Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 11 Episode 36

Not Ready to Make Nice, Part One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2012 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Clare can't stand her home situation. Connor has trouble fitting in with the football team. Fiona has a crush on Imogen.

    Wow. For the first time Clare got a good storyline with some character development. I always like it whenever Clare has no strings attached, a boyfriend. Her A plot was great and again I loved how I got another dimension to Clare's character. One of my favorite moments had to be when she made that stab remark at Jenna during Jake's birthday dinner. Also, the scene where she was talking with her father to move in was so sad because it showed how Clare is just lost. I'm suspicious of Summer, the woman who brought Clare into her house of troubled teens, because of how it seems like they are trapping Clare, since they told her to abandon her cell phone =/ I'm excited to see what the secret is inside that house.

    The B plot with Connor was great as well. I loved how Connor put in effort to join the football team and blend in with the guys which did not sit well with Mo. Also, what I liked about this storyline was how a good a friend KC was to Connor when he tried to explain Connor's Asperger's Syndrome to Mo. I found it ironic how Connor was going to find a girl for Mo on-line since...well you know what I mean.

    The C plot with Fiona and Imogen was cool too. I loved the chemistry between both of them when they were working on the project. It looks at though Imogen's character is developing more and more as the latter half of the season progresses. It's nice how Fiona has a crush on Imogen and plays matchmaker to set her up with Eli.

    Overall, this episode was better than I thought it would be. My grade is an A-
  • Clare finds it harder and harder to live in her own home. Connor makes the football team. Fiona has a crush on Imogen.

    "Not Ready To Make Nice" Part One was a fantastic episode. I love how Clare is finally dealing with a couple of important issues. First of all, I'm loving her depression storyline. I know so many people hate Clare, but I have so much sympathy for her. I mean her parents got divorce and her mom got married to her boyfriends father which meant Jake and Clare had to break up. I love all of Clare's freakouts in this episode with her home life becoming more and more depressing. It's awful that Clare's father is living with the woman that he was having an affair with and she has children. I love how Clare moved in with Summer and Bree, but I was surprised to find out that they were a cult. I mean they didn't explicitly say it, but their behaviour was cult behaviour. Degrassi has never dealt with cults, so I'm going to enjoy Clare's cult storyline. I love Connor's plot of getting on football team. It's really sad how his Aspergers stops him from becoming friends with the rest of team. It was so inappropriate when he called Mo fat, so I can understand Mo's anger towards Connor. It's so cute how Fiona has a crush on Imogen. I love how Fiona wants to get Eli and Imogen back together so Imogen doesn't figure out that Fiona has a crush on her.
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