Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 11 Episode 37

Not Ready to Make Nice, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2012 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Clare discovers a "green" secret about Summer and Cash. Fiona sets up a disaster diate between Eli and Imogen. Connor tricks Mo by creating a fake girlfriend.

    The A plot with Clare was great. The scene where she discussed her problems to Summer and cash was so heartbreaking since she can't talk to anyone. I liked how things reached a climax when the police arrested Summer and Cash for being marijuana dealers. Also, Clare laughing about her faults was another necessary dimension for her character. Mostly the reason why I liked this storyline is because of the end where Clare's character gained some resolution. I'm glad that her and Jake are being civil towards one another because that is how it should been along without Cake happening twice. Hopefully, Clare's character won't be complicated again if she were to date Eli twice.

    The B plot with Fiona was rather disappointing. i thought things were going to be better than part one but they were actually worse. Fiona should understand that forcing a relationship never works out because something is bound to go wrong. Even though Imogen and Eli decide to date without Fiona's help I still am cringing because there is a certain lack of chemistry between these two. However, looking at the next episode's preview I'm starting to see why the writers wanted Imogen and Eli together. So, I'm interested to see how that plays out but in my opinion, it's just a relationship filler.

    The C plot with Connor and Mo was awesome. I have to say that Degrassi has recently lacked "WOW" moments and in my defense, don't pay attention to Degrassi's "OMG" videos on the Teen Nick website because they are basically a yawn fest. But anyway getting back to the episode, Connor and Mo opening up to each other about their problems was good because it displays the reconciliation between these two especially when Connor told him he created Teresa. Now the WOW moment. At the end of the episode, Connor and Mo had to devise a plan to score a touchdown, so how did they do it? They reenacted the dramatic scene between Eli and Clare back in "LoveGame" which distracted the opposing team players and gave Mo the ball. Thus, scoring the team a touchdown. Wow. If there ever was a excellent partnership between two guys on Degrassi it would have to be these two because they work well together.

    Overall, a great episode. I just wasn't impressed with the B plot. I give this episode a B.

  • Clare finds out the truth about Summer and Cash. Fiona sets Imogen and Eli on a date. Connor pranks Mo.

    "Not Ready To Make Nice" Part Two was an excellent episode. I love how Clare joined this so-called "cult" without knowing. I love how Summer and Cash turned out be drug dealers growing marijuana in their house. It was intense how Jake showed up to save Clare from this "cult" and the police show up to arrest Summer, Cash, Clare, and Jake. I'm so glad that the police didn't take Clare and Jake to jail. I'm very happy that Summer and Cash are in jail. I love how Clare was laughing hysterically. It was nice to see her laugh. I love how Clare and Jake are finally becoming siblings. Fiona's crush on Imogen is so cute. I still have hope that they'll get together by the end of the season. I do love Eli and Imogen as a couple, so I'm happy they got together in this episode. I love how Connor pranked Mo and then realized that Mo just wants to be accepted just like him. I love how Mo and Connor did a re-enactment of Clare's breakdown earlier this season on the football field. It was so funny. I give this episode a 9/10.
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