Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 17

Queen Of Hearts

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 17, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Ellie starts gambling so she can pay rent.

    "Queen of Hearts" is a great Degrassi episode. I love how this episode deals with another issue like gambling. In this episode Ellie starts playing cards with Craig, Alex, Dylan and Marco for money. I really love how she teams with Alex. It's cool watching them have scenes together. This episode was about Ellie needing money to pay the rent and it was also about her being lonely. I love how her mother is sober and is trying to have a relationship with Ellie again. I don't like the subplot in this episode. I usually like a good student/teacher relationship, but I don't like Paige with Matt. After what happened with Paige in season 2, it doesn't make any sense for her to date Matt. She should be dating someone her age. I give this episode a 8/10.
  • Loved It!

    In this episode, Ellie deals with the fact that Sean will never comeback home and finds a new hobby... GAMBLING! After Marco teaches her a new card game she realizes she cannot only win big but score big with money. She also goes through the painful heartache of her sobbering mother wanting her back home. After playing cards with her guests Alex throws her some words of advance that she needed to go back home and be with her mom, and don't hold a grudge against her because of their past. (I was proud that they used Alex more within this episode as well.) When she comes senses, Ellie gets her mom to promise her that she won't get drunk again, her mom promises her it will take time. Ellie says it will take time for her to give her that daughterly trust back. Paige and Matt continue their on going down low relationship from everyone (except Manny). Paige starts getting fed-up that Matt has never invited her to his home. Manny tries to give words of advice to Paige about his ways. Paige finds out where he stays, the place looks like a dump and finally Matt calls them being together a "relationship." Paige doesn't dump him and they embrace in a kiss.
  • Exactly what this season needed...whether or not anyone realized it

    "queen of hearts" falls into the category of one of my favorite episodes of Degrassi. A lot of people called this episode a filler episode, but I completely disagree. We needed to see this episode, for closure reasons. I also missed seeing the Ellie/Marco friendship and this episode brought that back to life. The new Ellie/Alex friendship was enjoyable to watch as well. The subplot was nicely done as well. It was the perfect segway into the next episode's mainplot ("modern love). I also loved the music score.
  • Ellie is gambling on her future.

    In Queen Of Hearts, Ellie is living by herself. Ever since Sean left she's been alone in the apartment. But Buller her ferret keeps her sane. Until he dies in a freak accident Ellie is sent into a path of aloness and just wants somebody to be with her. And she gets an outlet that makes her feel better, gambling. Marco comes over and shows her how to play euchre and she quickly catches on. In this part I liked how Ellie showed interest in playing cards but I kind of wished that Marco would've explained the game a bit better.

    Anyway Ellie soon has her monthly dinner with her mom so she can get her rent money. But Ellie just takes the money and turns down her offer to live with her mom again and tells her that's the last time she'll ever get money from her. I felt bad for Mrs. Nash cause she looked like she really was trying to change but Ellie jsut brushed her off quite harshly. So Ellie, Jimmy, Alex and Craig skip calss to play euchre and they start playing for money. Ellie and Alex win the money and Ellie tells her she knows where real money is gonna be.

    Soon after Dylan's hockey team arrives to play euchre for serious money, Ellie and Alex who now seem best friends and start playing. The scenes with her and Alex palying against the guys with the song is one of my personal favorites scenes of the season, I really like it. After a while Alex decided to go solo and Ellie soon get panicky of losing all her rent money, after Ellie tells her to sit down she does and Alex shows her hand and they win the game. Alex then gives Ellie her portion of the money and tells her she needs to trust people more. I agree with what Alex said, Ellie was being very selfish the whole episode especially to her mom. Ellie soon relizes it and calls her mom and is ready to go home.

    I really liked this episode although i wished they would've gone deeper into the gambling storyline, it was still a good episode, two thumbs up!
  • This episode wasn't that special. nothing exciting really happened. ellie meets with her monthy dinner with her mom and words go down between them. ellie, alex, jimmy, craig, and marco play cards. ellie and alex play cards with dylan's hockey team

    this episode was nothing special. all that happened was ellie decided to move in with her mom after alex told her off. they also ditch class to play cards and ellie and alex played cards with dylans hockey team for some serious cash. i was happy to see jimmy with a smile on his face in this episode
  • Ellie's mom wants her to move back home, but Ellie is reluctant.

    To tell you the truth, I didn't like this episode the first time I watched it. I thought it was dull and pointless. It wasn't until I watched it a second time that I caught the message of the episode: TRUST. Ellie didn't trust her mom when she said she was sober and wanted to make things right.

    This lack of trust bled over into other parts of Ellie's life, such as the euchre game where she and Alex bet Ellie's rent money. It took Alex's bluntless(I like that about her) to make Ellie realize she needs to believe in people more. When Ellie was talking about how her mom was always drunk, etc, I LOVED Alex's rebuttal: "But she's sober now. And paying your rent. All the time trying to make things right with, what a monster."

    The ending is great as well with Ellie not overjoyed at the thought of giving her mom a second chance, but she's at least willing. A nice conlusion to the Ellie plotline that started in season two. Now the only question is What's next for Ellie Nash?