Degrassi: The Next Generation - Season 2

MTV - Music Television (ended 2015)




Episode Guide

  • 2/16/03

    Craig is stressing over his Science exam when his father shows up and wants to be a part of his life again. Craig is a bit nervous, but gives him a chance, and sees him behind Joey's back. J.T. needs help on his exams, so he agrees to go to the dance with Liberty in exchange for her tutoring.

  • Tears Are Not Enough, Part Two

    Craig surprises everyone with his cheery mood, in the wake of his father's death. But, soon, the truth hits Craig hard. Jimmy, still upset with Spinner for stealing from him, asks Hazel to the dance, and goes against Spinner and Paige for King and Queen.

  • How Soon Is Now?
    Episode 20

    Paige starts feeling like she has finally gotten over being raped, but when Dean shows back up at Degrassi for a basketball tournament, she realizes how fresh the feelings really are. Marco and Ellie have an ad to film, and Ellie, still struggling with Marco being gay, changes everything up.

  • 9/29/02

    Degrassi is now a Jr. High and a High School, which doesn't sit well for the Grade 9s. Craig, a new kid, seems to get a whole lot of attention from all the girls. He is also the stepson of Joey and half brother of Joey's daughter, Angela, and although he has been banned by his father to see them, he does so anyway. Unfortunately, his father has sever punishment when disobeyed. J.T. is happy about the older girls being at Degrassi, and is determined to get Paige to become his new girlfriend.

  • Shout, Part Two
    Shout, Part Two
    Episode 8

    There is a songwriting competition and Terri wants PMS to be a part of it, but Paige doesn't want to work with Ashley. They try adding Hazel, but she cannot sing. Paige goes to Ashley with a peace offering, but when Ashley writes a song about rape, Paige refuses to do it. Liberty and J.T. square off against each other.

  • When Doves Cry, Part Two

    Craig continues to see Angela, despite being told not to, and even suggests taking her to BC. When Joey finds out, he is furious, and after calling Craig's dad, Craig runs away from home, afraid of being beat again. J.T. gets a date with Paige, but only because Hazel and Spinner are paying her to go out with him.

  • Shout, Part One
    Episode 7

    Paige meets Dean, a star soccer player at Degrassi's rival school and the two share an instant attraction. She gets invited to his party, and at first she is having fun flirting, but when they get alone, things go too far. Spinner is happy when he thinks Paige is going to go out with him, but she lies and cancels the date, and he gets upset when word gets around that her and Dean slept together. Toby and J.T. have problems sharing a locker.

  • Dressed In Black
    Episode 18

    Jimmy and Ashley are back together, but things aren't the same. Jimmy wishes Ashley would go back to her old self. She decides to change back, but feels awkward, and that Jimmy doesn't really love her. J.T. convinces Toby to buy condoms, just to be prepared, but when Spinner finds out, he is out to get Toby.

  • Karma Chameleon
    Episode 4

    Ashley starts to apologize to everyone for her screw up last year, and slowly they forgive her, but after accepting a date with Sean and making a comment to Terri, she quickly loses all her friends again, including Terri. Toby gets a crush, on a girl named Kendra, but her older brother is Spinner, and he is not happy about it.

  • Take My Breath Away
    Episode 10

    Manny finally decides to ask Craig out on a date, after crushing on him for the last few months, but, the next day, each of them seem to remember the evening differently while recounting the event to their friends. Ellie writes anonymous love notes to Marco, but he thinks Hazel sent them, as he knows she likes him.

  • 11/17/02

    Toby wants to get rid of his geek image, and decides to join the wrestling team. To ensure he makes it, he puts his body through some dangerous things. Terri becomes a plus-sized model, and when her poster comes out, another student teases her, and she wants to quit.

  • White Wedding, Part Two

    Afraid that Spike might actually have an abortion, Emma goes to Mr. Simpson to tell him what's going on, which only makes matters worse. When neither Spike, nor Mr. Simpson are at the church on their wedding day, everyone is wondering if there will be one. J.T. and Toby miss the stripper, so when she shows up at the wedding, as one of Spike's friends, they fight for her attention. Emma decides to invite Sean to the wedding.

  • 1/5/03

    It is the night before Spike and Mr. Simpson's wedding. Spike finds out that she is pregnant, but after Mr. Simpson makes it clear that he doesn't want kids, she has a hard time trying to tell him, and isn't even sure if she wants to keep it. Manny thinks that Sean is still in love with Emma, so she invites him to the wedding, but Emma tells her to uninvite him. J.T. and Toby convince Craig to get Joey to have a stripper for the stag. Emma has a bad hair day.

  • Careless Whisper
    Episode 14

    Marco starts to question his sexuality, but decides to take things with Ellie to the next level, hoping his feelings will go away. Kendra is starting to feel smothered by Toby, and when she tells Toby she wants to cool things down, he thinks she no longer likes him and starts to get depressed.

  • 10/6/02

    When Emma finds out that her mom and Mr. Simpson are dating she gets really annoyed. Manny and Emma decide to sneak into the senior dance, as they both think Craig likes Emma and wants to dance with her. Spinner and Jimmy compete in a break dancing competition.

  • Message In A Bottle
    Episode 16

    Sean's life becomes shaky when his brother, Tracker, quits his job. He feels inadequate compared to Emma and her family, and turns to alcohol to relieve some of the pressure he is feeling. Jimmy throws a party and invites Ashley, hoping they can reconnect.

  • Drive
    Episode 6

    Craig is left home alone for the weekend and invites Sean, Spinner and Marco. At first they are really bored, but then they decide to take one of Joey's cars, from his dealership, around the block. Ashley wants to impress her new friend, Ellie, by getting her belly button pierced.

  • Weird Science
    Episode 5

    Emma wins first prize at the science fair, but after Manny mistakenly lets the entire Media Immersions class know that Emma's mom is dating Mr. Simpson, everyone thinks it was favouritism, as he was a judge. Spinner is convinced that it is fruit, and not hormones that are causing him to have erections.

  • 2/2/03

    When Mr. Raditch decides to keep using genetically modified foods in the cafeteria, Emma decides to protest. This gets Emma in trouble and soon, she is going toe-to-toe with Mr. Raditch. After Jimmy gets a whole new wardrobe, and MP3 Player, Spinner gets a little jealous that he can't afford things. When Jimmy leaves his MP3 player behind, Spinner takes it, in hopes to sell it.

  • 12/1/02

    It is "International Day" for the Grade 9s at Degrassi, and Hazel doesn't care for it. She lies and says she is Jamaican because she is afraid of what people will say about what she really is. J.T. tries to hide that he is a very good sewer and gives all the credit to Liberty.

  • Hot For Teacher
    Episode 15

    Ms. Hatzilakos, the school's hot teacher, gives J.T. detention, which he is excited about, but he starts to see her as a real person when they bond over taking care of a set of guinea pigs. Jimmy and Spinner agree to an "all honesty" pact, but are soon at each others throats.

  • Relax
    Episode 17

    Liberty is disappointed when she doesn't make the floor hockey team, however, she is asked to be the team manager. Wanting to get sponsorship for new jerseys for the girls, she challenges the boys to a game. Ms. Hatzilakos doesn't have time to coach that game, so Liberty becomes the new coach. However, her tyranny ways do not sit well with the team. Terri thinks Paige is going to die when she doesn't see a life line, and starts to do everything for Paige. When Paige discovers Terri read the wrong hand, she milks it for all its worth.