Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 14

Secret, Part One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2004 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Emma starts hanging around Jay as she's still dealing with the shooting.

    "Secret" part 1 is an excellent Degrassi episode. This is the episode where Emma really changes, but it's not out of character because Emma's been through a traumatic event with having a gun being pointed at her. I love this episode because Emma starts to be bada$$. Jay starts flirting with her and Emma starts giving him blowjobs. I actually like how they included sex bracelets because those were very popular when this episode was airing. This is the episode where I start loving the character Jay. He's a bad boy but he has layers. He's not as scary as people think. Anyways, I give this episode a 10/10.
  • Emma can't get over the shooting.

    This episode was really good in my opinion, I think it's one of those episodes where Degrassi really went there. Emma still can't get over the shooting, so she turns to Jay for comfort, meanwhile the Dracula play is opening in a few nights, and everyone is on the edge (Especially JT & Liberty) Turns out Amy's bracelets are from the ravine, and she got them by giving blow jobs. Emma gets one without giving the blowjob to Jay, when she's scared, and everyone starts treating her better ever since she got the bracelet, so then she decides she actually wants to hook up with Jay? Very interesting, but waaaay out of character. And especially when she cries about the shooting to her parents in the end of the episode, to get her off from coming home late, and when they leave, you see her smirk? Wow, definitely a good girl gone bad IMO. Meanwhile Ashley suggests Craig to go to therapy, only to find out Craig is going to Ellie's support group. I liked the followup on Ellie's cutting, and I like the Craig/Ellie frienship that was bonded in this episode. Other than some out of character decisions, a great episode.
  • This is my favorite episode. I love Jay soooo hott!!!!!!

    The episode starts off with Emma about to go on stage for the play. When jay comes up to her and starts rubbing her shoulder saying she's tense then he grabs her ass.She gets distracted and goes on stage late. The credits start then emmas walking out of a class and a teacher tells her that her participating level is really low.Emma walks by Alex and Jay kissing and she stars at them so jay tells her to take a picture it'll last longer.PlotB It goes to Ellie and Ashley talking about Ashley worrying about Craig. Craig comes to their table and Ellie leaves.Ashley tells craig to go to a support group and if he hates it he doesn't have to go. Craig agrees to go.PlotA It goes to the play where Manny and Darcy are doing their parts and Darcy keeps forgeting her words. Emma keeps giving them to her and Darcy gets an attitude. Jay keeps looking up at Emma.JT fires Darcy and then it goes backstage where Manny says they should cancel the play.Amy says she should be Mina(the main character)since Darcy left.She says the beautiful virgin and Alex laughs ya right.Emma starts saying Mina's lines looking in the mirror. Manny says Emma could do it just ask them and Emma says she messed up at auditions there not just gonna change there minds because darcy left.Amy starts looking for her bracelets Alex says those wired things there like a nickel big woop.It is Amy says as she starts looking for them.Manny tells Emma she should come to her house Manny and liberty are going to do mani pedis.You'll have more fun without me,Emma walks to the bench and picks up her jacket under are the bracelets. Amy she says Amy comes over and snatches them from her and says give me those. It goes back to plot B Craigs at his support group some anorexis girl's talking about people knowing what she's eating through her stomach. Craig starts talking about his opinion how hew wouldn't tell anyone he doesn't have to. Ellie walks in saying sorry i'm late. Craig stops talking after that but he looks embarrased.It goes to plot A Emmas walking home when Jay comes by in his car he stops in the drive way right in front of Emma you know my rides got sixteen independent speakers(jay)I do now(Emma)some of us got places to be(jay) Emma gets in his car thanks my house is .....(emma)interrupted I dropped you off before member after sean ran home to mommy dearest, kinda sucks without him.(Jay) Ya I miss him too(emma)I didn't say that don't go getting all mushy on me greenpeace(Jay)They stop at her house.Allright (jay telling her to get out)Allright thanks(Emma)Going to Benit park later(jay)Ya(emma)why don't we hang out there (i think)(jay)Emma walks into her house she overhears spike & snake talking about how there worried about her not being over the shooting.Hello anyone home Emma says.She walks into the kitchen She tells them she can't wait till they see dracula. They made some gardeners pie but Emma says sge ate at rehearsals.She starts walking to her room when Spike says honey are you ok. Ya I have a ton of work to do on my lines though good night she walks in her room(the basement).Emma's sitting in her room when manny calls she doesn't answer.She goes to the little window things they have in basements and jumps out it.she goes to the ravine and walks up to jay. Is this seat taken(emma)It is now(jay)
    Are you surprised to see me(emma)he shakes his head. do you think I'm weird(emma)now theres a loaded question(jay)everyones been acting like I belong in a straight jacket(emma)what's their problem your no weirder then the reat of us(jay)two people get out of a van the girls looks at the bracelets on her hand the same as amy's. What's in the van(emma)what do you thinks in the van(jay)beer,more beer smelly,shay carpeting from the seventies(emma)wanna see(jay)
    they walk to the van and get in.This is fully anti climatic.Jay closes the door.Come out come out wherever you are(emma)hey (jay)turning her around.he kises her she pulls back.looking up It's for hooking up(jay)what(emma)you know what blow jobs are don't you(jay)she walks to the door.Hey every player gets a prize(jay slipping a green bracelet on her hand Green=oral)she opens the door and gets out he looks at her like why are you leaving.she runs back home.Its the next day she's playing with her bracelet from jay. Jt and liberty come by.You fired Darcy and now we have zip,zero,zilch(libery)Emma stands up in front of Jt saying a line from the play.How do you know that(JT)oh no(liberty)I auditioned for mina remember(emma)we need reliable rock solid(liberty)I do rock solid pretty well(emma)day before yesterday you missed your cue last night you didn't even show up to manny's everyone knows your off or whatever(liberty)I'm not off I'm your mina I know the blocking(emma)So corsets even worn one(JT)emma smiles walks away and liberty rolls her eyes.Plot B Ashley walks up to craig talking about her dad Craig walks away ashley follows. They asked about you(Ashley).The crazy craig what'd you tell them oh I bet everything(craig)moodswings are common when you first start meds(Ashley)you sent me to ellies group(craig)which she loves I didn't think you'd mind(Ashley)well you didn't think at all(craig)he walks away Plot A at rehearsals Emma and dracula practice the kissing scene but Emma pulls away laughing when he goes to kiss her.Emma the script says you kiss him so kiss him(jt)ok I'm sorry it's just weird doing this in front of everybody(emma)it's not real there's no fourth wall(jt)Alex roll her eyes Jay watches)Next play liberty you need to pick the actors(jt)ok I'll get it by tommorow promise(Emma)fine tommorow don't let me down,ok set change for scene one go(jt)Emma going back stage passes jay he looks mad.Backstage give you one minute with Nate you'd be better then that(alex to Amy)I'd eat him all up you just see his big manly shoes sticking out she picks up a pair of shoes(Amy)Alex and Amy Laugh. Emma walks backstage.For the sake of guys everywhere I hope she becomes a nun one of those big ones that sings all the time(Amy)aw amy that's mean the poor girl suffers from penisaphobia,her mom can't even buy bananas(Alex)one time they gave her a hotdog she threw up for a week(Amy)Alex walks over to emma ,simpson has to keep his jockey shorts locked in a shed out back or she won't go in the house(Alex)Emma walks over to Amy is and purposely picks up something so she can see the bracelet.Is that mine(Amy)no it's mine(Emma)what was that about(Alex)Amy shakes her head in shock.Emma walks outside after Jay.Jay,you know I've only been in a car with sixteen speakers twice(Emma)poor you(Jay)Amy was being really mean about rehearsal so I showed her the bracelet and she shut right up it's amy kryptonite(Emma)This isn't some browny badge competition maybe your the one that needs to shut up you didn't earn anything Amy did(Jay)she earned them from you(Emma)There's alot of girls down at The ravine Emma I picked you(Jay)he walks away.Plot B Ellie shows up at craig's house asking him to restring a guitar she tells him she used to cut herself and that will always be her even if she doesn't do it for years.craig says hes bipolar and it doesn't matter that he thinks that suck. Neil from group is ok(Ellie) he seemed cool(craig)he is you should come back and probably call Ash(Ellie)why because I bit her head off in the middle of the school(craig)ya maybe cause of that(Ellie)all she talks about lately medication my shrink and my mood swings(craig)she cares about you alot(Ellie)I know(craig)Plot A at the ravine.Emma walks up to Jay.You alredy had the tour(Jay)show me again,show me again for real(Emma)after you(Jay)they walk to the van get in and close the door.To be continued part 2 review soon
  • Ohhh i luv Emma So much know she finnaly stepped into another light of her character b/c shes was starting 2 bore me if she didnt do something soon && im glad they had an episode where the main character went through this dealing with oral sex WAT

    I tHink Miriam mcdonald was phenomenal in this episode she was friggin gr8 i luved the fact that she had a new perspective in life where she jus was numb 2 evryone's actions and theyre words to get her back and i thinl emma has definitely changed from know on she isnt gouing 2 b the whole goody 2 sjoe gurl and not so stuck up and i lik that because shes gong 2 b emma But a bettr Version of Of her i think she is one of the greatest characters in DTNG eh!!
  • Emma, sick of everyone treating her like she's fragile from surviving the shooting, turns to Jay for comfort. Comfort meaning a night one at the Ravine in a van designed for couples to "do more than kissing" Now she will decide between what she was before

    Never have I seen an episode tackle such a sensitive issue as oral sex. This was a fantastic episode, my favourite from Season 4. They went at oral sex with such class, and tastefulness. The writers managed to play out the issues, relating to teens, but it didn't become so touchy you can't watch it with your parents.
    Secret will always be that episode that I will talk about through out Degrassi: TNG's life, and years after the school is retired.
  • Emma makes bad choices.

    Like many people Emma suffered through a tragedy and feels out of sorts. Post tradatic stress affects different people different ways and Emma chooses one that is common with girls. In attempt to shake off her old self she starts to make unwise decisions. We learn about the dangers of oral sex as well.
  • In this episode Emma tries to gather her bearings as she still hasn't gotten over the shooting. She then tries to involve herself in extracurricular activities such as dramatic arts and oral sex.

    This episode was, in my opinion, the best episode from Season 4. This is a true Degrassi episode in that it covers and important issue pertaining to adolescence and it is engaging and suspensful. This episode is the only real "Emma" episode of this season, and it really gives us a chance to see how much she has changed since the very first season. Who would have thought that Little Miss Save the World would step down from her pedestal of protesting GM foods and vegetarianism to giving oral sex to guys. This is very unlike the femenist Emma was in the beginning, which goes to show how much she changes. Miriam McDonald is excellent in this episode in her portrayal of the trifling ways of Emma.
  • Emma, still not feeling quite like herself find comfort in the oddest of places

    All time low for Emma who's going down in more ways then one. It was a weak way to cover a very important topic. The episode could have been alot better than it was and could have explained Emmas actions better. I didn't give this episode a complete 0 because of all the parts Emma weren't in
  • Miriam (Emma) was great.

    It was fun to see the perfect girl who cleans the ravene and get's good grades have a turn in charactor. I loved seing Emma ern braclets down at the revene with Jay. Miriam's acting was amaizing. I have always loved emma's good girl storlines but this was amaizing. Way to go Miriam.
  • It was sad.

    Omg it was sad. I cant believe it was that sad. omg omg omg. it was the saddest thing ever in degrassi history omg sad.Omg it was sad. I cant believe it was that sad. omg omg omg. it was the saddest thing ever in degrassi history omg sad.But i was so sad when Emma got shot omg it was sad.
  • Emma, still affected by the shooting and sick of what people think of her, finds a solution to her problems by hooking up with Jay. All this is interwoven with the production of J.T and Liberty's brain child, Castle Dracula where Emma finds herself acting

    I was really excited to see this episode of Degrassi, partly because we (the U.S. viewers) had to wait so long to see it. I never would have expected Emma to be the one to dabble in the head game but hey, it is good television. While I have read/heard about the sex bracelets used in the episodes, I always thought the different colors signified the different things you would do. But whatever, I guess it’s different in Canada. I enjoyed Miriam’s performance because I felt she portrayed Emma’s inner conflict well. The Craig-Ashley-Ellie sub plot in the first part of the episode was alright, but the Jimmy-Craig-Marco subplot was better. I really think that Aubrey Graham is doing an awesome job at portraying Jimmy as he is dealing with his new life in a wheel chair.

    Overall, as always, the episode was good despite having to suffer through the same trite commercials on The-N. If I see that Fat Joe commercial or that whack-ass Corn Pops thing again I don’t know what I’ll do.

    F.Y.I: I do not know how cool or un-inquisitive my parents would be if, all of a sudden, I said I needed to go the doctors. Maybe it is just my parents but they would have questioned me to no end. I guess TV parents are more understanding.
  • emma gets to flex her acting chops!

    emma gets to flex her acting chops in this one again. I haven\'t seen her this emotional since learning her step dad spike had cancer, those crying seens were crucial! Emma is running from the shooting and finds herself in the arms of jay trying to forget everything that happened. I loved seeing jay and emma interact. I think they would be a must see couple. I enjoyed part two more with jimmy at the kid elrich concert. \"kid rock wanna be anyone?!\" I can\'t wait for the next episode where spinner has to face jimmy and tell him what he did. season four is all about character development and growth.
  • Alright

    ok umm the emma blowjob thing was good. it was interesting and shit. the craig thing didnt really work for me. nothing really happened with craig. part 2 was better i guess the jimmy thing was pretty good. next episode looks dope spinner is in it yeah umm. Screw Flanders
  • Emma is in a dark place. Meanwhile Craig goes to group therapy for his illness.

    In "Secret" we see Emma after the shooting, she has distanced herself from both family and friends. The only person who seems to be understanding her is Jay. Now after a purposal to go to the ravine, Emma learns the shocking truth behind what kids do in an abandoned van, have oral sex and earn bracelets. After learning this she begins to question everything she’s ever represented: Brave, Virtuous and Rational. And after thinking through she does the unthinkable and has oral sex with Jay leaving everything about her behind.

    Now this is a great and powerful episode that raised a lot of questions for me: What happened to the good Emma we always knew, is there no good girls left in Degrassi? What kind of parents do these kids have anyway, I doubt all those kids would be able to stay out that late and get away with it. Also Amy’s learned a lot from last years experience with alcohol now she’s moved on to STD’s good choice!

    Overall It was an excellent episode and I give it 5 stars out of 5.