Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 2 Episode 10

Take My Breath Away

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 2002 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Manny goes on her first date with Craig. Ellie has a crush on Marco.

    "Take My Breath Away" is just an entertaining Degrassi episode to watch. It really highlights the humour in this show. I love how Manny how the courage to ask out Craig. Even more, I love how Manny and Craig both have a very different experience on their death. I love how Manny thinks she went on the perfect date with Craig. I love how Craig reveals that the date was just horrible and that Manny acted childish on their date. I love Ellie's subplot with having a crush on Marco. I love how she sent him anonymous letters, but he thinks their from Hazel. Marco is just the stud muffin in this episode. I give this episode an 8.5/10.
  • Craig and Manny. EW!

    I do not like the Craig/Manny relationship and never have. This epsiode was a waste, but the sub plot about Ellie and Marco was good. I do not like Craig. He was cool in season 2, but after that, he sucks. I do like Manny and am glad she is currently not and probably never will date Craig again. Craig and Manny look like brother and sister! GROSS! I do like Ellie. I think she is very pretty and so innocent in this season. Her and Marco are good friends and she has always been there for him in his time of need.
  • Manny and Craig- The Saga.

    We get our first glimpse that Manny wouldn't be letting Craig go anytime soon. Even after a disastrous date, which included a rejected kiss and Craig wanting nothing to do with her, she'll still end up with him by using persistence. They make good use of flashbacks, as Craig and Manny each tell about the previous night differently, with Manny's being more romantic, and Craig's sounding like a train wreck. This episode also shows the developing comedy of Jimmy and Spinner in season 2 after Craig retells his side of the story, saying Manny reminding him of his own little sister as the reason he could not kiss her. This episode is an overall good episode.
  • Love this episode.

    Manny has a huge crush on Craig and she even has the nerve to ask him out and to her surprise he says yes! But at school the following Monday, it's a he said she said tale of what happened on the date. Saying that Mandy reminds him of his 5 year old half sister. Meanwhile Ellie has been crushing on Marco and has been sending him anonymous letters, but things get complicated when Hazel tries to go after him. But later Marco chooses to go with Ellie instead of Hazel. Then Craig breaksup with Mandy at the end of the episode.
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  • Manny Santos developes a major crush on super-stud Craig Manning. So Manny goes and asks Craig out. And guess what? He agrees! They go out but the next day they have two very different versions of the date. As for the sub-plot Ellie has a crush on Marco.

    I thought this episode was just plain adorable. Both Manny and Craig were so innocent and adorable. In this episode, the went on the first date of a long saga. While Manny\'s version of the date was cute and romantic, Craig\'s was like a car accident. I felt that Craig dumping Manny at the end was a bit harsh but it was a good set up for the later episodes and a good reason why Manny decided to skankify herself! Overall, it was a cute episode with a lot of silly moments. As for the sub-plot of Ellie liking Marco, I thought that was plain adorable! Definetly one of my favorite degrassi episodes
  • Craig and Manny go out on a date. Afterwards they have very different sentiments about what exactly happened. Ellie is crushing on Marco but he seems to be crushing on Hazel.

    I really liked this episode as the start of the Craig/Manny relationship. They were both cute and innocent at the time, especially Manny. Unfortunately she was a little TOO cute and innocent. So much that she came off as incredibly immature and young for Craig. I thought their two different interpretations of the night were really funny. I wasn't sure if the writers were trying to make it seem like Manny was making her's up and Craig's was real, they both were exaggerations, or it was up to the audience to decide which was real. I thought Craig's was great though. Everytime I see Manny shove the cotton candy into his mouth I still laugh. And I occasionally use the phrase "Yummy yum yum". Gotta love sweet silly Manny. It was pretty harsh how Craig dumped her but I liked how they continued this in U Got the Look when Manny says "There's no way I'm being dumped this year for being too young." Good continuity.

    The Marco/Ellie aspect was cute too. I liked how Ellie was afraid to tell Marco which is something that most students their age go through. Their phone conversation was adorable.
  • Hmmm,Cranny? Yuckers.

    In this episode, Manny askes Craig out after Emma tells Manny that her mom proposed to Snake. They don't show us the actual date, but they do show how both Manny and Craig explain it.
    In Manny's date, it was totally perfect. Her "fingers brusheed against his lips".
    In Craig's date, it was a total disaster. She hit him on accident with a ball, almost choked him with the cotton candy.
    After,Manny believes that they are a couple. Craig was a bit uncomfortable with that idea. He said "She reminds me of my half sister". Gross.
    Anyways Emma tells Manny to slow down and Manny replied, "He's just moody." So she fancied up his locker. Craig just had enough of it and said he didnt like her.
  • This episode is the story of my life!! ( cause im like thinking that eveerything is great and the person next to me is like i wanna go home)

    The episode Take my breath away is a totally classic Degrassi episode. In this episode Manny finally gets up the nerve to ask craige on a date and he says yes!But they both saw the date in two totally different ways. Manny saw that they both were having an excellant time and that the carnival was the bet suprise myfavorite part in her version is when craig gets hit in the head with a ball and in hers hes says ouch that smarts and the ball like barely touched him. Now in craigs version manny is like his 5 year old sisterbut my favorite part in his is when manny get cotton candy and shoves in his mouth and say "yummy yum yum". And though out this episode ellie is send marco emails like a secret admarier!
  • This episode is about Manny crushing on Craig. She asks him out and he acdcepts but after the date they oth have different accounts of what happened that night. Meanwhile, Ellie is crushing on Marco and she sends him love letters.

    I absolutely loove this plot and it was soo funny how they both came up with different accounts. Manny's acccount was how romantic Craig was. Craig's account was how immature Manny was. It was funny how they both viewed what happened. Craig said Manny reminded him of his little sister when in reality Angie and Manny are sisters.

    Cassie Steele is a very great actree and singer. I just liked the whole part where she was imagining them singing to each other. I just loove the whole Manny/Craig pairing and still do. So in a way it is like a dream sequence. Cassie's singing career is a very big hit with me.

    Jake Epstein is also a great singer and actor. He has an amazing voice too and should make a CD for the U.S. He can really act and the chemistry he and Cassie shared throughout the series is phenomal. I just loved him in the TV series "The Zack Files" and the movie "Quints".

    Overall the show was pivotal and a dream sequence because Manny was imagining most of the things that happened. I was kind of mad that Craig rejected Manny. It hurt her so bad that it made mes sad.
  • Not worth it

    The only good thing about this episode is that Ellie reveals she likes Marco and its cute how it is done. The whole Manny Craig thing is incredibly annoying. I can't stand Manny; she is way too clingy and way too irritating. She doesn't get the clue that Craig doesn't like her after the date, and there is really no reason to watch this episode, truthfully.