Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 11 Episode 10

Paper Planes, Part One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 01, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

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  • paper planes


    I was always complaining that Anya should have better story lines, and finally the Degrassi writers have answered my requests. 2 years ago, Anya was Sav's lab-dog who LARP'd for fun. She definitely put her "good-girl" image behind her this season.

    Interested in seeing the future dynamics of her taking cocaine. Some observations I'd like to mention: Love how Bianca rejected the drugs, really shows how much better she is than that and magnifies how stupid Anya is being. I like how Owen's character is developing. Even though he was a bit in the wrong by trying to control Anya, I'm just liking his character more every week.

    Connor's story line really needs to stop, I would have liked to see some sort of Alli breakdown though at the end of the episode. Maybe in part 2? I'm continuing to disregard the Charlie & Fiona story line on the count of how pointless it is to the story. Overall, great episode.

  • Paper Planes (Parts 1 & 2)

    Anya: Her doing drugs isn't her, its not. That's what tore this plot down, however the acting behind it wasn't too bad. Its sad. Anya's 18 and doing drugs. This is bad, because she is no longer a child. Her mother can't tell her a thing. Technically, they did show a consequence for Anya's behavior (loosing college), so the writers have an excuse to drag this out longer! Fiona: Weren't there untrue rumors that Charlie would give Fiona crabs? Eww, lol. Eww bed bugs. Fiona's plots are always entertaining. Why didn't Fiona tell Charlie she was abused? She keeps beating around the bush around some things. Maybe she's not ready for a relationship, but when has she ever? Loving the Feli interaction. They make good friends, but they should try to keep HollyJ/Fiona/Anya more together from here on out. I thought it was a slap in the face to Fiona when Anya refused to hear about Charlie. Connor: Why does he love to push Alli! I'm glad Alli caught him. He was getting scary and creepy.
  • perfect

    Anya: It was weird seeing her do coke, but I like it. It's definitely unusual for a character like her to do something like cocaine, but I liked it. She's pretty much hit rock bottom by not getting into university, by not seeing Dr. Chris, and to an extent, by dating Owen.

    Connor: He continues his creepy escapade. The scene where he was almost caught by Alli was pretty interesting. I liked him knocking her over to escape her. This plot is a lot more interesting then his online lover one from last season.

    Fiona: I honestly did not know bedbugs were real, and thought they were something our parents made up. I liked Fiona finding out it was her mom's fault for them having the bedbugs. I thought her fight with Charlie was kind of dumb, mostly because I don't really blame Fiona for blaming Charlie at first. I know if there was something in my house that wasn't there until someone new came, I'd blame them.

    Good episode. My favorite plot was Connor's, then Anya's, then Fiona's. A+ episode, definitely
  • Anya's life seems to be getting worse and worse and she'll do whatever it takes to feel good. Fiona thinks she's allergic to Charlie's cat. Connor says he stopped collecting girls underwear, but has he really?

    "Paper Planes" part is surprisingly a great episode. After watching this episode it makes perfect sense for Anya to try cocaine. Right now, her self-esteem is at her lowest. Her mom just had cancer, she got rejected by Dr. Chris, rejected from University of Toronto, and even though she's a lot more independent now than in season 7, she does let her friends make decisions for her. So, it does make sense for Anya try cocaine. It made her feel good, like she was in control, and by the end of this episode, she wants more. Owen is actually become more complex. He seems to really care about Anya. And it's surprising that he doesn't do cocaine or and that he doesn't want Anya using cocaine. He was a jerk at one point telling Anya to stop seeing Holly J. I think he has some control issues. But I'm glad he apologized. He seems like he meant it. The Fiona plot was interesting. Degrassi has never dealt with bed bugs. I was so happy to find out that Fiona wasn't allergic to Charlie's cat because Mr. Tuxedopants was so cute. Anyways, Fiona was a jerk thinking Charlie brought the bed bugs. I'm glad Fiona apoligized and decided that she needs to know Charlie more before she jumps to conclusions. I still find the Connor plot very creepy. I can't believe he's taking pictures of girl clothing. It's interesting that Alli caught Connor holding bra. I wonder if Alli saw his face. I felt so bad for Alli when Connor rushed out and she got pushed to the ground. I give this episode a 9/10.