Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 3 Episode 7

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 29, 2003 on Family
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Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Craig is having a hard time telling Ashley that he loves her, which is making her want a break. After writing a song expressing his feelings, Ashley agrees to sleep with him, until he goes and tells Spinner about it. Manny starts to doubt her own relationship, and finds herself fawning over Craig again. Her and Craig wind up alone in his room, where Manny comforts him. Mr. Simpson is starting to feel depressed about the cancer, so in order to cheer him up, Joey takes him out bowling, where they meet up with an old friend.


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  • Everytime things get heated up between Craig and Ashley, it stops. Craig tries his hardest to prove to Ashley that he loves her, but she wants him to say it.

    I really enjoyed this episode. Although I wasn't very pleased on how it ended. I could understand why Ashley didn't let the moment happen. After all Craig couldn't even say he loved her. Even if you don't mean it, it's not that hard to say it. I thought Craig was so stupid in this episode. I swore his mind wasn't in this. First of all, he wrote "U rock!" on Ash's dozen roses he got her. You couldn't say "I love you"? Then he wrote her a song, which was sweet and the words "I love you" were in the song, but he didn't say them without a song. Just tell her casually. Then he had sex with Manny!? Oh my god, just because he didn't get his girl, he had to have another one! The ending was the real kicker, Ashley took him back! After he wasn't able to tell her he loved her, and he had sex with another girl! Not to mention how sad Manny looked when she finally thought she got her guy, and lost her virginity with! He was in someone else's arms! How awful! Craig's face was priceless though, his shocked look. Oh my god, loved/hated this episode.moreless
  • Craig has trouble saying "I Love You" to Ashley and they get into a fight and he sleeps with Manny. Snake goes bowling with Joey.

    Wow, what a cool episode. Ashley expects so much frome Craig. I mean he gives her a dozen roses and doesn't appreciate it. I think it's really hard for Craig to say "I Love You". I might sure why but it's a big thing to say. I'm a little glad that Ashley thought that she overreacted but I feel so sorry for Manny now. He sleeps with Manny and then he saids that he loves Ashley right in front of Manny. He should tell Ashley the truth. I feel really sorry fro Manny because she has real feelings for home. Snake is so not feeling well. Cancer must suck really bad. Snake goes bowling with Joey and another friend of theirs show up. I so like how they came home singing songs. Emma and Spike looked so happy. I give this episode 10/10.moreless
  • Ashley and Craig are going to have sex, but Craig tells Spinner and Ashley finds out, blowing the whole thing off. Craig and Manny have sex instead but then Craig and Ashley make up, much to Manny's dismay.moreless

    This was a pretty good episode. I felt kind of bad for Craig, actually, because he goes and has sex with Manny (and gets her pregnant) and then the next day Ashley decides she wants him back and Craig has to deal with Manny being really hurt and stuff like that. I liked the part of the show with the bowling alley and Snake and Wheels. This was a good episode in itself, pretty good, and I enjoyed watching it, although it was not the best Degrassi episode I have seen. It could have been better, but it was satisfying.moreless
  • Crash :sigh: Loves them. Manny just had to screw it up!

    Ash admits to Craig that she loves him. He doesn't know how to say those words. Marco tells him to send her flowers, so he sent a dozen. On the card he wrote "Ash-you rock, xoxo"

    Ash is upset and she told him that they should take a break.

    The next day[I suppose] Craig tells Ash to meet him in the gym and he sings her a song syaing that he loves her. How saweet! Manny overheas this song and is effing infatuated with the song and Craig.

    At Paige's bday party, Ash tells Craig to stay over. Basically to do it. He tells Spin and Spin got all excited and began to blow up ballons, imiting a penis, I suppose. Ash sees this and gets mad at Craig. They get into a argument and Slutanny stalks him to his house[lol]

    Hmmm they have sex and Crash get back togheterp[not like they broke up, tho :p] And Manny gets all whiny crying.

    Boo hooo whore!

    I liked this episode. Even though I cringgeeeeee at the site of Cranny. yucks.moreless
  • This episode ia bout Craig and Ashley decide to have sex for the first time but when he tells Spinner. Ashley gets mad and storms off and calls the whole thing off. Then Manny follows him to give him a shoulder to cry on.moreless

    I absolutely loove this show and I just loooove Manny. She

    is my all-time favorite character. Anyway Manny just tried

    to help him out a little bit and it goes a farther than

    expected. But I know she wasn't planning on that so its not

    entirely her fault. But Ashley I guess was just finding

    another excuse to pull back again and she found the perfect

    one. But that's what happens when you leave your man out for

    someone else to get.moreless
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