Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 3 Episode 21

Our House

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 2004 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Sean's brother is moving, so Sean has to go on student welfare.

    "Our House" is a good episode. So this is another Sean episode and it was actually OK to watch because it there's certain things that I enjoyed in this episode. I think it's actually interesting that he needs to go on student welfare so he can live in the house by himself. What I didn't like was having to watch him have parties at the house. Parties are so boring to watch. The one thing that I did like about the party was the girl getting alcohol poisoning and Sean had to call an ambulance. This is when I start liking the character Sean again because he's starting to rebuild his life. I give this episode a 8/10.
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    A great penultimate episode of Degrassi's third season. We got some big changes coming in too play for the characters. Sean goes on student welfare, and problems ensue. The Jay & Sean friendship has always been very interesting too me. You begin to question why they're friends at all, and then they go back to each other again and again.

    The Sean & Ellie relationship was fun to watch. We also got a pretty heavy story line about alcohol poisoning. There really is a life lesson learned in each episode, isn't there?

    We got another "real" story line tonight with Manny and her reputation. Her emotional scene was great and realistic. Her & JT weren't the best couple but their friendship remained solid all throughout and that's what I love about their interactions in this episode. Overall, great episode of Degrassi.
  • Sean's brother Tracker gets a job in Alberta, but Sean doesn't want to go. His only alternative is to stay and live off student welfare. J.T. wants to ask Manny to the dance, but hesitates when he sees her with Craig.

    This episode shows the climax of one of my favorite storylines of season 3: J.T.'s crush on Manny. However, I'll get to that later. The main plot involves Sean living on his own after his brother leaves to take a huge job opportunity. To stay in T.O. and keep going to Degrassi Sean must get student welfare, which requires a trustee to sign his papers. One of the stipulations is he must stay in school and get good grades. Here's the part where I mention how much I like "Sellie". Ellie pushes Sean to do his work and she even helps him with it. Had he not been dating her, there's no way he'd be able to stay out on his own for long because he'd have no motivation to do anything. The only thing that's bad about the situation is that Jay and the "Montreal Crew" keep throwing parties at what Sean calls "Our House". It all comes to a head when Amy passes out from drinking too much and Sean's forced to call for an ambulance.

    As I mentioned before, the J.T./Manny plotline from season 3 is one of my favorites of the series. I love how J.T. is all cool until Manny comes around, then he's all of a sudden acting like a lovestruck puppy. Manny plays a very cute role in this episode as the girl that thinks noone wants to go to the dance with her. J.T. does, and he finally gets the nerve to ask her, but then he sees her with Craig and thinks something's going on between them. So what? They could've been talking about anything. Then he proceeds to imply to her that he thinks she's a slut. Any girl in her right mind would've kicked J.T. in the nuts for saying that. But of course Manny isn't in her right mind: she's desperate for positive attention, anything to get rid of her her "sluttyesque" reputation.

    This episode was a turning point in the lives of Sean Cameron and J.T. Yorke. Sean relizes that he must act more mature, because he has a lot more responsibilities than a teenager his age should have. J.T. liked Manny regardless of her reputation, but his actions after seeing her with Craig were influenced by his conversation with Spinner. J.T. learned that things aren't alwys what they seem, and sometimes it's best to trust your judgment over others.