Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 7 Episode 17

Talking In Your Sleep

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 28, 2008 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Paige learns something about Griffin after sleeping with him which could ruin her life.

    "Talking In Your Sleep" is actually an amazing Degrassi episode. The one thing I don't like about this episode is that there's no continuation of the story-line. But it's not really this episode's fault. It's too bad they didn't continueit in Degrassi Goes Hollywood. In this episode, it's revealed that Griffin is HIV positive, but he fails to mention this after sleeping with Paige. Lauren Collins did some amazing acting in this episode. It's a shame this storyline never continued. They should have aired this episode at the beginning of season 7, that way it could have continued by the end of this season. I actually really enjoy the subplot. It's about Jane and Darcy becoming friends. I just love Jane's quote on Peter's jungle breath. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • Poor Page...only liked this plotline

    Darcy hates Peter´s breath and she tells this to Jane and she tells it in front of the class causing a conflict in Peter and darcy´s was not a great plotline, this was a filler and Jane shouldn´t have done that but i guess that she doesn´t know about girl´s unwritten codes (like no telling this kind of stuff no matter what)

    Spinner seems great after everything he went through and I personally miss a lot the old Degrassi characters. The Ellie, marco and Paige friendship is awesome. The Page plotline about sleeping with Griffin was great (Poor Paige, she makes mistake after mistake)
    and we really get to know Griffin a little bit better but I really don´t fancy this couple but i guess they got chemistry.
  • Another revealing episode.

    I loved the main plot. HIV is a powerful plot for Degrassi. I didn't seem realistic that Paige & Griffin could rush in to things. But I guess that is the point. I do not like the B plot, bad breath, c'mon, Degrassi could of done way better. Wow spreading secrets. They did that in Season 1. Though, I thought it was funny how Jane dissed Peter in class. I liked how Paige gets mad & says "He took a risk with my life!" & Ellie says "Ew, we drank from the same OJ carton!" I loved the painting montage, it was hilarious.
  • Ummm a "Could have been better" episode: Paige has the A plot and Darcy/Jane have the B plot.

    Okay. As labeled as one of the "shocking Degrassis" you would think they would bring it this episode, right? Wrong. Well they sort of did and sort of didn't. For a Degrassi Shoker, it felt like a "tamed" Degrassi episode. It's could've been better. I always knew Griffin and Paige would hook up. I think of all the episodes this season the Degrassi shocker episode should have been, Live to Tell. TIYS didn't deliever the shock value at all like I though it would. The B plot was sooo season 1 and the A plot barely stood on it's feet. I liked the chemistry between Paige and Griffin. And at least we saw somemore of one of my favorite charaters, Ellie...but not much. I was still a good episode but no anywhere near a Great Degrassi the one's in the past. Lastly I loved when we found out Lucas and Jane are was kinda shocking....we've been getting a lot of Lucas lately haven't we?
  • The extremely hyped conclusion to the Spring Degrassi season (in America anyway) while good does not reach the plateau of some of the great Degrassi episodes in the past.

    Its been awhile sense we have seen the college kids of Degrassi, and for many that has been a good thing. This episode in some ways is an important one as it tackles a major issue that has not reached the school of Degrassi yet, Aids. In the past an episode of this magnitude would easily be an hour one, however they instead put it all in a single condensed half hour, something that overall probably hurt the storyline. Paige once again, acts stupendously for a character on the show, and Griffin as a secondary does a good job making his character likable but also hate-able at the exact same time. Overall, the primary storyline is interesting and well played out, but just too condensed and not given the screen time it fully deserved.

    The bigger issue with the episode, however, was the absolutely atrocious secondary storyline. Up until this episode Jane has been this cool down-to-earth girl that was a great pair for Spinner. However, suddenly she seems to have zero social skills and is desperate for friends... that was definitely out of the blue. Darcy also is anything but interesting in the storyline, and just the trivialness of it is a horrible match for the serious HIV plotline. A better fit would have been either something else serious, or a nice humorous storyline, but Jane and Darcy is neither. Definitely the much weaker part of this average episode.
  • Paige's impulses get to her....this time in a horrific way.

    Paige is attracted to her roommate Griffin and she sleeps with him and the next day she and Marco find AZT in his desk drawer. She is understandably angry, but forgives him by the end of the episode.

    Personally, I can't fathon all that. I would be ANGRY for AWHILE, but I would be even angrier at myself for sleeping with him so fast. I think the show missed that point of sexual responsibility in this episode.

    Jane and Darcy are becoming friends but the rift between them was cute in a high school way.

    Overall, this was an average episode but I hope that they get better as the season ends.