Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 11 Episode 41

Smash Into You, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2012 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Best episode of Season 11

    If someone had told me that Dave Turner would get the best A-Plot of Season 11 I would have said that they're crazy, considering he's had some mediocre plots. But this episode blew me away. Part One did a great job with setting things up especially with the Bhandurner scenes. For Part Two, the emotion went off like a rocket and kept me engaged with interest. Plus, this episode had one of the best, unexpected "Go There" moments in Degrassi history which was Jacinta getting hit by a car. The look on Dave's face after it happened practically summed up the scene as a whole. Also, Jahmil French gave a breakout performance because his acting was amazing. The ending where Dave broke down to Ali showed how Jahmil can channel Dave's emotion masterfully since the moment itself was powerful. I always consider this episode to be a prelude to Degrassi Showdown because if the writers put effort towards the quality of a storyline then it will showcase the realistic perspective of Degrassi. That is what this storyline was composed of: realism.

    For Adam's plot, it was interesting because of how the Niners actually believed Adam was a gay guy, due to the LGBT pin on his backpack. The conversation between Adam and Clare after the failed date made Adam see clearly of who he is as being FTM. But if there was a highlight it was without a doubt the conversation between Tristan and Adam. The way that they conversed was another prime example of Degrassi showing respect to the LGBT community. Kudos Degrassi.

    As for Marisol and Mo's plot I consider it to be half interesting and half boring. The interesting being how Mo rejected Marisol at first. Man if the writers had just stopped there. The boring being Mo and Marisol starting a relationship all of a sudden at the end of the episode. Talk about rushed. However, this plot does not bring the episode down because there were some moments. At least in Season 12 they aren't so boring just as long as a plot isn't FOCUSED on them.

    Overall, I give this episode an A+
  • Jacinta tries to break up Dave and Alli. Adam goes on a double date. Marisol develops feelings for Mo.

    "Smash Into You" Part Two was an excellent episode. I love how Jacinta was really crazy with stealing Dave's cell phone and sending all these texts to Alli to hurt her. It was so intense how Jacinta walked into the street and got hit by the car. I love how Dave told Alli everything and she actually believed him. The last scene was so intense and heartbreaking with Dave crying because he feels guilty that he treated Jacinta like a jerk and now he thinks he ruined her life. This is by far Dave's best storyline. I love the Adam's plot. I knew he was going to be set with Tristan. It was sad how he was upset that Tori thought he was gay guy, but I love Clare's positive attitude and saying that Adam passes for a guy. I love how Adam went to talk to Tristan and they were all friendly with each other. I love Marisol's plot of falling in love with Mo. Their kiss at the end of the episode was really cute. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • Smash Into You (2)

    I actually can't believe I'm saying this about an episode of the "New Beginnings" block, but this was a GREAT episode. Jahmil French can really act and I'm glad that they gave him a serious storyline to tackle. The subplots were alright. The Adam/Tristan thing was predictable but I did like the advice that Adam gave Tristan. I was surprised by the Marisol/Mo pairing but they're both getting development that's much needed which is a great thing. Good episode!