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Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 10

Redemption Song

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 21, 2005 on MTV - Music Television
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Episode Summary

Redemption Song

It has been a year since the school shooting and Spinner still feels badly about what he did. He decides to go on a weekend trip with the Friendship Club, but things don't turn out the way he expected, and he invites Jay, who only makes things worse. Jimmy gets put in charge of creating a mural, and Hazel tries to help, but finds herself watching Jimmy and Ellie bond.


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  • Great Episode

    Spinner/Darcy: Their almost sex in the woods was hot. I felt bad for Darcy though. Breaking her beliefs. When I first saw the promo for the episode, I thought Spinner was hurting her or something. Jay is kind an a**. He was disrespectful to Spinner, but in his own twisted way, he really meant the best. The fake story he told Darcy was funny! Hazel:In her like first ever episode since season 2, Hazel believes Jimmy is falling for Ellie. I was a little sad for her, but she kinda overreacted,I don't know.

    Anyway, great episode of Degrassi. Really good episodes.moreless
  • Darcy invites Spinner to go camping with the friendshup club. Jimmy and Hazel break up.

    I really enjoyed watching this episode. Spinner is actually changing a lot into a good person. His friends are still grudging on him and won't talk to him. I am so glad he has Darcy as a girlfriend. I camping trip sounds so much fun. Yoo bad Jay had to come and ruin everything. That's the one reason why Jay is a good character because he's always secretly getting into other people's business. Hazel and Jimmy break up in this episode. I've been waiting until they break up. I really think Jimmy and Ellie make a good couple. The painting that they did was really good too.moreless
  • Possibly one of the best episodes of Season 5.

    This episode is so amazing, Like one of the best episodes of Season 5, let alone the series. This episode is so amazing, This was A Darcy/Spinner plot which marks how they first start dating with a main plot, Jay & Darcy are worse enemies, now Spinner has to pick, Jay or Darcy. When Jay crosses the line, true feelings are revealed & Spinner punches Jay in the face! Which was like an amazing moment in Degrassi history, I can't believe Darcy was going to give it up for Spinner, that was amazing of her to do. The subplot was just as good as the triangle with Hazel, Jimmy & Ellie continues, Hazel gets jealous & Hazel dumps Spinner when he paints Ellie in a mural. Which was great cause I hated Hazel. Perfect episode, hands down.moreless
  • Best episode of Season 5.

    Out of all the episodes of Season 5, this one is definetly my favorite. It's been a year since the school shooting, and Spinner is still guilty about it. Spinner goes with Darcy on the Friendship Club Camping Trip, and then he gets mad at Darcy. Spinner then invites Jay, who shakes things up a little bit. He lies to Darcy about Spinner, and Darcy and Spinner almost have sex. There's also a love triangle involving Jimmy/Hazel/Ellie, but there 3 uninteresting characters, and I'm not going to write about them.

    A great episode. The best of the season. I'm impressed.moreless
  • Awesome

    Well this was by far one of the best episodes this season. Personallly i think what made it great was Mike Lobel. He was great in this episode.... But it kind of annoyed me that they made the Christian people look crazy..i dont know though but they all did a fantastic job on this episode. It was also nice to see Jimmy and Hazel split up. Its about time shes been getting on my nerves.

    Well i need about twenty more words so so so so so so so so so so so so so this was a great episode!moreless

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