Degrassi: The Next Generation - Season 4

MTV - Music Television (ended 2015)




Episode Guide

  • 10/12/04

    After being humiliated, Rick returns to Degrassi with a gun, seeking revenge. Caitlin decides to buy Joey's house, so that he can continue to live there.

  • 10/5/04

    Rick, Toby and Emma are on a trivia team, which will be on a TV show. When Jimmy gets added to the team, Rick is not happy, but they soon start bonding. Spinner and Jay, whose cars were vandalized by Rick, for their constant bullying, decide to get revenge. Joey is selling his house, and gets Sidney to help him.

  • Secret, Part Two
    Secret, Part Two
    Episode 15

    Emma worries that she may have an STI when both Alex and Amy, who have been with Jay, are diagnosed with one. Jimmy is sick and tired of being stuck in the hospital, so he has Marco and Craig sneak him out to attend a concert.

  • 9/7/04

    Things are going great for Paige, but the trial for her rape case is fast approaching, and when she bumps into Dean, she wonders if she should go through with it. It is Craig's birthday, and he receives an extravagant gift, from an unlikely person.


  • Secret, Part One
    Episode 14

    Emma still hasn't fully recovered from the school shooting, and is seemingly distant from everyone and everything. She starts hanging out with Jay, who invites her to a park, where people hook up. At first she is shocked, but soon decides to give into the temptation. Ashley encourages Craig to go to a group to help with his disorder, and he discovers it is the same one Ellie goes to. J.T. and Liberty are running rehearsals for the play, but things aren't running as smoothly as they'd like.

  • Ghost In The Machine, Part Two

    Paige has a very difficult time dealing with the results of the trial. After Craig brings home a $4, 000 guitar, Joey asks him to start paying rent, which upsets Craig.

  • Eye Of The Tiger
    Episode 16

    Jimmy returns to Degrassi, and Spinner is still riddled with guilt, so he starts to do everything for him. After hearing Jimmy talk about never being able to walk again, Spinner decides to come clean, and severing all his friendships at school. Danny is jealous of J.T. and Liberty always hanging out together.

  • Mercy Street
    Episode 4

    Rick is back at Degrassi and everyone is shocked and upset. Emma decides to help try and get him kicked out with a protest and campaign. Soon, it seems that Rick is the one being bullied. After Manny sees J.T. naked accidentally, and then J.T. sees Craig naked accidentally, J.T. thinks that Manny and him aren't getting close because he doesn't measure up.

  • Back In Black
    Episode 9

    Everyone is trying to deal with the aftermath of the school shooting. Sean is being harold as a hero, and seems unaffected. After seeing a news report with his parents, he decides to head home, and confront them, and his true feelings. Toby is mourning the loss of Rick, but feels alone, as J.T. has abandoned him.

  • West End Girls
    Episode 20

    Manny and Paige continue to battle it out, and things get worse and worse. Director Kevin Smith is in town to film his latest movie, and Caitlin gives him a tour of Degrassi, as a potential filming location. Craig and Ashley write a song for the movie, and Ashley reveals that she may be heading to England for the summer.

  • Modern Love
    Episode 18

    Paige and Mr. Orleander are trying to keep their relationship a secret, but it starts becoming more difficult. After Paige and Manny have a fight, Manny reveals to the whole school that Paige and Mr. Orleander are having an affair. Manny throws Emma a girls' night to cheer her up, but soon her new neighbour, Chester, is involved.

  • 11/9/04

    Craig's behaviour continues to spiral out of control, and it becomes apparent that there is something seriously wrong with him. Liberty and J.T. write a rebellious song to Mr. Raditch, but have a hard time convincing the drama club to go along with it.

  • 9/28/04

    Sean asks Ellie to move in with him, and she is not sure at first, thinking that her mom still needs her. After her mom sets the house on fire, Ellie decides to stay with Sean, and decides it is time to tell her mom she needs help. Paige is sick, and Manny is in charge of running the Spirit Squad car wash. She asks Spinner to help, and the two of them get flirty.

  • 9/28/04

    Paige is trying to work to pay back Spinner for the damages to his car, but keeping a job isn't easy. The relationship gets even rockier, when Paige finds out about Spinner's flirting with Manny during the car wash. Toby and Rick compete to see who can get the most kisses.

  • Queen Of Hearts
    Episode 17

    Ellie has started to play cards with her friends, and she becomes good. She gets invited to play with Dylan and his hockey team, for money, and has to risk losing all of her rent. Paige thinks Mr. Orleander might be cheating when he refuses to let her come over to his place.

  • Moonlight Desires
    Episode 19

    Marco runs a blood drive, and is upset when he finds out he cannot donate because he is gay. Later, he discovers that Dylan is cheating on him. Dylan wants an open relationship, but Marco doesn't think he can handle it. Spinner and Jay break into the school at night to plot revenge.

  • 11/2/04

    Craig and Ashley are back together and Ashley's mom is not happy about it, but they are determined to not let anything ruin it. Things seem to be going very well, but Craig is starting to act a bit strange. Liberty writes a play about Dracula, but due to recent events at Degrassi, Mr. Raditch turns it down and suggests a musical about the school, which Liberty struggles with.

  • King Of Pain
    Episode 3

    Marco thinks he has presidency in the bag, until Alex decides to run against him. When she threatens to announce that he is gay in front of the whole school, and his parents, he considers dropping out. Dylan is upset that Marco can't seem to tell his parents that he is gay. Emma tries to prevent Chris from going out with Liberty.

  • 2/7/05

    The filming starts on "Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian Eh!" and Caitlin is on set filming for her own show, and bonds with Kevin Smith. When her boss keeps cutting things out that she likes, she gets really frustrated with him. Craig is sad that Ashley is leaving, and decides that he is going to go follow her to England.

  • Bark At The Moon
    Episode 13

    Ms. Hatzilakos takes over for Mr. Raditch as the new school principal, and asks Manny and Marco to come up with a plan to raise school spirit. Spinner wants to try and make things official with Manny, but she is worried about making a commitment, and when a new kid, Chester, shows interest in her, she starts to fall for him as well. Paige attempts to win over Mr. Orleander.

  • 2/14/05

    With Craig off his meds, he starts making bad decisions, including running away from home, where he befriends a homeless street performer, that is bad news. Caitlin's feelings for Joey are put to the test when she bonds with Kevin, and is constantly fighting with Joey.

  • Neutron Dance
    Episode 10

    Downtown Sasquatch has a recording contract from the competition last year, but it expires soon. With Jimmy out, and Ashley in, the band starts to butt heads, and they tell Craig to kick her out, or they walk. When Craig has a difficult time telling Ashley, the rest of the band decide to do whatever they want, including adding Manny to the band. Paige gets a crush on the new student teacher.