Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 7 Episode 11

Owner Of A Lonely Heart

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2008 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Will Marco do whatever it takes to solve his money problems?

    "Owner of a Lonely Heart" was a great episode, but at the same time it's very disappointing. In this episode, Marco is having money trouble. He meets this guy at gay club and he introduces Marco to the idea of prostitution. The thing that's disappointing is Marco didn't do anything. Why introduce this plot if Marco wasn't going to do anything? The college plots should be even more intense than the high school plots. This episode could have proven that, but it didn't. Now, I give this episode a higher score than it should because of the subplot. I love the subplot. I love how Manny and Jay fake an engagement. I give this episode a 8.5/10.
  • WTF!!! Marco doesn't fall through on the OMG sucked!

    Sucky ass episode! The first episode this season that I hate. I got my hopes up thinking Marco would actually go through with the "OMG!" thing, but he didn't...WTF! I really hate that he didn't go through with it. And the B plot could have been much better. Manny and Jay hook up making me feel slightly like, what the hell? Ok so I just don't get why the writers don't let Marco do somrthing really outrageous. At least they got the idea of a male prostitue down packed: Devon. A European, partying guy with money...That's the only thing that was good. I just loathed this episode. God!!!!! Worst episode this season.
  • It almost goes there.

    The thing that really ticked me off in this episode, was a wasted Marco A plot, since he didn't even end up doing anything, his gambling episode A plot, was way better than almost being a prostitute this season. Basically he runs low on money, mooches off Ellie, then almost gets paid to have sex. Big whoop, what was the point in that WHOLE episode. The thing that brought the rating up on this episode was the beginning of Jay & Manny's fake engagement. And they're kissing too. So I guess it's the start of a whole new relationship. I liked the Jay/Emma/Ravine mention when Manny asked for Emma's permision. It almost went there.
  • When Marco begins to experience this thing called fun, he takes advantage of his friends and ends up with nothing.

    This was one of the worst Degrassi episodes this season. I mean we've seen enough episodes where marco has done nothing but constantly complain about how his life sucks. Give us something new and fresh! Something we havent seen before! But instead we get this episode, "Owner Of A Lonely Heart"! They should re-name it to "Marco Complaining...Again". Maybe it would have been a fair and a better warning. Why has marco become the gay stero-type? That's all his storylines revolve around which has taken all the layers of his charecter away. It was good in the first season he was in. Now it's just dull and ill-concieved.
  • Poor Marco. He just can't ever seem to catch a break.

    Poor Marco. He just can't ever seem to catch a break. :( It's like some of the Degrassi kids have their own signature problems, and Marco's is finding someone. It's extra hard on him because he's gay and he either can't find someone he likes, or someone who likes him enough to treat him right. There's always something. And in this can't believe how close he came to being a prostitute. But he was smart enough to get outta that situation. I feel really bad for him. He deserves better luck. Maybe something/someone good will come his way in future episode. (I'm against same-sex marriages but...Idk...once you see what the characters go through on Degrassi, it can change your opinions and how you view things...Idk. I'm still again gay marriage, but...Idk...Marco's cool. He deserves happiness.)
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