Degrassi: The Next Generation - Season 7

MTV - Music Television (ended 2015)




Episode Guide

  • We Built This City
    Episode 24

    It is prom and graduation time, and everyone is preparing for the future. Liberty and Damian can no longer control themselves, and while at prom, they hook up, but it doesn't take long for everyone to find out. Peter finds out that he has to move to Regina, and tries everything he can to stay.

  • If This Is It
    Episode 23

    Spinner is all smiles as he receives great medical news, an awesome gig with Studz, and he is soon to be graduated. But he needs to pass his Physics exam in order to graduate. Spinner starts considering failing on purpose to stay an extra year, but soon realizes, that is not the life he wants. Manny and Emma both get into Smithdale, but when Manny gets a part on the show West Drive, she has to choose between school or acting.

  • 6/9/08

    Ellie and Marco start to realize how much they rely on each other, especially when they almost sleep together, and with Paige moving out, they consider separating as roommates as well. Liberty and Damian are both considered for valedictorian, and it comes down to a vote. After Damian denies that they spent a night flirting, Liberty makes a video to bash him.

  • 6/2/08

    Jane tries to warn Mia that Lucas will only let her down as he usually does, but Mia still decides to give Lucas a chance. Lucas tries to get Mia to loosen up by inviting her to a party, and the night doesn't end well. Sean is back in town, and announces he is about to be shipped off. He seems excited at first, but his true feelings soon come out.

  • Ladies' Night
    Episode 20

    Anya decides to run a "Free The Children" campaign at Degrassi, and tries to get her best friend, Holly J., and her boyfriend, Sav to get along. After Holly J. spreads the secret that Sav tells her, Anya finds herself in a feud with Holly J. that doesn't end well for either of them. Manny and Jay try to get the engagement ring back, and Jay goes to desperate measures in order to do so.

  • Broken Wings
    Episode 19

    Jimmy gets accepted into his dream university, and his father says he can spend the summer interning at his law office. When Trina reveals she is going to Amsterdam to get stem cell surgery, Jimmy's other dream of walking becomes possible. Jimmy's parents are dead against it, but Jimmy finds a way to convince his father, when he finds out a secret about him. Peter, Sav, and Danny start a band and try and convince Spinner to join as their drummer.

  • 5/5/08

    Mr. Simpson is cleared and allowed back at Degrassi, but the reception isn't very positive. He decides he doesn't belong at Degrassi and stays home, and his decision causes a rift between him and Spike. Holly J. goes to Toby for tutoring, and slowly develops feelings for him, but her reputation makes her push him away.

  • 4/28/08

    Paige and Griffin start having feelings for each other, and after a romantic gesture by Griffin, they sleep together. Paige then discovers a secret that Griffin has been keeping, which will impact Paige's life. Darcy and Jane become friends, and when Jane spills a secret Darcy shares with her, Darcy gets upset, and Jane realizes she needs more practice with friendship.

  • Sweet Child O' Mine
    Episode 16

    Mia is finding balancing her role as a student and role as a mother difficult, especially when she makes Spirit Squad. When Lucas, Mia's baby's father, says he wants to be a part of her life again, she welcomes the much needed help. Manny wants to meet Jay's parents, but his lies about where they are, causes a fight between them.

  • 4/14/08

    The inseparable Danny and Derek become separable, when they fight over a girl, and Derek sets Danny up for a crime in a store where the manager is a racist. Emma is still dealing with the whispers of people talking about Mr. Simpson, and is frustrated. However, she is able to bond with Damian, but he feels like she starts moving the relationship too fast.

  • Bust A Move, Part Two

    When Manny bombs her audition, Jay pretends to be her manager, and does some things he'd like to forget, in order to get her another audition. Manny reconsiders her feelings for Jay. Darcy starts coming to terms with her past, out in the wilderness, as part of the camp.

  • 3/31/08

    It's Spring Break and Manny, Emma, Liberty and Ashley hit the road for Smithdale University, where Manny plans to do an audition, in hopes to get accepted into the university. After Jay and Manny have a fight Jay switches Manny's demo, which she needs in order to audition, with a video of the two of them making out. Jay, feeling guilty takes Jimmy and Spinner, and goes to give Manny her real tape. Peter and Darcy spend Spring Break at a camp for troubled teens, where Darcy tells Peter she wants to rekindle their relationship.

  • Live To Tell
    Episode 12

    Darcy still struggles with opening up about her problems, and everything that she has been through. She feels very close to Mr. Simpson, but he starts to become uncomfortable with how close. When he tries to get her help, she accuses him of touching her. Jimmy continues to grow closer to Trina, and has to decide between his feelings for her, and his feelings for Ashley.

  • 3/17/08

    Marco's funds are low, and after meeting a guy who lives a party lifestyle, his funds get even lower. Ellie is tired of giving money to Marco, forcing him to make a decision on a proposition from his new friend, with high risk, but great money. Manny and Jay continue their ruse to her parents, and claim that they are engaged.

  • Pass The Dutchie
    Episode 10

    With no medication or other strategies working for Spinner's pain and nausea, he turns to weed. His pain is gone, but his relationship with Jane becomes shaky, especially when he starts hanging out with Darcy. Paige is feeling unappreciated and overworked, so she takes a few personal days to hang out with Ellie and Marco.

  • Hungry Eyes
    Episode 9

    An energy drink, Purple Dragon, is sponsoring the school badminton tournament, and Emma decides to try out in order to shake up her boring image. But she soon realizes that all they care about is her looks, and not her mind. Mia and Sav team up for the tournament and she agrees to help Sav learn to kiss, thinking he likes her, but he actually has his eyes set on someone else.

  • Jessie's Girl
    Episode 8

    Ellie scores an interview with Caitlin, who is back in town for a movie screening at the campus. When Ellie catches Caitlin making out with Jesse, she soon starts wondering if she can handle Jesse as both a boss and boyfriend. Holly J. continuously belittles and back stabs Anya, and Mia tries befriending her, but is shocked by how Anya doesn't do anything about it.

  • We Got The Beat
    Episode 7

    Manny is sick and tired of her father constantly making decisions for her, and decides to ask Jay to her debut in order to tick her father off. But they actually bond, frustrating Manny even more, and making her put her acting skills to the test. Jimmy finds out about Ashley deleting his track off the song, and gets upset. At therapy he takes an interest in Trina, who encourages to live out his dreams of walking again.

  • 2/11/08

    Spinner starts getting into fights, feeling like he has to prove his manhood, since he is about to loose some of it due to cancer. Marco starts hanging with Griffin, but Marco seems to be more attached to the friendship.

  • 2/4/08

    The rival between Lakehurst students and Degrassi students continues, and Spinner tries and impress Jane, by standing up for Toby. He and Jane join the effort to bring peace to the school. Spinner is also going through some physical ailments. He goes to get himself checked out, and receives some devastating news, which leads him not caring about peace and gets in a fight. Darcy's attitude and behaviour becomes erratic, but struggles to be open about what happened with her.

  • It's Tricky
    Episode 4

    Ashley is interested in getting back into music, but when Jimmy's rapping with her gets more attention and adoration, she starts to become a little jealous. Mia and Holly J. both start liking Sav, and begin a rivalry.

  • 5/19/08

    Paige gets a job in the fashion industry, but her relationship with Alex is threatened by both Paige's job and Alex's laziness and attitude. Manny reconnects with Damian, but the both of them clash over the issue of merging the Degrassi and Lakehurst organizations.

  • Standing in the Dark, Part Two

    Darcy is convinced that her and Peter had sex, but soon there is evidence that she was raped. Darcy struggles dealing with the situation, especially when she learns she has an STI, and makes a very dangerous decision. Ellie tries to set Marco up with Eric, from The Core, when she notices Dylan isn't making any effort to keep the relationship going.

  • 1/14/08

    Lakehurst is forced to merge with Degrassi, as their school burnt down. The rival continues, especially between Johnny and Toby. Darcy and Peter decide to come clean to Ms. Hatzilakos, and she is okay with it. When Darcy's parents find out, she is forbidden to see him. She decides to sneak off to a ski resort with him, where a party is happening. But, the party doesn't go the way either of them thought it would.