Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 16

Our Lips Are Sealed, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 27, 2006 on Family
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Emma continues to starve herself, and Manny can't handle it anymore, especially after Emma reveals she is dating Peter. Soon, Peter, Manny, and Emma's parents are all concerned with what she is doing. Alex and Hazel attempt to get along for Paige's sake, but find it difficult.


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  • Emma develops an eating disorder.

    "Our Lips Are Sealed" part 2 is one of my favourite Degrassi episodes. It actually makes it into My Top 5 Degrassi episodes. In this episode Emma develops an eating disorder. The episode gets more and more intense as the episode continues. It's intense how she passes out in the hallway from starving herself. My favourite scene in the end of the episode when Emma has a panic attack and she can't breathe, so she has to go to the hospital. It was so heartbreaking when Manny says she doesn't want to lose Emma. I love the subplot with Snake and Spike officially getting back together. And I love the Hazel and Alex trying to become friends for Paige. I give this episode a 10/10.moreless
  • perfect

    when emma gives up eating altogether, could something more serious happen? Peter and Manny are worried about her, is she going to get better or is she suffering anorexia nervosa, which is an eating disorder? Alex and Hazel try to be nice with each other for Paige's sake, but when they can't get along, can Paige still be friends with both of them?

    Good episode, it was weird to see Emma like this, but i think they handled it well. The sub plot was also great fun, especially the end of it, so overall it gets an A+ from memoreless
  • Best episode of the series!

    This episode is so amazing. I think this is the best episode of the series by far. Emma is continuing being crazy & anorexic, I felt the plot was a bit rushed though but other than that it was perfect, Memorable moments mark when she wan in the gym yelling at Darcy & leaving, on her forest date with Peter, and she throws all of the food on the ground & starts making out with him as an excuse. Emma admitting to Manny about Peter, & her psycho breakdown at the end, having her panic attack, finally her in the hospital saying she will get better. The subplot with Hazel & Alex playing nice was the bright side of the episode, how they were throwing food at each other at the end & ended up in the security office, a great episode, best by far.moreless
  • Breakdown

    I'll admit it's really painful to watch part 2 of this two parter because Emma is now on a dangerous spiral downward.

    You felt sad for Emma from begining to end, intensity turns itself up high slowly but surely, but most of all it felt painfully real. I was litterally worried about her character, how far she would take her diet and pursuit of control she is losing more and more of as her body slowly self destructs.

    In the opening of the episode there was a facinating and touching conversation both Emma and her mom had. In this Emma reveals a little of her anxiety to her mom when she asks the question, "Why does life have to get so complicated?" Spike answers in a reasuring fashion that thats just how life works, it can never be easy otherwise things would be boring. Emma knows Spike is right but can't really accept that fact, as we see in a moment of silence a sadness. I know the feeling, I honest don't know a lot of people who's life is uncomplicated, complications in life you can say are a lot like Vegtables, you know their good for your body, but they leave a really bad aftertaste. This makes Emma dread her prusuit to get control of her life back may be far out of reach and forever lost. Spike also in that moment knows in that moment that something is wrong with her daughter.

    We see he go though the symtoms of anorexia. From blowing up in anger after Darcy making a harmless joke in gym class. And after a second date with Peter she hides french fries in her pockets. All this activities of her finally catch on to the Degrassi characters.

    Also some credit has in this two parter has to go to Cassie's acting who as usual plays Manny with humanity. Manny know's about Emma's secret and while keeping the secret out of the sake of their friendship. She does her best to help her by warning her how far Emma is taking things or tries to make her eat. But of course dispite her efforts they don't work and she knows she can't keep the secret no more, it's just doing more harm than good.

    There is even humainity in the Peter character who seems to be on a road to redemption, from seeing how concerned he is about his girlfriend. He knows something is wrong and wants to help her no matter what. Of course to do that he has to team up with Manny who of course hates him for good reason. More of his humanity shows when we see he's also concencious about his past actions, he knows what he did is wrong and is ashamed of it. He's not asking for forgivness but to help him help her best friend in danger.

    Both of them do the right thing and in the nick of time, near the final act Emma is confronted by Manny, Peter, Spike, and Snake. They all present the facts of her self destructive cycle. Emma breaksdown when she expresses with intesity (so hot you could almost feel it) her frustractions and anger. She storms off down the basement and throws most of Manny's things just to kick her out. Emma expresses more intesnity but it soon stops when she litterally can't breathe and goes into a form of nervious breakdown. This made me a little scared and concerned because Emma at that point nearly died. Of course in the end Emma finally gained control of her life back when she admited she needed help.

    This two-parter was a important reflection on the serious social issue that unfortunately still plagues teenagers and adults more each year. It made me wonder how many more had suffered though this, how many got better, and how many were helped by people that loved them.moreless
  • I almost cryed.

    When making any sort of real life drama the writers must always be very careful. People learn from these shows how to do the things that they are warning you about. People have said I have an eating disorder but because of this episode I could show them what a true eating disorder is and that I'm clean. Emma isnt my favorite charcter but I became so scared when I saw her acting like that but then when she finally let it out to Manny that she was datign Peter well that amde me cry all the more because I just done the same thing with my boyfriend who my BFF hated. Now my BFF isnt even my friend anymore....Anywayz though I'm glad Degrassi did this show because it really helped me.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Although Emma is a self-proclaimed and extremely verbal vegitarian, in the beginning of this episode while she's with Peter on their date, Peter brings her fried chicken. She doesn't eat it (because she's anorexic) but she also doesn't protest either.

    • Emma's hair changes in between shots when Spike is brushing another part of it.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Paige: Another night in the security office.
      Alex: Just think of it as mall detention.
      Hazel: I shouldn't have dived over the counter for that whipped cream canister.
      Alex: If only those German tourists hadn't gotten in the way!

    • Peter: Emma, you've got fries in your pocket.
      Emma: It's just a little snack for later.
      Peter: Cold French fries? From your pocket? That's a little weird.
      Emma: Not really, haven't you seen Napolean Dynamite? Come on, I'm just like a little squirrel.

    • Manny: Well. Look at the happy couple.
      Emma: Manny, save the drama for your next audition, we're not interested.
      Manny: Fine. I just wanted to wish Peter good luck.
      Peter: Thanks, I guess.
      Manny You're gonna need it. Maybe you can keep track of whether or not she's eating, because I'm done.
      Peter: What is she talking about?
      Emma: I dunno, she's completely crazy.

    • Manny: What do you want?
      Peter: To show you something. (holds up book)
      Manny: Good for you, Peter, learning to read is very important.

    • Manny: (about the chore pie chart) Does it have a laundry part on it? Because I'm all out of underwear, and this commando chafing is killing me.

    • Emma: You're supposed to be my friend Manny! I can't even trust you!

    • (Emma rushes downstairs and starts throwing Manny's clothes on the floor)

      Manny: What are you doing? That's my stuff!
      Emma: Kicking your sorry butt out Manny, once and for all.

    • Emma: Oh, and you're all so perfect . You take advantage of drunk girls, you are the drunk girl, and last time I checked you were making out with his mother!

    • Emma: Leave it, I wasn't hungry anyway.

    • Manny: Let me guess you went to visit Shaquille O'Neal and all you got was his running suit.

    • Alex: Do I detect jealousy? Tell me, how long have you wanted to kiss Paige?

    • Emma: She's like the five time winner of the golden grudge!

    • Toby: I could get us some fake IDs. Take you ladies on a pub crawl!

  • NOTES (3)

    • The Garage, the store in which Paige, Alex, and Hazel shop is a real store. During this season, the 'mall' has been expanded, and two new stores were opened, The Garage and Music World being the other.

    • This episode, along with Part 1, aired on CTV during the National Eating Disorder Awareness week. At the end of the episode, viewers are urged to visit the website for: NEDIC (National Eating Disorder Information Centre) or call: Kids Help Phone (1800 668 6868).

    • Ryan Cooley (J.T.), Melissa DiMarco (Ms. Hatzilakos), Jake Epstein (Craig), Stacey Farber (Ellie), Aubrey Graham (Jimmy), Shane Kippel (Spinner), Mike Lobel (Jay), Pat Mastroianni (Joey), Stacie Mistysyn (Caitlin), and Adamo Ruggiero (Marco), do not appear in this episode.


    • Emma, when told to eat a sandwich by Manny, says that "she doesn't have time for your Girl Interrupted."

      Girl Interrupted is a movie where various female have mental issues, and one of the characters is issues with eating food and getting fat.

    • Emma explains how she is hiding fries in her coat pocket like out of "Napoleon Dynamite".

      In the movie, Napoleon hides his tatter tots in the pocket of his pants, for snacking later.