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  • Its A Good Show

    Its A Good Show But It Would Be Better If Jimmy Wasn't Kicked Out Well Now Hes Known As Drake
  • I'm in love with this show

    I love this show I can not stop watching it. Although I do think that they should show Frankie and Winston a lot more then they do. They leave you wondering what's going on with those two. I also think that Frankie should be able to have Winston in her room the had the mother over reacting just a little bit.
  • A very good and perfect show. And by far, one of the best tv shows I have ever watched.

    When I first saw the show, I felt so enthusiastic because the show revolves around the new characters (2001-????) and the previous old characters (2001-2006). I have a love/hate relationship with the characters, and I somewhat share the same comparisons with several characters from the series. Despite how dramatic this show can be, I still think it's a very good one.
  • Why do teens watch this when they virtually live each episode in real life?

    I don't think this show is bad so get off my back Degrassi fans; I just don't find it interesting from what I've seen. Degrassi is basically life in high school and that's it; it's the typical struggles of a bunch of teenagers in high school. I know I should feel for these characters but the problem is, I don't because I was one of those characters in high school. This show is supposed to be for everyone who's struggling in high school, but I don't recommend it for teenagers who go through the exact same plot of each episode; that might make them feel worse about themselves and put them more at risk of committing suicide. Again, I'm not saying this show is bad, I'm saying it's nothing knew or worth gossiping about. Teens go through the same plot of each episode everyday; why talk about a should that's technically based on you're life?
  • This is for teens who are starved for drama

    Omg I hate this show with a burning passion. It's just for drama-starved hipsters
  • Watched it since I was 10-16 years old

    I think it's a great show. It's been on for ages and I hope it keeps going. Each year it get worse I hate to admit but I grew up watching it and some episodes are better than others.
  • Will always hold a place in my heart

    I first started watching Degrassi when I was in grade eight. I absolutely fell in love with the show and continued to watch it all through the years - from season one to about season seven. After season seven I was a little disappointed because they almost changed the entire cast completely. I know that the students were getting older and graduating, but I felt that they kind of rushed into the new students,

    After refusing to watch the newer episodes, a couple years later I saw season eight on sale at a local video store and, although hesitantly, I bought it. I can't even say that I regret it. Although I missed the old cast, I quickly grew fond of the newer students portrayed in the show. I have continued to watch the show and I'm now on to season 10 and loving every episode! I will probably continue watching.

    I was such a die-hard Degrassi fan back in the day and I'm glad to be getting back into it! Although some episodes can be a little cliche and naive, I still quite enjoy it. I'm 20 now and even though I'm out of high school, I can still relate to some of the stories portrayed in the new episodes, and even the old. Every teenager should give this show a chance. Between the ages of 13-17, Degrassi was my life and helped me through those awkward teenage years.
  • It has changed a lot since season 1

    I in a sense have grown up with degrassi the next generation, it was a huge part of my teenage years and i loved every thursday night sitting down to watch degrassi! A couple years ago i gave up watching it but now I have falled back in love with it.. To me it seems more like it use to be like it is relatedable again..So i think it has gotten better again!
  • not as great as before

    In an earlier review, I wrote how I loved this show while we travel maybe 3 years in the future and now i feel, eh. Now I feel that the show is cliche. It has some good times, but at time I hate like half the characters. The issues they face end so quickly and I realize that this isn't high school. I'm entering 12 th grade and high school wasn't like this at all. Degrassi had a great point , but once the original people left the new ones having been living up to their standards.

    When they introduced a transgender kid, I thought change would come, they can do so much about this issue, but nothing they did nothing. Maybe they focused on this for 2 episodes, and they weren't that great. Sadly, i still watch it, it's those guilty pleasure shows.
  • Degrassi

    i just love watching this show it show what people does in high school and why they taking drugsand many more
  • Degrassi isnt the same used to be a show..LIKE WOW CAN'T WAIT TILL FRIDAY its just ehhh gonna go watch degrassi..NO ENTHUSIASM

    Degrassi will never be the same way..everything changed..its not as great as before..atleast they give old episodes, i guess that counts for something.
  • Degrassi

    I've watched the show on and off for the last few yrs, and recently become interested in it again. But as with Skins(Uk) the characters change every one/two seasons, I know its a good idea because you get to see new characters stories, but it also kinda sucks because you get invested in characters who will disappear, and although new ones come along and might be interesting, you get wary of being invested in them because you know you won't be able to follow them for long. But it is following a certain 'age bracket' so if you're okay with loosing the characters/couples you've invested in, then its all good.
  • degrasi

    i locedegrassi its full of dramma and for me beig in high school and a cheerleader i think degrassi helps not be a total dramma queen
  • Still luvin this show even with new cast members.

    Hell, I don't care what people say, this show is still my fav even with new cast members. I do luv the old school Degrassi with Emma, Manny, Sean, Jimmy, Spinner n them, but This new Degrassi is still watchable in my eyes. Liking Clare's new look a whole bunch. Not even believing Fitz finding God. All that fool is doing is tryna get Clare 2 dump Eli. Also liking that Sav n Holly J hooking up, but still find it strange that he was dating Anya, n she was Holly J's best friend. I guess that's how Degrassi is, a big game of Musical Chairs.
  • As a former Degrassi lover, I have to be honest. This show doesn't help young adults. It subjects them to even more socially vulgar material, desensitizing them in a sense.

    I used to love Degrassi maybe 4 or 5 years ago, but during that time something happened to the show. I think it's because the cast was aging and moving into more adult situations. With the coming of high school, came an extreme change in the show's focus. The show went from focusing on first-kisses and girls starting their period to sex, drug use, alcoholism, STDs, and generally innapropriate themes. I know there was (and may still be) a warning before the show stating that the subject matter is for mature audiences and a parent should be in the room blah, blah, blah. But really, I don't think many kids pay attention to that. The actors may be in their late teens/early twenties, but the viewers are young adults (maybe ages 12-17). Should 13 year olds really be so heavily invested if whether or not Emma has an STD because she got sleazy in the back of some van? It's just very gross. The show comes off like "Oh, we're trying to help teens know they are not alone."And maybe Degrassi did start that way. But currently, the show just provides more vulgar trash on tv to further confuse young teens about their sexuality and sense of self.
  • Degrassi: The Next Generation is an excellent show.

    Degrassi: The Next Generation is an excellent show. It's my favourite Canadian teen drama. I love this show because it shows a variety of unique characters with a variety of different issues. This show never gets boring. It can be really intense, which is why I love it so much. I love this show because it deals with real issues teenagers have. I also love this show because the actors are the same age as their character or they are close to the same age as their character. I give this show a 10/10.
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  • This show displays kids who were appearantly raised with no morale values.

    This show is rediculous. Maybe at twenty-six, I am too old to relate to this show. Shows like this give me plenty of reason to not give new shows a look. I understand we live in a world where things like homosexuality, promiscuity among teen-agers and disrespect toward any authority with parents being no exception; is unfortunately, common. I am very disgusted by what I see. It is one thing to want to have a show that is very in-tune with society; it is another when you do the same only, adding some type of morality in the mix. Sorry, I don't get this one.
  • They treat high school like it's a drama sticom!

    For me, I really don't think high school shows tell the true meaning of high school, and Degrassi; The Next Generation, is no exception. It just dosen't yell "this is high school". It morely yells "this is your worst nightmare!"

    First, I like the characters. It takes much of the steryotypes, and actually makes sence to try. I guess that's okay.

    The storylines, I do admit, takes over the lives as telling about everyone. But, it looks unrelistic! But, that's my opinion.

    Now, I really don't get why they tell that high school's about the last world you come into. It dosen't make sence!

    Oh, and I thougth they would end it after high school but, now there going around collage. WHAT?! I thought this was a high school drama soap! Not a memoir of their lives! That's kinda... pushing it.

    And, I must admit, the N loves taking this and putting it in every chance they get.

    Overall, it's not a good drama, yet it's not bad. I kinda recommened it, but, I really don't.
  • Perfect

    When I saw the previews for this show, I thought I was going to hate this show, because it looked like another one of those dumb teen drama shows (which I dispise.) But when I actually watched it, I loved it. I (admittedly) have only seen the 2-parter pilot, but it was excellent I thought. The cast of characters is nice (although I never saw the original Degrassi(s), so I don't know 'em all) and it also manages to be funny, dramatic, and have great storylines. This is definitly one of my new favorites, I'm going to keep watching for sure. 10/10 A+
  • this show is totaly kool, i mean (it goes there), i cant wait for this friday!

    this show is awsome i be watchin it ever sicne i dont remeber but i know it was a long time any who i luv the drama who can get enough of it? not me thats why i know this seasons gonna be more beter than the last just face it there always better than the last... well i'm gonna give this show a 10/10.
  • Never doubt the Canadians! Great show.

    Degrassi: The Next Generation is a really good show that I highly recomend watching. I'm only 13, and it came out when I was only about five or six back in 2001, so obviously I haven't watched it very long, but for the months and months that I have watched the show, I can tell it's probably one of the greatest teenage shows out there - it deals with teens and all problems they may face during their tough high school years, in a realistic way.

    Pretty much all of the characters, I believe, are from Canada. Canada has some talent, and the creators of Degrassi found the perfect people to play their characters. At least some of the old characters. However, I'm not a fan of some of the new characters, like, Mia, Alli, and Claire. Mia to me just seems to force things, like she did Peter. Peter (Jamie Johnston) had originally been in a relationship with a beautiful girl named Darcy (Shenae Grimes) until she moved to Kenya to help build a school for poor children, or something. Right there, that's another thing I get annoyed at. The lame excuses for the characters leaving the show. Shenae Grimes actually left the show because some Beverly show stole her. I was a big fan of her's. Anyhow, Mia gets upset just because Peter still misses her.

    Alli and Claire are some of the younger ones and they are really annoying. Alli is a wanna-be Miss Popularity...and Claire is this stupid private-school-girl that goes to a public school in Degrassi. All she cares about is schoolwork. Nobody likes someone like that.

    The characters I have really liked over the years have been Manny Santos, Spinner Mason, Ellie Nash, Craig Manning. I've also liked Sav and Anya - out of some of the newer characters. Manny (Cassie Steele) is a great singer and actress, and always looks to have fun. She has a great smile and she is very attractive. Spinner is great because, if you look at him, he looks pretty tough, but really - he's just trying to do the right thing, and he's pretty funny. Ellie and Craig fit together - I saw that after watching "Degrassi Goes Hollywood" earlier this summer. It's a shame they aren't together.

    Well you've heard my two cents. Degrassi's a great show, highly recomend watching it.
  • If you watch Degrassi, you will fall in love with it in an instant, just like I did! There is so much drama and every teen problem you could ever imagine is revealed. Every character has there own personality and it never gets boring! Just watch Degrassi!

    This show could not be any better! I love all of the characters and they have thought of every problem under the sun that a teen could have. There is so much drama( which I love )and I am addicted to watching it! If you are looking for a dramatic show that understands teens and their problems, Degrassi is the show to watch!!! ( P.S. This show is mainly aimed for girls. So unless a boy finds high school drama entertaining, I wouldn't suggest it for him. But if you are a girl, you will fall in love with it in an instant! I sure did!!! )
  • Awesome show!

    Awesome show! I love all the drama of Degrassi: The Next Generation. I've watched this show from the beginning and I still really enjoy it. The issues handled in Degrassi are done quite well. The actors do a great job of making the characters relatable.

    My favorite characters in the beginning were Spinner or Ellie. Spinner because he was always causing issues he had to dig himself out of and Ellie because she had a lot of drama in her life.

    My current favorite character in newer seasons is Holly J. because I love all the drama she creates between her and other characters. But she can be nice when she wants to and after the Season 8 finale she'll probably realize that if she doesn't want to be a loner she'll have to a real friend to people. Can't wait for new episodes.
  • Is Your High School This Intense?

    From exploring sexuality, to drugs, to peer pressure, to even rape, to medical conditions Degrassi indeed deals with it all.

    Makes me wish i went to a school like Degrassi to be honest instead of my boring average private school haha.

    Degrassi gets anything and everything that any now a day student would deal with in life. plus more!
    It's entertaining, dramatic, deals with REAL issues and keeps you glued to the screen for hours at end.

    I can honestly say that i'm addicted to Degrassi- can't even go a day without putting in a disc or two.

    So get your chocolate and possible tissues (?) ready. Because you're in for one hell of a ride :)
  • Degrassi

    This show is really something special,the actors on the show is phenomenal,the writers are brilliant,the whole cerew really makes this show shine! Sure the show has had its ups (Season 1-5,Season 10) and its downs (Season 6-9),but no one can deny that its alway's stayed true to teens. The series covers a wide range of issuees such as pornagraphy, homosexuality, sex, rape, illnesss, teen dating violence, STD's, crushes,and so much more. Whether your 8,7,10,15,12,20,80,or even can always fine entertainment and juicy drama in the show. The series breaks landmarks with 1o constructive seasons and will be missed when its long gone.

    Degrassi:The Next Generation-(2001-2010)

    I Know I Can Make It Through!
  • Okay, I like the idea of this show.

    Usually, I'm not up on Drama series, but this is an acception. I started to want to watch when I heard about the episode where JT Yorke dies. Tragic. :( Sure wish I had Noggin/The-N so I could watch this show but unfortunately, I don't because it's on Channel 102 at my place and my dad says any channel that's not OnDemand, we can't get because it's too expensive. Anyway, this sounds like the Drama series out there besides Kyle XY. The plots sound good and the characters sound good. And people have told me that the best trace of TV girls is by Drama series. Overall, Degrassi: The Next Generation sounds like a decent show, despite that it's Drama. I could probably catch some episodes on YouTube.
  • Degrassi the next generation is a spinoff of Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High from the later 80's early 90's. It centers around Spike's (D.J.H, D.H.) daugther Emma now being in Junior High and growing up through school and acore group of friends

    This show goes over many topics from junior high and high school years of teens lives. As in drugs, sex, alcohol, friends, fights, and violence of a higher degree. Now even though all of these things couldn't all happen at one school it is over all a great show and has a lot of good looking people on it especially when they get older in the later seasons. One of the things i like about it the most is there really isnt a main character cause not every one is in every episode, some episodes are only centered around the problems or story of one character or a group of the characters. In my opinion its one of the top 5 shows to ever be on television
  • Adam decides to go back to Gracie to please everyone but himself, Dave kisses up to Ms. O only to learn he's making it worse, and Anya faces her mothers cancer, and has a misunderstanding with Holly-J that in turn, proves too much for her to handle.

    A Plot: Adam/Gracie
    This episode was by far the best episode this season. Definitley a tear-jerkey (Todosey) Who plays Adam/Gracie, embodies the role of a young and confused FTM (female to male transgender) Drew, (Bilyk) is also phenomenal in this episode, showing great big brother affection and going the extra mile to protect his little brother. Upon discovering everyone knows his secret, Adam "invites" Gracie to a family dinner, where it is then seen to be an extremely uncomfortable secret to keep from family, pushing Adam to start hurting himself again, i think were a being hinted at for the season finale "Lockdown". After a heartfelt conversation and rescue from Clare (Aislyn Paul) Adam realizes who he really is and in turn goes to his family with the truth. There is then a bonfire scene with Eli, Clare, Adam, Adam and Drew's Parents and Drew. Adam is seen burning all of Gracies clothes, letting them go for the final time, but keeping a picture of younger Gracie in his hands, the episode ends with a heartfelt line "It's who I still am", and a fade out of the picture.

    B Plot: Anya
    Upon discovering her mother has cancer, Anya complteley shut out from the outside world, refuses to deal with the truth and move on with her life. After failing to finish her project out of depression and distraction, Holly-J gets angry, and the two have a misunderstanding, Holly-J thinks Anya is upset about Her and Sav, when she really finds out her mother has cancer, it is a double whammy and Anya has a breakdown in Holly-J's arms. This character, not having a main plot before, has alot more on her plate this season and is doing well with the storylines she is given, her emotional range is very heartfelt. It is Holly-J who in the ends convinces her to accompany her mother to the doctor because Anya might not be able to if she changes her mind. Anya's last scene takes place in a doctors office, where the doctor tells her family that her mothers cancer was indeed caught very early. And can be treated, but it will be tough. Plot C: Dave and Ms. O
    In the previous episode, Dave tried to get a better grade from Ms. O by finding something he could relate to her with, he goes about this by digging into her personal life and giving a presentation, with pictures pulled from Ms. O's facerange of her and her boyfriend. Failing. In this episode, upon learning that Ms. O is not easily persuadable, he decides to win her over by showing up in only his underwear. Ms. O leaves teary eyed, and Dave finds out that she and her Boyfriend have split up. He feels bad and tries to help, he offers a controversial line "It gets better with time". In which the teacher responds with "Im not taking relationship advice from a student". There is then a lecture given by the teacher about how Charm doesnt win better grades, hardwork does, and Dave is given a second chance. *Dave, Wesley and Connor are seen yet again together in this episode. I think they are appearing as a trio now.

    ***Eli (Munro Chambers is in this episode, along with some EClare moments)

    I give it an A- the A plot was AMAZING!
  • The trials and tribulations of a single high school. Everything humanly possible happens on this show.

    I believe that this is one of the best shows a teen like us can watch. Everybody 14 and above needs to watch this show. It tackles topics such as rape, homosexuality, school shootings, parental abuse, and a slew of others, not only entertainningly, but realistically. Every word out of the character's mouths are instantly believable. The character's are so well developed and lovable that it is hard not to get hooked on this show. The only down side I can think of is that there are 20-30 main characters, so unless you watch it religiously, it will be difficult to keep track.