Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 7 Episode 10

Pass The Dutchie

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Mar 10, 2008 on Much Music
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Spinner uses weed, because he thinks it might help with his pain. But it only makes things worse, especially when Jane becomes jealous about him and Darcy. Paige hates her new job, so she starts hanging out more with Ellie and Marco, so she doesn't have to go back.


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  • Spinner starts smoking marijuana to get through chemotherapy.

    "Pass the Dutchie" is a great Degrassi episode. In this episode, Spinner's in chemotherapy, and the way he decides to get through it is smoking marijuana. I love how Spinner's storyline continued. I love how he bonded with Darcy in this episode. I think Spinner distance himself from Jane in this episode, but if I remember correctly everything was fine between Jane and Spinner by the end of this episode. I didn't care for the Paige subplot. I just find the college plots to be boring. I give this episode a 9/10.moreless
  • perfect

    Spinner tries weed so he will not be in so much pain from chemo, but soon starts acting very differently and pushes Jane, the girl he likes, away. Paige is not happy with her job so she starts spending a lot of time with Marco and Ellie. Will she get fired? What does Paige want out of life?

    Good episode, Spinner's plot really interested me. Paige's plot was kind of boring but I enjoyed Spinner's plot so much that my overall final grade for this episode is an A+, even though Paige bored me. Spinner high was pretty good acting (I would say) and the moral about not doing weed was good. Perfect episode from season 7, I think so anywaymoreless
  • Spinner & Darcy start talking since their breakup last semester.

    I loved the Spinner/Darcy interaction in this episode, I wish both of them weren't going through something horrible, but it's something. It looks like Darcy still hasn't dealt with her rape, even Spinnner noticed... when he was high. By the way, he turns to drugs, as he goes through cancer. Used to be fighting, and now its weed. Jane gets jealous of Spinner & Darcy, which I loved! I'm glad Peter wasn't in this episode. Spinner throwing up on Ms. Kwan... hilarious! Paige takes the day off, with Ellie & Marco. And it turns out her boss really did need her in the end, a fun B plot, to go with the depressing A plot. Jane & Spinner get back in the end. Favorite line: "And I thought I was a mess..." - Darcy.moreless
  • Spinner finds a good way to help him through Kemo (spelling?)

    This is one of the best episodes this far. I love that Darcy was the character that they chose to let Spinner have a slight reunion with...the scene they had together in the coffee shop was great for some reason...I just really felt those two and their struggle. Darcy, having been raped. Spinner, having cancer and having one nut. Guess they call him "One Ball" now. HAHA! Sorry. Darcy and Spinner made far. Also when Spinner threw up in front of the whole class...I really felt the expressions Jane and Darcy had on their really made me like Darcy and Jane a lot more. And the scene where Spinner and Jane are at the place where they are always playing pool and he tells Jane to lay off him. And also the scene where Darcy and Spinner are at the park getting high (just Spinner) it would've been really good if Darcy was also getting high too. I LOVED the line Darcy had "Spinner, we are all in ruts that we can't bust out of! Life's a prison." I really felt her and her was so sad and dramatic at the same time...I love this episode. The B plot was okay Paige is insulted by Andrea and walks out on the job. Love the scene when Paige is confronted by Marco about why she didn't want to go back to work. I was really good. So many good scenes were in this one episode. I love this episode! It's on my Top 20 Degrassi Episodes ever. I also loved the music scattered all around this episode.moreless
  • Spinner has found a new way to deal with his Cancer.

    This episode was fair. It could've been better, i mean the promos just made it seem a little more exciting, but it ended up being a boring half-hour that i would never get back. So Spinner's behavior was quite annoying in this episode, i know he has cancer but jeez at least liven up a little bit. Dont let it control your life, and Darcy wasn't much help either. All she did was follow him around and then just let him know that he was much more of a train wreck than she was. Come on Darcy be a good friend, dont be someone who does nothing but give bad news.moreless
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Natalie Lisinska


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  • QUOTES (2)

    • Darcy: Spinner, we're all stuck in ruts that we can't get out of. Life's a prison.
      Spinner: That is the most depressing thing I've ever heard.

    • Darcy: What's the worst that could happen? So you fail English...
      Spinner: Yeah for the third time...what kind of idiot fails his own language three times?

  • NOTES (4)

    • song list:
      Dumb It Down
      Written by Gene Champagne
      Performed by Junior Achiever
      Coming Undone
      Written by M. Ellis and K. Kamal
      Performed by Kuba Oms
      Courtesy of Etnc
      Is It Over (Pigmix)
      Written by David Turley and Eden Turley
      Performed by Lovers Electric
      Courtesy of Pigfactory USA llc
      Sweet Rock and Roll
      Written by Steve Clark
      Performed by Vibrolux
      Courtesy of Steve Clark
      Easy Ridin
      Written By Scooter Pietsch
      Performed by Sweet 17
      Courtesy of Imaginary Friends Music Partners
      Don't Be Gone
      Written and Performed by Subb
      Courtesy of Stomp Records

    • This episode deals with the use of marijuana.

    • Spinner and Jane have become a couple.

    • Amanda Stepto (Spike), Cassie Steele (Manny), Charlotte Arnold (Holly J.),Dalmar Abuzeid (Danny), Jamie Johnston (Peter), Marc Donato (Derek), Mazin Elsadig (Damian), Miriam McDonald (Emma), Nina Dobrev (Mia) and Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty) do not appear in this episode.


    • Andrea: Don't get all Ugly Betty on me
      Ugly Betty is an American television show about unglamorous but good-natured Betty Suarez and her incongruous job at an ultra-chic New York City fashion magazine.

    • The title of this episode is the same as a song by Musical Youth from their 1982 album "The Youth of Today".

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