Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 15

Secret, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 07, 2004 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Jay is preying on Emma's insecurity

    The episode is a continuation of Secret (Part 1) in which Emma engages in unprotected oral sex with Jay and Jimmy attempts to escape the hospital in his wheelchair. The basic idea which I think again highlights the wonderful realism and direct messages of Degrassi is that Emma is insecure following the shooting. In a sense, insecurity and hating oneself often go hand in hand. And some teenage boys prey on teenage girls' insecurities. If a girl hates herself, then she can do acts which she would otherwise be disgusted by, oral sex.

    Emma engages in oral sex with a random guy (Jay) because (a) She is insecure and (b) She wants to get the reward, a bracelet, because it gets the other girls to listen to her. In a sense (b) is a corollary of (a) because insecure people want attention. I think this is the beauty of Degrassi, how well the writers understand teen psychology.

    Jimmy's father is scared for Jimmy and doesn't want him to go out in the wheelchair without his support. All good fathers are like that, it's not that they don't trust their kids' judgement, just that they want what's best for their kids and sometimes that can cloud their judgement that their kids' are normal thinking human beings who are generally capable of good judgement when it comes to personal care. Jimmy convinces his father who I believe allows him to go out in the subsequent episode.

    All in all, an excellent episode. I have no qualms giving this a 10 and I congratulate the writers for a realistic teen drama which explores most of the common issues among teens and also receives high ratings (often the two don't go hand in hand).
  • There's a gonerreha outbreak at Degrassi.

    "Secret" part 2 is an awesome Degrassi episode. In this episode, Emma's been giving Jay blowjobs. I love how Emma gets kind of a compulsive-liar-attitude in this episode with the looks she makes on her face and telling her parents that she can't sleep because of the shooting. In this episode, Emma gets gonerreha. I love how Degrassi can show the effects of unprotected sex, even if it's oral sex. I also love the play that Liberty and JT put on. It's something nice that's happening after the shooting happened. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • Emma & Jay become friends... with benefits.

    Okay so in continuation, Emma hooked up with Jay, and now their playing games with each other, and they continue to hook up, but when Alex finds out Jay cheated on her, rumors starts to surface, on what Emma did in the ravine. Oh so coincidentally, there is a gonerreha outbreak in school, and Emma has the symptoms, it all comes down to the play when she has to kiss Dracula. Godo thing she didn't, since she did have the disease. I love this episode, but I hate Emma's character, she begs sex from Jay, then she kisses a random guy, then after Jay & Alex break up, she continues to beg for more sex, and when Emma gets the disease, she blames Jay? Really? I know she went through a lot, but it was her fault she got that disease, not Jay's. Loved the Amy vs Alex scene when Alex punched Amy in the face. Amy deserved it. B plot, Craig & Marco break Jimmy out of the hospital, as Jimmy deals with being in a wheelchair for the first time. An okay B plot, an amazing A plot. Great job Degrassi! :D
  • From the frist episode to this one we see that Emma is getting a different streak in her.She goes to the revine with a well known bad boy and does something she ends up not being so proud of as she thought.

    I think this is exciting to see emma change into a brand new character. We are always used to seeing her as "the good two shoes" and always trying to prevent a problem or getting someone out oif it.But this time Emma needs the help.She gets swept up but Jay and doesn't expect what is happing and neither does the audience.It shows that this is a new beginning for her, maybe some serious changing.Well whatever it is it will be great because Miriam is a great aspiring actress whose going to maybe one day be big starting with this one episode
  • Emma is awesome in this episode

    I think that Emma and Jay are awesome together and I am glad that they finally do get together. Yet at the same time she becomes too clingy and I feel bad when he cuts her loose. I think that it is totally uncharacteristic of Emma to do what she does at the ravine and I am sure no one sees it coming. Also, what she ends up having because of it, everyone knows what she did. I think its interesting to see Emma involved in this problem because she hasn't dealt with her feelings from the shooting yet.
  • This is a review for both parts.

    This is the epesode were emma turns from the little perfect girl to a girl with no morals. how she does it is by having oral sex with jay and she gets an std. the play, dracula was great but for me there was 3 main highlights.

    1. When emma got caught sneaking in by her parents. instead of telling them she was at the ravene having oral sex she told them she could not sleep after the shooting. it was funny when she wiped her tear and fell back on her bed.

    2. The scene in the hall was great. Emma got mad at jay for kissing alex. she kissed nate who said he had talked more to the janitor than emma. she said she was just practecing for the show and next time she would follow her que. the look on manny's face was priecless.

    3. The third was when manny confrounted emma (about having oral sex with jay) she said it was not sex and unlike manny she would not get pregnant. she also said she did not love jay.

    this was not a monment but it was funny when the teacher was talking about gaunnaria and the "side comments" the class amde about emma.

    way to go miariam and whoever wrote the epesode and whoever directed it."
  • Emma gets an STD...gross.

    I don't know what to think about this episode. We haven't relly heard much from Emma lately...but she has come back with a vengeance. I watched both episodes of "Secret" and I am still confused. Was Emma acting strange because of the shooting? I know she pretended like she was so she wouldn't in trouble with her parents. And who knew Emma was a freak (laughs)?? I never seen anyone who enjoyed oral sex so much!! Doesn't she realize she's not getting much out of it? Now that she has an oral fixation, she really can't judge Manny anymore. They both were irresponsible and reckless. I really wonder how the dynamics of their friendship changes because of these new happenings. I can't wait to see!!!