out and attempts to leave, but he stops her so she scurries into the bathroom. The teacher tells Emma that he is leaving, but it is actually a trick. He has a video camera, and plans on taping himself raping Emma. Toby, JT and Manny dash to the reunion and tell Spike and Snake the situation and how Emma is in danger. They hurry to the hotel room and rescue Emma before anything extremely dangerous happens. In the end, though somewhat disturbed, Emma learns her lesson and the bond between her and Spike grows even closer.

    Meanwhile, Joey has his suspicions about Caitlin's fiance Keith. When Joey overhears Keith talking to another woman about breaking it off with Caitlin and running off with her instead Joey confronts him and it turns into a fist fight right in the middle of the speech, given by Cailtin. Keith tells her the truth and she breaks it off with him and her and Joey become even closer. And leave the past where it belongs.
  • What do you get if you put: Internet, relationships & choices together? You get a great second episode!

    This has the conclusion of it all! Emma gets stuck with a freak in a hotel room! he wispers sweet words, has a cammara but if Emma makes a sound than she'll get taped up. Go Toby the computer geek! Love how he figured out the password and all the other stuff. I loved Snake going like: "One wordt and I'll break your neck!"
  • The second part of the very first episode of Degrassi:The Next Generation. Emma realizes that she should have listened to her friends.

    The second part of the very first episode of Degrassi:The Next Generation.

    Emma realizes that she should have listened to her friends.
    When Emma decides to go to her "boyfriend's" hotel room, she notices that she had made a mistake. The guy she was talking to on the computer was really a haker that read her e-mails when she thought he was reaching into her soul. J.T., Manny, and her new friend Toby, know that she went to the hotel waiting for her computer guy friend. As sone as they realize this, they run to thier new high school for the up coming school year to get Emma's mom to tell her that Emma went to go met Jordan(her new 'boyfriend')

    Her mom and new teacher go to get her. They find her locked in the bathroom in the room. Mr.Simpson knoks on the door angerly and Emma comes running out and Jordan follows. But Mr.Simpson stops him in his tracks and calls the police.
  • A good way to start off this series.

    Good conclusion to the 2 part pilot episode. Emma gets invovled with a online stalker. I kinda thrown off with this episode because it is a big topic for a series premier. But it was still good. The only thing bad about this episode was there was no follow up to it.
  • scary but sad at the same time

    emma thinks her internet boyfriend is ome young kid but really turns out to be a pervetidly sick agedly man that stalks lil girls...that show can really teach one good lesson to neone who eva wants to give out information lyk that or talk to strange ppl on the internet...
  • Emma finally meets her interenet boyfriend, who turns out to be an old man who's really an internet stalker. Meanwhile, tensions flare at the Degrassi Community School reunion.

    Okay, this one was much better than part one. It was more exciting and it mainly focused on the real plot: Emma meets an internet stalker. I must say I was on the edge of my seat and praying that nothing happened to sweet; innocent Emma. At the other side of the episode, the reuinion story-line was okay..but it was a bit mediocre. The classic "he doesn't wanna be with let's get together" formula is used here, and, yes, it was done well. All in all, the whole episode was done well.