Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 5

Parent's Day

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 18, 2001 on Much Music
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Toby is nervous about his divorced parents both attending Parents' Night, as all they ever do is fight, so he comes up with a plan to prevent them from going, but it only backfires on him. Paige and Ashley try to gain the attention of Toby's mom at Parents' Night as she is a casting director. Emma is upset about a news broadcast being shown in the school, and decides to write an article about it.


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  • Toby's dreading his divorced parents coming to Parent's Day.

    "Parent's Day" is a great episode! I love in the earlier seasons Toby had more episodes about him. I love how he has to deal with two parents that are divorced and not even living with eachother, but they still fight constantly. My favourite scene is when Toby tells them to stop using him as an excuse to fight. It was so sweet how Emma wrote an editorial on NAK and squeegee kids and Tracker bashes it, and at the end of the episode Sean says the article was good. I love how Ashley and Paige try to get noticed by Toby's mother as she's a model agent. I love how Toby's mom notices Terri's fashion and thinks she should be a model. I give this episode a 8.5/10.moreless
  • Parent's Day

    Toby does not want his parents to go to Parent's Day, and it is revealed why0 they fight a lot. So he tries to get them to not go, but in the end they do, and even though they promise not to fight, they of course do. Will Toby be able to fix their fighting?

    I liked the episode, the subplot bored me but the main plot I liked so much that the boringness of the subplot did not really affect me a whole lot. My overall grade for this episode is an A+, though I consider it weaker than other A+ episodesmoreless
  • Typical Toby episode

    Toby's mom's a famous modeling agent. Ashley and Paige try to become models, but Toby's mom likes Terri's look more. Boring. Also, Sean's brother approves of Emma. Really? Emma's a good influence? Having watched 8 years of Emma, I find Tracker's lack of judgment disturbing.

    Moving onto the creepier B plot. JT has URLs for some h0t pr0n. Toby has a computer, and his parents are away. Toby's parents come home and punish them by making them watch porn, including gay porn. Having watched JT and Toby over the years, this episode explains everything. I mean, what, is this the Michael Jackson guide to parenting?moreless
  • Meh, didn't care much for this episode.

    Ohh, poor Toby. Whoopee, his parents are fighting again, and Paige and Ashley are competing against each other for Toby's mom because she's an agent. Paige is always competing against someone. Paige is a "bumhead".

    I found this episode somewhat boring.

    But it's quite funny how Terri gets noticed instead of either Paige or Ashley when she didn't even care about that kind of thing.

    I can't say I remember this episode very well. It didn't make quite an impact on me as other ones might have.

    I just sat there as I watched it, giving it blank stares, not really paying any attention.moreless
  • Toby can't stand the idea of Parents' Day - The last time his divorced parents were in the same room, well, they had a huge, embarrasing fight. Toby makes up a scheme to convince his parents that the day is cancelled, but it backfires on him.moreless

    This episode was ok. It was funny but at some parts boring. I think it was really cool and very awesome plot! I also think Toby handled his parents very well. But, I really hated Paige in the episode, she was kinda a brownnoser! But Ashley didn't because she deserved it. But the part with Emma and Sean was really cute. It was like nothing was going to happen between them. (Thus, the episode Under Pressure when Sean shoved her.) I think in the future, they should get back together. Maybe, Sean might come back forever and they could get back together.moreless
Christina Collins

Christina Collins

Anne Marie Isaacs

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Sabrina Sanchez

NAK Reporter

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Kyle Schmid

Kyle Schmid

NAK Reporter

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Amanda Stepto

Amanda Stepto

Christine "Spike" Nelson

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Nigel Hamer

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Kris Holden-Ried

Kris Holden-Ried

Tracker Cameron

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Mr. Simpson says that Toby spelt his name wrong, but in the bottom of the letter which shows his name, it is spelt correctly.

    • When Emma sends the email to Sean, you can see she is replying to a message called, "That was brutal". It wouldn't make sense because Sean looked surprised when he got an email.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • (Emma thinks Tracker is wrong for wanting NAK to stay)
      Tracker: I'm wrong? Tell me Emma, is it fair or is it wrong that Sean here is falling behind in school because we can't afford a computer?
      Emma: He can do his homework here.
      Tracker: What? Yeah, on the free computers.
      Emma: If you read the entire article, you would know -
      Tracker: That it's a piece of garbage.
      Emma: It is not garbage!
      Tracker: Looks like garbage to me. Smells like garbage.
      Sean: Tracker, man...
      Tracker: All I'm saying is there is two sides to every story. Try to remember that next time. (they leave)

    • Emma: Okay, so let's try to imagine. You're a squeegee kid.
      Manny: Okay, I'm a squeegee kid.
      Emma: So how does it feel being compared to a cockroach?
      Manny: I'd say, "Hey, preppy kids. Get off my case. We're people, too."
      Sean: Oh, please.

    • Emma: That's the thing. They don't us to think. They wants us to become braindead NAK robots.
      Toby: (to Manny) What's with her?
      Manny: NAK rage, kind of like road rage.

    • Paige: Every time NAK claims your airspace, you go all manic-depressive.
      Ashley: That is so not true. I just - Look at this zit!
      Terri: That's a pore and Paige has a point.

    • Emma: Last week NAK told us to join the army. What's tomorrow? A hole in the O-Zone is good because it makes a better tan? Imagine being a squeegee kid. Out in the cold, no school, no parents.
      Toby: No parents?
      Emma: Toby this isn't a joke!

    • (NAK is shown on the TV)
      Ryan: Hi, I'm Ryan, and this is Nicole. And welcome to NAK, News About Kids. Today we'll be talking about that infests major cities everywhere
      Nicole: And we're not talking cockroaches, we're talking squeegee kids.
      Ryan: Stalking street corners, waiting to pounce on un suspecting cars. Hijacking your hard-earned cash to waste on drugs and tattoos.
      Nicole: Are squeegee kids legit or lazy? Are they using their "cool" trend for today's media saturated youth?

    • J.T.: Hey, we could contaminate the water fountations with E Coli, that way they'd have to shut down the school, right?
      Toby: There probably is E Coli in the fountations.
      Snake: (interupting) Actually, we test our water on a daily basis, boys. It's fine.

    • Paige: (to Ashley and Terri) Heather Sinclair has an agent...with that overbite?

    • Paige: Where would Ashley get a casting agent?
      Ashley: Hey, guys! Toby's mom is a casting agent.

    • JT: Sorry, man. Didn't know it was that serious.
      Toby: Yeah, well, it is that serious.

    • Paige: Toby, Hon... That's... great.

    • Manny: He stared right at you.
      Emma: That's because I bumped into him.

    • Mr. Simpson: (to Toby) Your parents should be proud of the way you handled them in there. I know I certainly was.

  • NOTES (3)