Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 8

Secrets And Lies

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 2001 on MTV - Music Television
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Ashley's dad is home from Europe and at first she is happy, but feels like he is hiding something. When she finds out he's gay, and that the reason he left was to be with his boyfriend, she gets upset. J.T. has a difficult time trying to tell Liberty, who has a crush on him, that he isn't interested, so he lies and says that he is gay.


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  • Ashley's dad is in town and he has something to tell her.

    "Secrets and Lies" is an awesome Degrassi episode. Even though Degrassi didn't introduced a gay character until season 2, I love how they still dealt with the issue in this episode. I love how Ashley's dad is gay and that Ashley's not upset that he's gay but she's upset that it took him so long to tell her. The Liberty/J.T. plot was hilarious. I love how J.T. tells Liberty that he's gay so he doesn't have to hurt her feelings because she has a crush on him. I'll never forget the scene when J.T says "Hey, there Liberty Girlfriend." and he puts his arm around Toby and Mr. Simpson walks in. I give this episode a 9/10.moreless
  • Eh, coulda been better

    I liked this episode but i thought it could have been better. It was a little boring and J.T.'s lie of being gay could have been more realistic. I still love Degrassi a lot and all the seasons, not just TNG but this episode was not to the full potential i except Degrassi to be at. I did, how ever, like the fact that Paige got that milk thrown into her face by Ashley. She really should learn to mind her own business and i wish that had actually taught her a lesson. Other than that, this episode was in between good and eh...moreless
  • Ashley's dad returns but only to tell a dirty little secret hes been hiding...

    This episode was funny especially when ashley throws her milk in paige's face GO ASH! lol But that was a good episode when ashley's dad reveals hes gay and thats the reason he broke up his family ashley had to go through a lot in that episode but not as much as she did in season 2 and 3 but this episode is good and the milk throwing scene is classic! Thats what little paige gets for being a little nevermind! Shes always in people business but thats what she getsmoreless
  • A good episode

    This was actually one of the most worth it episodes to watch. I didn't like the fact that Ashley got so mad at Paige for talking about her father maybe being gay. And I also didn't like that Ashley was so mad at her father; it makes sense that they waited so long to tell her the truth considering she did not handle the truth so well as it was. She would have been even worse had they done it earlier. JT was a complete jerk to Liberty; he could have let her down easy but instead he had to be an idiot about everything and act like he was gay. I think it's so wrong that down the road she actually dates him...oh well, its only TV.moreless
  • liberty likes jt. ash's dad is gay.

    Part 1

    Ash's Dad



    Ash fings out her father is gay and has a domestic partner, Christopher. Ash has trouble dealing with it.


    I think it was really realistic that Ash has trouble dealing with her dad being gay. She will get used to it in time. It also is worse that her dad, and her mom, have known for so long and not told her. I love the scene were Ash dumps the chocolate milk on Paige, and it was not even a time where she was being a jerk like in West End Girls. Terri actually had a good point. That is a first but she should continue to talk to her dad because she still has one.

    Part 2

    JT and Liberty

    Major Crush


    Liberty has a major crush on JT. JT does not like Liberty so he tells her he is gay. He ends up telling her the truth and hurting her more.


    I think it is great when JT and Toby are woundering how people can be gay. I think that is really realistic. JT was really mean lying to JT but ewwwwwwwwwwww, Liberty. She was all over him and very clingy.


    This was a good epesdoe. It was really realistic and I think it has and will help lots of kids all over the world.moreless
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