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  • Adam decides to go back to Gracie to please everyone but himself, Dave kisses up to Ms. O only to learn he's making it worse, and Anya faces her mothers cancer, and has a misunderstanding with Holly-J that in turn, proves too much for her to handle.

    A Plot: Adam/Gracie
    This episode was by far the best episode this season. Definitley a tear-jerkey (Todosey) Who plays Adam/Gracie, embodies the role of a young and confused FTM (female to male transgender) Drew, (Bilyk) is also phenomenal in this episode, showing great big brother affection and going the extra mile to protect his little brother. Upon discovering everyone knows his secret, Adam "invites" Gracie to a family dinner, where it is then seen to be an extremely uncomfortable secret to keep from family, pushing Adam to start hurting himself again, i think were a being hinted at for the season finale "Lockdown". After a heartfelt conversation and rescue from Clare (Aislyn Paul) Adam realizes who he really is and in turn goes to his family with the truth. There is then a bonfire scene with Eli, Clare, Adam, Adam and Drew's Parents and Drew. Adam is seen burning all of Gracies clothes, letting them go for the final time, but keeping a picture of younger Gracie in his hands, the episode ends with a heartfelt line "It's who I still am", and a fade out of the picture.

    B Plot: Anya
    Upon discovering her mother has cancer, Anya complteley shut out from the outside world, refuses to deal with the truth and move on with her life. After failing to finish her project out of depression and distraction, Holly-J gets angry, and the two have a misunderstanding, Holly-J thinks Anya is upset about Her and Sav, when she really finds out her mother has cancer, it is a double whammy and Anya has a breakdown in Holly-J's arms. This character, not having a main plot before, has alot more on her plate this season and is doing well with the storylines she is given, her emotional range is very heartfelt. It is Holly-J who in the ends convinces her to accompany her mother to the doctor because Anya might not be able to if she changes her mind. Anya's last scene takes place in a doctors office, where the doctor tells her family that her mothers cancer was indeed caught very early. And can be treated, but it will be tough. Plot C: Dave and Ms. O
    In the previous episode, Dave tried to get a better grade from Ms. O by finding something he could relate to her with, he goes about this by digging into her personal life and giving a presentation, with pictures pulled from Ms. O's facerange of her and her boyfriend. Failing. In this episode, upon learning that Ms. O is not easily persuadable, he decides to win her over by showing up in only his underwear. Ms. O leaves teary eyed, and Dave finds out that she and her Boyfriend have split up. He feels bad and tries to help, he offers a controversial line "It gets better with time". In which the teacher responds with "Im not taking relationship advice from a student". There is then a lecture given by the teacher about how Charm doesnt win better grades, hardwork does, and Dave is given a second chance. *Dave, Wesley and Connor are seen yet again together in this episode. I think they are appearing as a trio now.

    ***Eli (Munro Chambers is in this episode, along with some EClare moments)

    I give it an A- the A plot was AMAZING!