Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 16

Our Lips Are Sealed, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 27, 2006 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Emma develops an eating disorder.

    "Our Lips Are Sealed" part 2 is one of my favourite Degrassi episodes. It actually makes it into My Top 5 Degrassi episodes. In this episode Emma develops an eating disorder. The episode gets more and more intense as the episode continues. It's intense how she passes out in the hallway from starving herself. My favourite scene in the end of the episode when Emma has a panic attack and she can't breathe, so she has to go to the hospital. It was so heartbreaking when Manny says she doesn't want to lose Emma. I love the subplot with Snake and Spike officially getting back together. And I love the Hazel and Alex trying to become friends for Paige. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • perfect

    when emma gives up eating altogether, could something more serious happen? Peter and Manny are worried about her, is she going to get better or is she suffering anorexia nervosa, which is an eating disorder? Alex and Hazel try to be nice with each other for Paige's sake, but when they can't get along, can Paige still be friends with both of them?

    Good episode, it was weird to see Emma like this, but i think they handled it well. The sub plot was also great fun, especially the end of it, so overall it gets an A+ from me
  • Best episode of the series!

    This episode is so amazing. I think this is the best episode of the series by far. Emma is continuing being crazy & anorexic, I felt the plot was a bit rushed though but other than that it was perfect, Memorable moments mark when she wan in the gym yelling at Darcy & leaving, on her forest date with Peter, and she throws all of the food on the ground & starts making out with him as an excuse. Emma admitting to Manny about Peter, & her psycho breakdown at the end, having her panic attack, finally her in the hospital saying she will get better. The subplot with Hazel & Alex playing nice was the bright side of the episode, how they were throwing food at each other at the end & ended up in the security office, a great episode, best by far.
  • I almost cryed.

    When making any sort of real life drama the writers must always be very careful. People learn from these shows how to do the things that they are warning you about. People have said I have an eating disorder but because of this episode I could show them what a true eating disorder is and that I'm clean. Emma isnt my favorite charcter but I became so scared when I saw her acting like that but then when she finally let it out to Manny that she was datign Peter well that amde me cry all the more because I just done the same thing with my boyfriend who my BFF hated. Now my BFF isnt even my friend anymore....Anywayz though I'm glad Degrassi did this show because it really helped me.
  • One of my faves..

    This episode is one of my favorite Degrassi episodes. It's so realistic and yeah. Who would've thought that good - girl Emma would be anorexic or bulimic. It shows that everyone doesn;t have only one side but a bunch of different ones.

    I was practically on the edge of my seat on this episode. It was so exciting. I would've never thought that Emma would end up in the hospital with a panic attack.

    Love it!
  • Good episode!

    OLAS pt.2 is an excellent episode. It shows how Emma gets caught up in her eating disorder. Emma reveals to Manny to that she is dating Peter and Manny, is of course, offended by this. She thens warns Peter about Emma, to see if she is eating or not. Then Emma\\\'s family, along with Peter and Manny, gives Emma an intervention. Emma feels like she is fine and goes on a rampage. She begins to throw out Manny\\\'s things and then has an anxiety attack. She ends up in the hospital and goes into treatment. Overall: 95%Intense
  • Let It Out Emma!

    Its one thing that she was going out with Peter behind Mannys back but its another thing when she told Manny she was going to stop her diet in \"Our Lips Are Sealed Part 1\" and she went on anyways, she lied to her parents, to Peter, and to her best friend Manny. She could have died!
  • Emma looses it!


    Paige and Alex share a lot, but not the same friends. Because Hazel is being pushed to the side for Paige's new love interest, as Hazel comes up with the perfect plan to 'play nice' with Alex. Of course shopping at the mall, Hazel pushes Alex's buttons to the point Paige is embrassed to be around either of them. When Hazel and Alex feel hurt that Paige isn't speaking to them they come up with another way in playing nice by sitting down for drinks. They end up making up and having wipe cream fight at the mall.


    Emma's struggling in school which is totally weird to say the least and she's not caring about the enviornment like she use too. While her relationship with Peter beings to heat up, she is still battling with the quest of perfection with her body. When Manny realizes that Emma hasn't been eating lately, Emma spills the beans that she has been dating Peter for quite sometime. Manny is totally upset, while Emma starts a her relationship with Peter. When Peter finds cold food inside her coat pocket, Peter starts becoming suspensious too. Manny and Peter talk about what they can do with Emma by telling her parents. Emma freaks out when her best friend, her boyfriend, and her parents push her in a corner about her eating her and her behavior. Emma wants to move Manny out her house when she has a panic attack. When being treated at the hospital Emma will also be diagnosed for bullmia.

  • The only way Emma can find control in her life is though controlling what she eats or in this case what she doesn\'t eat.

    People start to notice somethings not right with Emma. In gym class she wears baggy clothing to keep warm and gets really angry when Darcy jokes around saying Emma is a fat lard which shes clearly not. Then later on when Peter and Emma are at a restaurant he gets up and Emma takes the fries and puts them in her pocket. Peter puts two and two together and looks up the symptoms Emmas haveing and concludes that she must have anorexia nervosa. Even though Peter and Manny don\'t get along they pair up to tell Snake and Spike for Emma\'s sake. Emma\'s parents and Manny and Peter confront Emma about it, and she gets mad at Manny for telling them. Emma starts thowing Manny\'s things around in there room and tells her shes kicking her sorry but out for good. Emma then says \"I can\'t breath\" and collapses on the floor. At the hospital Emma thinks shes going to leave because it was just a panick attack, but Spike tells her it was a panick attack brought on by starvation and there going to have a psychiatrist come in and diagnose Emma with Anorexia.

    Elsewhere Alex and Hazel have a hard time getting along and Page is the monkey in the middle. It takes a whip cream fight for Alex and Hazel to get along.
  • The writers need to get creative...

    Emma's eating disorder flip-out was totally "90210". The writers need to get more creative.

    And, is it just me, or does anyone else think that Miriam looks PREGGY? She has an Angelina bump (watch as she comes down the basement stairs), and her cheeks are full-looking...I don't know...either that or she's gaining weight. Any clarification on the subject would be greatly appreciated...
  • It was okay....

    Emma and her eating disorder/crisis: I appreciate the job that they did in showing inner teenage conflict, but the eating disorder thing did get a little stereotypical.

    Peter is trying to be a good guy--or at least that is what it seems.

    I never got the Paige/Alex relationship, and that is not because it is lesbian. It is because they are completely different people. Their personalities don't fit. I highly doubt that it will last long.

    And there was Toby!....I thought that he disapeared from school! OK, that was a little sarcastic, but it is obvious that they do not want to do anything with his character.

    I do not think the Emma/Peter relationship will work because deep down, Manny's friendship is too important to Emma.

    The food fight scence at the mall with Paige, Hazel, and Alex was corny but they had to show that they were trying to get along I guess.

    Overall, the intervention/emergency scene with Emma went as well as it could---I am just glad they ended this issue as fast as they could.
  • Oy With the Stereotypes already

    Yet another one of televisons sorry attempts at handling an eating disorder. Terrible acting didn\'t help the plot. Serouisly! Geez and oh look its all wrapped up at the end of the episode! Oh great! I don\'t buy that a \'death-scare\' would snap her out of the eating-disorder world. It\'s never that easy
  • Wow.

    Emma's Eating Disorder
    Starring Emma, Peter, Manny, Spike, and Snake
    This was intense. Poor Emma. This storyline fit Emma well and I think Miriam did a great job acting the part. The scene when Emma was confrounted was so emotional. Manny was a great friend and Peter was a great boyfriend. It was so scarry when she could not breath and then was in the hospital. Pemma rules.

    Hazel and Alex, can they be friends for Paige?
    Starring Hazel, Paige, and Alex
    That was a fun plot to balance the whole Emma things. Hazel was not that horrinble. Thw whip-cream fight was great too. Happy two month aniversary Palex.
  • Emma is comepltely out of control and her punsihing eating habits are too.

    In Part Two Emma has been dealing with bulimia and anorexia for several weeks now and is falling deeper and deeper into the world of eating disoders. Then at an intervention Emma finally loses it and starts freaking out and soon after cant breathe and they call 911. This episode is one of the best thus far and Miriam and Cassies acting was amazing. Peter also did so much for the episode and he had a boost in character development. This was an intense episode that had a lot of tense moments and defenitly a must see. The sub-plot was also good as we saw deeper into the controversial relationship of Alex and Paige and a plus as we got to see muc more of Hazel. Ten starts out of Five!!!