Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 7 Episode 1

Standing in the Dark, Part One

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Jan 14, 2008 on Much Music
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When Lakehurst has a fire, the students are forced to attend Degrassi which angers many students, especially Toby, who has still not gotten over J.T.'s death. Darcy and Peter's relationship comes out into the open, but later at a ski party, something happens which may change the course of their relationship.


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  • Best season premiere of Degrassi... ever.

    The A plot was really great, it focuses on Darcy & Peter's relationship. I love how they pick up on the Manny/Peter/Darcy friendship. Especially the whole skiing montage was really light & fun. Peter & Darcy might get in to like 10 fights in this premiere. After Peter pressures Darcy in to having sex, they get in to a fight, both get drunk. They make up, and it's shown in the end, someone pushing Darcy in a room, and she's not conscious of anything. We all know where this is going. Great cliffhanger! Great premiere! The B Plot, was kind of dumb. Toby and the podcasts, Toby vs. Johnny. I liked the Holly J vs. Darcy confrontation in the beginning. Now we know that Darcy is good girl gone bad, ever since season 6 where she posted nude photos, so it's interesting to see what she will do after this wild party.moreless
  • good episode

    really good episode. i enjoyed the sutff that happened in it a lot including that skank mia getting exaclyt what she deserved LAhahahaha she's so annoying i cnanot stand her nor the actress i wish they would both go away and leave me forever!! 2well mia did now i'm just waiting for nina too hahahahaha i'm just hilarious. but anyway back yeah to the episod3e that i'm reviewing and trying to discuss to all ov you participation n reading my beauty that i'm rwriting on the eipsode. wsell actually honestly i dik what this episode is that i'm reivewing! laugh otu lie :)moreless
  • Darcy goes skiing with Peter and Manny, but things get nasty at the end of the ski trip.

    "Standing in the Dark" part 1 is one of my favourite Degrassi episode. In this episode, Darcy decides to be a little wild and fake sick so she can get out of some church event her family is attending. Instead, she goes skiing with Peter and Manny. This episode starts to get a little more intense when both Peter and Darcy drink. Darcy gets her drink spiked and at the end of the episode, she gets raped. It's so intense how this episode ends, that it's one of my favourite episodes. I love how Toby gets the subplot even though he's not a main character anymore. I love how he makes a podcasts about how he feels about Lakehurst students attending Degrassi. I loved when Toby goes to visit J.T's grave. I give this episode a 10/10.moreless
  • Perfect

    Lakehurst is burned down and so the students there have to go to Degrassi. Nobody really likes this, especially Toby because of what happened to JT. Peter and Darcy's relationship is out in the open, but they have a fight at a ski trip about wanting sex. Then, Darcy is real drunk and taken in her room by a man...

    A great episode, I liked both plots a lot. The ending is kind of confusing, at least it was to me, but the rest was great, my grade to this episode is none other than a very high A+. Perfectmoreless
  • This is by far the best season premiere that Degrassi has had.

    This is by far the best season premiere that Degrassi has had. Darcy has always been my favorite character and this episode is the one the reinforces that. Her development since season 4 has been slow and steady.. the writers have really worked with Darcy's character with care. Although I am writing for part one i mean what i saw for part two as well. The entire pace of the episode is great. I also enjoyed Toby' subplot dealing with the passing of his friend, JT. (A character that I will truly miss). This episode was definitely a great set up for the rest of the season.moreless
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    • Peter: (to Darcy) Can I tell you a secret? I'm a virgin too. But I don't care, you know. I'll wait until whenever. 'Cuz...I love you. And I'm gonna barf.

    • Darcy: I'm not like you, Manny; with no values, no self-respect.
      Manny: Well if you're going to get up on your high horse, then I'm gone. You and Satan, Jr. are made for each other.

    • Manny: When will parents ever learn? Forbiden things are an aphrodisiac.

    • Darcy: (about the proposed ski trip) Sounds like a blast...of cold. Besides, I've got a church retreat.
      Holly J: Gotta get your Bible on?
      Manny: Just her never-ending search for eternal happiness.
      Holly J: Has she checked under her extensions?
      Darcy: No, but there it is behind your gigantic rump.

  • NOTES (7)

    • song list:
      Written by Beckett, Carden, Mrotek, Chislett
      © 2007. EMI April Music Inc.
      Performed by The Academy Is...
      Courtesy of Fueled by Ramen/Atlantic Recording Corporation
      I Know What My Name Is
      Written and performed by The Johnstones
      Courtesy of Stomp Records
      Written and performed by Tim Welch
      Kill Your Radio
      Written by Jason Weeks
      Performed by It's Revenge
      Courtesy of Imaginary Friends Music Partners
      Bodies and Words
      Written and performed by Silverstein
      Courtesy of Victory Records

    • Charlotte Arnold (Holly J.), Dalmar Abuzeid (Danny), Marc Donato (Derek), Mazin Elsadig (Damian), Nina Dobrev (Mia) and Paula Brancati (Jane) are all added to the opening credits.

    • Charlotte Arnold and Jamie Johnston previously worked together on Jamie's former show, Zixx: Level One.

    • This episode marks the first appearances of Charlotte Arnold (Holly J.), Paula Brancati (Jane). Natty Zavitz (Bruce), Raymond Ablack (Sav) and Samantha Munro (Anya) also makes their first appearances. they become main characters in Season 8.

    • Adamo Ruggiero (Marco), Amanda Stepto (Spike), Lauren Collins (Paige), Mazin Elsadig (Damian), Mike Lobel (Jay), Nina Dobrev (Mia) and Stacey Farber (Ellie) do not appear in this episode.

    • Deanna Casaluce, Daniel Clark and Ryan Cooley have been removed from the opening credits.

    • The season premiere was shown in the States for the second time before Canada. It premiered October 5, 2007.