Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 15

Our Lips Are Sealed, Part One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2006 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Emma and Manny want to lose weight.

    "Our Lips Are Sealed" part 1 is one of my favourite Degrassi episodes. It deals with self-body-image and it's really relatable because a lot of teenagers don't like their body. In this episode, Emma and Manny decide to try to lose weight. All is fine when they cut out junk food and excercise, until Emma goes overboard. I think it's in part 1, where Emma and Manny start throwing up their food as well, which is very serious. I also love the subplot with Snake trying to get Spike back. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • Emma's eating disorder.

    This episode is my second favorite in the series! I love the issue, I research it a lot. Anyways since Emma is my favorite character & it's such a powerful episode it;'s my second favorite in he series, I labeled this out of character because the Emma we know & love wouldn't act like this, anyways the highlights of this episode is when Emma faints, that montage of purging, the first they purged, the scream fest in the bathroom. But a bright side of the episode is Spike took Snake back! Which is so amazing, and the best part when Emma comes out of the bathroom at the end with that napkin, so priceless!
  • Perfect

    Emma and Manny start dieting because Emma is convinced she is fat. Snake tries to get back together with Spike. Emma continues her diet, and it soon becomes apparant she is trying WAY too hard to lose weight... is this going to turn into an eating disorder of some sort? To Be Continued...

    good episode, i have mentioned how much i like 2-parters and this was no exception, it really made me want to know what happens in the second half, and it had a good plot throughout, so the grade I am going to give it is an A+
  • Emma and Manny's friendship suffers another serious blow...

    i personally think part two was better
    "Your supposed to be my friend, im supposed to be able to TRUST you!" just the right amount of dramatics for me in my opinion
    Emma is skinny enough as it is it was sad that she would think she needs to get thinner. a good line in this episode was:
    "You think its fun to point at the big tub or lard? its not! i know whats wrong so you can quite pointing it out!!" i liked how crazy emma got. i reckon it was good. they don't really do many screaming bits in degrassi. Degrassi rock on
  • emma's life is chaos, and when manny says she wants to go on a diet, emma might have just found the right thing for the both of them. she put the both of them on a strict diet, not knowing that things might just spin out of control.

    Ever since snake left, life at emma's house is chaos. manny and spike have much more dependent on emma around the house, with jack, and house work, making it too diffacult to control any thing. in about one week manny is going to see an agent that saw her in the kevin smith movie. and when manny can't fit into her luckey jeans, emma insists that the two of them go on a strict diet, to lose five pounds.for the first two days they exersise and eat very light, untill snake, who is trying to get back together with spike, brings over mussaka, and the girls eat more than they wanted to. emma convinced that both of them purge themselves to rid them of the food. they continue to purge or not eat for the rest of the week, until after loosing the five pounds and her jeans fit again, manny gave in. she ate a piece of pizza then emma caught her and tried to get her to purge it up. manny said that there was too much crazy in there and ran off. emma tried too run after her, but fainted in the hall. when manny got home she told emma she got the agent and that she heard about what happenned, since emma's parents got back together, snake was going to make dinner. emma promised she would eat some, but then snuck off to go purge herself, leading her down the road of an eating disorder.
  • this was an excellent episode it was my favorite of the whole entire series except secrets part 1 & 2 and i say this because fInaly eMMa got another gr8 storyline and really taught her character lik the ins and outs of being self concious about her body

    she really did capture the perfect role of bneing a anoreixcia and bulimic person i think miriam mcdonald did an excellent job she potrayed this role very well and this epidoe shopuld be an lesson 4 young teenge girls who r having body image issues and self concious about their weight they should lose the weight the healthy and not the un helathy way bc it almost aused emma 2 lose her life by taking that paTH !!
  • Emma feels as if her life is spinning out of order. She and Manny try to take control by eating less. Then, in order to ward off her parents, she gets rid of the food. When Manny starts to protest, Emma takes it upon herself to control her life in private

    They had an episode similar to this one earlier on in the show. It featured Toby going out for the schools wrestling team to make people notice him. To be taken seriously, he stops eating. After this catches people's attention, he starts eating, only to throw it back up again.

    Perhaps the writers either wanted to make a middle school version and a high school version of this or they wanted to prove a point of how a lot of kids get or have eating disorders.

    Apparently, Paige and Hazel still haven't forgiven Ashley yet. And yet another shipping is created in this episode, Paige and J.T. Not a lot of people find it very appealing but it's still a possibility. There goes my opinion
  • I loved parts ones AND two of this Episode.

    I loved parts ones AND two of this Episode. I think the way they approached anorexia/bulemia was very interesting.

    Initially, Manny is the one with body issue problems, and she is jealous of Emma's body. It seems that if you're Emma, you're never happy with what you have. When Manny asks Emma to help her, Emma reveals that she has body image problems of her own, or maybe she still has body issues of her own.

    Possibly, she "dug herself into a hole" after the shooting. First, she participates in sexual activities (which is out of character for her), and now she is having control issues.

    CONTROL ISSUES.. possibly this episode was a forshadowing of what's to come. It seems that Emma recovers from each crisis, but with the parting of one crisis comes the beginning of a new crisis.

    Many people probably didn't recognize this, but not only does this episode address body image: annorexia/bulemia, but it shows how one is stuck in a slump. I am eager to find out what happens to Emma. Will she recover before the show ends??
  • Emma must have control!

    When you think this episode is gonna be forced mainly on Manny, the subject matter turns right to Emma. When Manny realizes she needs to loose a couple pounds for an important interview with a top agent in town and the house is full of nothing but junk food, Manny and Emma go on the ultimate quest to lose weight. After working hard in daily workouts and keeping a journal on their daily eating habits, it doesn't help them loose any weight. Emma figures that throwing up would be the best way to loose their weight. After upchucking their meals, they get on a scale to see their results. Manny is happy that she lost three pounds, Emma figures she should do more since she figures this is the best way for her to be in control of her life. After Snake and Spike get back together, they have a family meal where Emma goes right to the bathroom and throws up dinner. I look at this as being totally sad, but revealing at the same time! What I like about Degrassi they don't give you the side that people are use to you seeing. If this was a 200 pound girl doing this, it would be clearly excepted. But when someone as skinny as Emma is doing this to herself, it really makes you think.
  • It was okay.....

    I was glad to see the Spike and Snake would get back together. I figured that they would not get divorced but I thought that they would be apart a little bit longer, perhaps until even next season. Generally speaking, I do not like to see marriages in trouble or break up even on television so I am glad they didn\'t overdo it here.

    I think the make-up scene was a little corny, but hey it is Spike and Snake and if you religiously watched Degrassi in the 80s like I did, it makes sense. :)

    However....the whole Emma eating disorder thing is looking a little too much like an ABC after school special. (I just dated myself, did I? :)) I don\'t like to see her sick like this but if they only keep this for only a couple of episodes, it will prove my point. The only thing worse was when they had Toby was an eating disorder for a whole week to get on the wrestling team...I am still gagging (no harm intended) from that.

    If they are going to put a character through a serious issue, they should make it more of a plot like they did with Paige and her rape or Marco and being gay. Those two were very well done.

    I am interested to see what happens with Marco, Spinner, Darcy, Jimmy and their storylines. Also, what about Liberty? J.T.?

    Overall, this season has been less intense than last season (Wow....) but that is a good thing because they are dealing with more personable issues.

    Can\'t to see how this season finishes!!
  • Emma tosses her cookies, and Snake and Spike reunite.

    The main storyline, concerning Emma and Manny\'s weight loss, was boring. It\'s the same ol\' song and dance-girl starts dieting, girl goes overboard, girl starts throwing up her food,...the problem is, the episode never explained WHY Emma wanted to lose the weight. Many have come to the conclusion that she feels her life is out of control, what with Snake and Spike separated. But Emma NEVER says this.

    The b-side was so sweet! I wanted to cry when Snake started to sing to Spike at the mall. She\'s so lucky to have a guy like him. And hopefully, DNG will allow these two more storylines in the upcoming season.
  • Emma and Manny start to go on a diet, but Emma takes it to the next level when she stops eating. Spike takes Snake back and teh family is happy again. Peter starts to become a main chareccter in this episode.Emma tells Manny a secret that may change their

    Very good episode. It shows more of the "new" Emma. I like how Peter becomes more of a main charecter, and the way they bring him in. The actress who plays Emma shows how well she can act. They could show a little bit more of Liberty's emotions towards the baby.
  • Emma stars to starve herself in order to loose weight, and begins LYING to her friends and possibly develop Bilimic and Anorexic tendincies....elsewhere Snake trys to rekindle his and Spikes relashonship,success :)

    this episode of Degrassi was completely great. The acting was superb. This episode kept the viewer on edge as to what will happen with emma this episode or the next. It was very well crafted. It was very shocking to see emma(miriam Macdonald) in this completely new character. This episode fits emma totally because emma is smart but gullible so it fits. Complete SHOCKER!
    i look forward to the conclusion...
  • Common Teen Issue Exposed Again.

    This episode is all about a very common problem in which a lot of teens today go through...which is eating disorders. Manny and Emma decided that purging is the best way to lose weight...Manny stops the habit in the end...but the reason why there is two parts is because of our little be continued.
  • I am so happy> because rumor has it that sean returns in this episode. He ends up in jail for driving back...drunk. Emma finds out that he is in jail but they end up dating!

    I am so happy> because rumor has it that sean returns in this episode. He ends up in jail for driving back...drunk. Emma finds out that he is in jail but they end up dating! But then again this is also just a rumor... (a rumor that i hope is true!)