Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 11 Episode 12

Should've Said No, Part One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 03, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

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    Degrassi is actually dealing with some fresh story lines, finally is an understatement. Know that Anya has "gone bad," now Clare is going to join her? Can't we have at least one good girl on a show without making them go through a giant character blunder? Not likely on Degrassi I guess.

    I like the Dave & Alli interactions and I really hope to see more of them. I also hope to see Sadie get some of her own story lines once she becomes a primary character in the series anyway. The Eli & Jake scenes were nice but it's pretty obvious what the end result will be: someone will eventually get hurt. My money's on Clare.

    Overall, good episode of Degrassi, and Drew's PTSD was definitely a great addition to the season. Even though Drew isn't my favorite character, he seems to be developing quite nicely.

  • Clare's in denial about her crush on Jake. Dave thinks you can be friends with a girl, even if you have a girlfriend. Drew comes back to Degrassi, but he's still scared.

    "Should've Said No" Part 1 is an awesome Degrassi episode! Now, I usually don't like "A" plots that are about relationships, but I like this one. I love how Clare has the biggest crush on Jake, but she's in denial because she doesn't want to get hurt again. I love how Jake doesn't do relationship because it hurts too much with the breakup, so he just wants to have fun. I was surprised that Clare's getting into a casual relationship with him. But then again, it's not that surprising. Her parents just divorced, her mom's dating again, she recently broke up with Eli, so getting into a casual relationship with Jake makes sense. The Dave plot is reminding me of the Manny/Craig/Ashley plot in season 3, which I hated. I'm hoping Dave only wants to be friends with Alli. Adam basically confirmed that Drew has PTSD. I feel nothing but sympathy for Drew's character. It's so sad how he's so scared and paranoid that the gang is after him. I mean the scene where he pushed KC, Adam confronting him about PTSD, and freaking out when Dave's dad showed up at the dodgeball game was so intense. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • Meh, it was alright, not AWESOME though.

    Clare: I don't like this casual things. People have REAL feelings, we are not robotics. Your always gonna get hurt being in that type of relationship.

    Drew: NOW I get. He has PTSD. Some people do not get out of that for years. I'm really glad Degrassi is exploring this.

    Alli/Dave: Alli was so funny when she was like "Girlfriends don't like Boyfriends hanging out with Girls because that happens" (Show KC and Marisol flirting). That was a HILARIOUS scene! I really like DavAlli.

    Decent episode.
  • perfect

    Clare/Jake: A lot of people loved season 10 of this show, and a lot of people loved Eli and Clare has a couple, so I wonder how these people are feeling about this season, and this episode in general? I thought it was good. Clare has been annoying me a little. She's the devout religious type, and I can handle that, it just annoys me sometimes. I liked when she found out Katie and Jake were going to movie night together. Clare has a lot to deal with, such as her feelings for Jake (and the fact he is not looking for a long-term relationship), Eli's play about her, and of course, the biggie, her parents getting a divorce. I hope she does not do something big, like have sex with Jake. I'd think she has SOME of her morals still.

    Drew's plot is going good. He's absolutely terrified and it's understandable why. I do wonder if the people after him will find out it was Bianca who was the one who killed Anson. I liked him taking his frustration out by pushing KC and by yelling at Dave's dad, in the middle of the dodge ball game. He definitely has something, probably PTSD, and I can't wait to see what the writers have in store fore him later on.

    Dave lying to Sadie was kind of weird, but expected. I expect they'll break up either next episode or very soon. Dave used to like Alli and so I can easily see them becoming a couple (if they do, I don't want to know ahead of time, so I don't know spoilers for this season. Knowing spoilers for this show makes the episodes seem… not as great as they could be).

    Overall, good episode. It's kind of weaker than most episodes this season, I think, but it is still great and I am still going to give it an A+ as my final grade