Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 9 Episode 5

Shoot To Thrill

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2009 on MTV - Music Television
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Shoot To Thrill

Alli is annoyed that Johnny acts all tough around his friends, even though she knows he is actually a sweet guy. Since he doesn't allow PDAs, she decides to spice things up with sexting. Fiona is disgusted by the guys of Degrassi, and when Riley talks to her, she starts liking him, so they start going out.


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    Alli wants to be closer with Johnny, and so to spice up their relationship, she sends him sexy pics of herself to his phone. But she posts a picture she took of him {hugging/kissing stuffed animals} on the school-board, and this causes extreme embarrassment. So he decides to get even by sending the pics she gave him to his friends. In the end Johnny and Alli are furious at each other and thus they split up.

    A good episode with an interesting topic- the concept of "sexting" {sending racy pics to others via phone}. Thought it was handled very wellmoreless
  • Alli wants to be close to Johnny and Fiona needs someone like Riley to push away all the jerks.

    Amazing Episode. I love how everyone's character is developing in this episode. We see a lot more of Johnny's personality, and it shows that's he versatile. I can't believe how Johnny let Alli take pictures of him, with those stuff animals. It was so sweet. I didn't like that Alli broke his trust and showed everyone the pictures with the stuff animal. I love Mr. Simpson's reaction to seeing the sext. I really like Alli and Johnny as a couple, so I don't like that they broke up. I enjoyed the B-Plot. I love how Fiona knows that he's gay I don't get the SAT prep club thing with Riley, since we don't have SAT's in Canada. I like how Riley is pretending to be straight.moreless
  • Alli develops a new way of communicating with Johnny: by texting! But by the methods of Alli, she becomes a sextaholic. Riley shows interest in the new girl, Fiona.

    I liked the Riley/Fiona subplot better. I used to dislike Riley - I guess for the whole gay thing, but I actually like him and Fiona together. I hope the writers have made it where they do get together. And to me, Fiona seems pretty cute and nice - Riley's the big man on campus, but he's not a bully. They could do wonders together. As for the Alli/Johnny plot, some might think it's Johnny's fault for the breakup because he was ashamed of Alli, just because she was a niner, and he's a senior. To me, Alli, just like Mia with Peter, forced the relationship in the first place, so they shouldn't of even been together. Then Alli's sexting makes it worse. I hope they don't end up getting back together. They weren't one of my favorite couples, by far. As for the episode overall, it was decent. Even though the Alli/Johnny plot was the most advertised on commercials, I liked the Riley and Fiona one better.moreless
  • Alli shoots away while Riley bonds with Fiona.

    Ok so as for the A Plot, Alli shows PDA at school between her and Johnny, but he doesn't like it, so she begins to take nude photos of herself and send them through text messages to him. Johnny instantly seems to take a better liking to her. But When Allie captures pictures of Johnny acting silly and posing with her stuffed dog, she uses those pictures for a class project because it's the Johnny she sees and they end up on a bulletin board. Johnny sees them and gets angry when everyone starts teasing him, so he sends Alli's nude pics to Bruce, who gets the message and when Mr. Simpson takes his phone, he sees them as well. In the principal's office, Ms. Hotzalakos explains to Alli that sexting can be considered child pornography, but she wont go to the police on this matter. Alli gets angry and breaks up with Johnny, but he still feels thats he didn't do anything wrong and keeps the pictures on his phone.

    Ok for the B Plot, Fiona is tired of all of the Degrassi boys hitting shamelessly on her at school, but when she meets riley, she sees that he is different, so to find a way to get all of the boys from not hitting on her, she starts a rumor that her and Riley are dating. Pretty soon everyone finds out, even Riley, and in an attempt to act straight he says that he doesn't mind being a decoy for a girl as cute as Fiona. So her and Riley go on a date, but it is interrupted by Soccer Stud who is angry at Riley because he didn't call him after their last meeting. Riley tells Fiona he has no idea who the guy is and says he's probably on drugs. They hurry out of the restaurant. The next day Fiona is telling Declan about how good her date was, but she thinks he likes boys. Declan laughs but when Riley walks by and happens to be talking about what he would do if he got a naked pic of a girl, Declan becomes skeptic. Fiona says she will find out for sure and asks Riley to another date.

    Overall a good episode!moreless
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