Degrassi: The Next Generation - Season 5

MTV - Music Television (ended 2015)




Episode Guide

  • I Against I
    Episode 14

    Marco and Spinner start to renew their friendship, but when the Friendship Club nominates Spinner to convince Marco to cancel his safer sex seminar, they are at odds. Spike is still having a difficult time dealing with her broken marriage, and Caitlin flies in from L.A. to help out.

  • 11/28/05

    The premiere of "Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh!" is here, and Paige and Alex find out how fun hanging out, and letting loose can be. After giving a sexually charged dance to each other at the after party, Paige and Alex wonder if there's more to their friendship than they realize. Emma, and Peter see each other secretively, and while going off together, they discovers Mr. Simpson and Ms. Hatzilakos making out.

  • 2/27/06

    Emma continues to starve herself, and Manny can't handle it anymore, especially after Emma reveals she is dating Peter. Soon, Peter, Manny, and Emma's parents are all concerned with what she is doing. Alex and Hazel attempt to get along for Paige's sake, but find it difficult.

  • 2/20/06

    In order to find some control in her hectic life, Emma suggests that she and Manny go on a vigorous diet and exercise program, but Emma starts taking it too far. Mr. Simpson tries to win Spike's affection back.

  • The Lexicon of Love, Part Two

    Paige, worried about ruining her reputation, tries to deny her feelings for Alex, which only angers Alex, and leads Paige to make a tough decision. Emma has a hard time facing Mr. Simpson, and he decides it's time to come clean.

  • 3/20/06

    Darcy asks Spinner to take her back, and he does, but when he goes to talk to Paige about the kiss, and Darcy, they wind up sleeping together. Ashley returns to town to watch her former classmates graduate, but not all of them will. Jimmy thinks being in a wheelchair is preventing him from being with Ellie, and Ashley tries to help him out.

  • Foolin'
    Episode 4

    J.T. and Liberty are having relationship issues, and things get even more complex when Liberty reveals that she is pregnant. Spinner takes a liking to Darcy, and they start hanging out, but his past is something he is afraid of revealing.

  • 11/7/05

    In order to pay for the apartment J.T. sells drugs, but starts to regret his decision. However, putting things back the way they were, is more difficult than he thought. Mr. Simpson is bored of his mundane life, and decides to borrow a motorcycle to spice things up.

  • Redemption Song
    Episode 10

    It has been a year since the school shooting and Spinner still feels badly about what he did. He decides to go on a weekend trip with the Friendship Club, but things don't turn out the way he expected, and he invites Jay, who only makes things worse. Jimmy gets put in charge of creating a mural, and Hazel tries to help, but finds herself watching Jimmy and Ellie bond.

  • 3/6/06

    Dylan is back in town, which irritates Marco, who is insistent that he is over him. Marco keeps running into Dylan, and soon Marco realizes his feelings aren't so clear cut. Liberty finds out that the couple who adopted her baby are moving to Seattle, and she does not handle to news well.

  • 10/31/05

    J.T. and Liberty make some decisions about the baby, and themselves, which involves a lot of money, which neither have. J.T. considers getting money from other means, besides his job. Craig and Manny set Emma up with Derek, but the date doesn't go over well, and she winds up going out with Peter.

  • 3/13/06

    Darcy starts getting jealous of Manny, when she sees her and Spinner together. Things get worse when she finds out that Spinner had been lying about being a virgin. Alex and Paige can't see eye-to-eye when it comes to their future.

  • 10/17/05

    Craig has decided to focus on school and the band, and not date this year, but he soon finds himself attracted to both Ellie and Manny. And the two girls are competing for his affection. Joey meets a woman, but is worried that the age difference might be a problem.

  • Venus, Part Two
    Venus, Part Two
    Episode 2

    Peter blackmails Manny, and when she cannot live up to his request, he releases the video, and it goes viral. Craig and Ellie are still mad at each other, over the Ashley incident.

  • Venus, Part One
    Episode 1

    Manny is determined to be an actress. But when her agent tells her she has some things to work on, Manny decides to make some drastic changes to her looks. Ellie finds out that Ashley has met someone new, and is staying in England, and soon everyone but Craig knows, and they try and hide it as it is his birthday.

  • Jimmy is trying out for a wheelchair basketball league, but his heart doesn't seem to be in it anymore. When Ellie discovers his other talent, drawing, she encourages it, and he starts to wonder if he is meant to do basketball anymore. Danny finds out that Liberty is pregnant and blackmails J.T. into helping him get a good grade in his family planning class.

  • 11/14/05

    Marco helps another guy come out to his father, and when he finds out that Marco isn't out, he gets upset. Marco starts considering telling his dad, but doesn't know how. Emma continues flirting with Peter, yet insisting she doesn't like him. After seeing him flirt with some other girl, Emma decides to get revenge on him for what he did to Manny.

  • 10/3/05

    Paige has her entire future planned out; she is going to the best university in Canada, Banting, and she will live with Matt and everything in her life will be perfect. That is, until Matt comes back a changed man. Soon, things go from bad to worse when Alex convinces her to get stoned with her right before the college fair. Jimmy is proud to be the new basketball coach but a new member, Derek, poses trouble.

  • Together Forever
    Episode 13

    Downtown Sasquatch gets a manager, and things are looking up for the band, however, it soon becomes apparent that the manager is only interested in Craig. Toby tries to get Liberty to take it easy for the sake of her and the baby, but she doesn't want to.