Degrassi: The Next Generation - Season 1

MTV - Music Television (ended 2015)




Episode Guide

  • Jagged Little Pill
    Episode 15

    It's the end of the school year and Ashley and Toby's parents are away for the night. They both break the "only one friend each" rule, and soon there is a party. J.T. brings ecstasy to the party and Sean switches it with an aspirin, leaving the real thing with Ashley. Tired of her goody-two-shoes image, she decides to take it, leading to disastrous results. Toby and J.T. believe they have taken the real thing and start tripping out. Sean tries to talk to Emma, but winds up hurting her even more.

  • Under Pressure
    Episode 14

    Sean is worried about his upcoming Media Immersions test, and assumes he will fail, like usual. After not completing the test, his nerves are on edge, and his old bad boy ways are back, including picking a fight with Jimmy. Spinner is worried about his English test and tries to get himself sick to get out of taking it.

  • Cabaret
    Episode 13

    It is the Degrassi Lunchtime Cabaret, and Ashley is sure the song she wrote for her and Terri will be the best one. Paige wants to join and so Terri convinces Ashley to let her, but soon Paige changes the name, the outfits, and even the song, and forcing a wedge between Terri and Ashley. After Sean refuses to participate in the dance routine Emma created, Toby volunteers, in hopes to impress her.

  • Wannabe
    Episode 12

    Paige starts a Spirit Squad at school, and Manny wants to become a cheerleader. Emma thinks cheerleading is sexist, and her friendship with Manny gets shaky. Things become even worse when Manny and Paige become close friends, and Emma writes an anti-cheerleading article. Toby and J.T. try to win a contest worth $1 Million, by finding an Ace of Spades and an Ace of Clubs at the bottom of chip cans, and Liberty and Spinner decide they want in on the action.

  • Friday Night
    Episode 11

    Tired of constant punishment and nagging, Jimmy and Spinner seek revenge on Ms. Kwan. Emma and Sean go out on a first date, but nothing seems to go right.

  • 1/6/02

    When Emma sees Liberty and Mr. Armstrong together, she gets a bad feeling, and while telling Manny about it, a rumour is started and soon everyone thinks Liberty and Mr. Armstrong are having sex. Spinner finds a bug in his cafeteria food, but no one believes him so he plants his own to convince people.

  • Coming Of Age
    Episode 9

    Ashley is feeling suffocated by Jimmy, and when Toby lets it slip she is thinking of breaking up with him, Jimmy gets upset and breaks up with Ashley. Emma gets her first period.

  • Secrets And Lies
    Episode 8

    Ashley's dad is home from Europe and at first she is happy, but feels like he is hiding something. When she finds out he's gay, and that the reason he left was to be with his boyfriend, she gets upset. J.T. has a difficult time trying to tell Liberty, who has a crush on him, that he isn't interested, so he lies and says that he is gay.

  • Basketball Diaries
    Episode 7

    Jimmy is desperate to make the basketball team, but with all the practicing, his schoolwork is suffering. He finally catches up on his schoolwork but is too tired play a good game. To ensure he makes the cut, he convinces Spinner to skip a Ritalin pill and give it to him, to give him an energy boost, but the consequences are disastrous for both of them. Liberty wants to do the announcements, instead of just write them, and begs Ashley to let her, but the job is much harder than she thought.

  • The Mating Game
    Episode 6

    Ashley is nervous about losing Jimmy, when he gets the role of Romeo and Paige gets the role of Juliet for a class play. Ashley decides she is ready to have sex, to try and make sure Jimmy stays with her. Toby tries to impress Emma by choosing an endangered species for his Media Immersion assignment.

  • Parents' Day
    Episode 5

    Toby is nervous about his divorced parents both attending Parents' Night, as all they ever do is fight, so he comes up with a plan to prevent them from going, but it only backfires on him. Paige and Ashley try to gain the attention of Toby's mom at Parents' Night as she is a casting director. Emma is upset about a news broadcast being shown in the school, and decides to write an article about it.

  • 11/11/01

    It's the first ever night time Degrassi dance, but Terri doesn't want to go, because she is sure no boys want to dance with her. When Spinner takes a liking to her, Ashley convinces her to go. Paige, jealous of Spinner's affection, agrees to help Terri prepare for the dance, but only to get her drunk, in order to sabotage her chances with Spinner. Toby and J.T. decide to stay home and look at adult photos online. When Sean, a student forced to repeat Grade 7, as he left partway through the previous year, returns to Degrassi, Emma starts to have a crush on him.

  • Family Politics
    Episode 3

    Sick of his "stepsister", Ashley, always getting everything, including soon to be, school president, as there is no competition, Toby devices a plan to have J.T. run a joke campaign against her, to get back at her. Emma and Manny deal with their first bully, Spinner.

  • 10/14/01

    At the reunion, Joey gets upset when he finds out that Caitlin's fiancé is no good. Emma meets up with Jordan but he is not what she was expecting.

  • 10/14/01

    The old gang from Degrassi High reunites for their ten year reunion and finds that while their time apart has seen some big changes, some things, and feelings, haven't changed. Spike's 12 year-old daughter Emma, is considering meeting her online pen-pal in person, but her friends worry that "Jordan" may not be who he claims to be.