Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 2 Episode 22

Tears Are Not Enough, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 2003 on Much Music

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  • Craig deals with aftermath of his father's death.

    "Tears Are Not Enough" Part 2 is a terrific season finale! This episode had one of those "go there" moments. It's so intense how Craig's father died in a car accident. It leaves you speechless because nobody liked Craig's father because he was a jerk, but at the same time it's sort of depressing that Craig didn't have a stable father-figure in his life until he went to live with Joey. I love how crazy Craig got in this episode. I love how he went on with life as if nothing happened. I love how he thought he was happy that his father died, but then he just went crazy at the dance. My favourite scene is when Terri talked to Craig about her mother dying. It was so sweet. I enjoyed the subplots as well. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • Craig's Dad (part 2)

    In this conclusion to "Tears are not Enough" Craig learns that his dad died in a car accident after their fight. He soon goes into denial and laughs manically during his funeral, and then after he and Ashley win the King and Queen of the Luau (blah) school dance, he finally snaps and realizes he misses his dad. Will the gang be able to calm Craig down? Part 2 lived up to part 1, and is even sadder then before, with Craig going through the stages of grief, and finally losing it at the dance. Another magnificant episode. 10/10 A+
  • Crying on the inside.

    Jake is at his best with his character. Once the Craig character heard his father died, I already knew he was sad and crying, even though he wasn't showing it, because it was all inside of him ripping him apart slowly piece by piece.

    Craig thoughout this episode was going though according to psychology, Stages of Grief. When people expereince or suffer from heavy psychological trama they tend to go though steps to slowly externalize grief held back. And we see all these steps (may'be not quite in perfect cronological order) though all of Craig's actions and interactions to everyone. It was just heartbreaking seeing this poor kid being put though more than he was already carring, it litterally made my heart bleed for him.

    First was Fear when Craig heard the news, second of course was Denial when he just came to Degrassi as a way to keep on functioning to take his mind off his dad, third Anger in the funeral scene where he laughed out of happy madness from the uligy that was slightly untruthful and the fact his father can't beat him anymore. Fouth Bargining entering Ashley and himself in a dance just to have fun, and let go of his dad. Fifth of course we saw grief/breakdown when Craig acting out his feelings in a very intense scene destroying the posters and running down the hall to cry. And finally in the end giving both Craig and us a sense of relief when Acceptance kicks in, and he dances with the girl he loves in the end.

    Another thing that works in the episode is the comidic sub-plot involving Paige, Spinner, Jimmy, and Hazel. It was a reliving icebreaker from the sad mood and they all make cute copples mainly Paige and Spinner their a good match because there is such an odd but beautiful duo dynamic. All of them of course try very hard to win the dance couple King and Queen contest. Of course all of them amuzingly fail from their own foils. I laughed my head off seeing Spinner break down in fear when he got clastrophobic in a tanning salon.

    But what prevents me from giving this episode a 10 is part of the resolution at the end. When the Teri character came to confort Craig. This I felt didn't really work both Craig and Teri never really had a close friendship in the show, so it doesn't really make sense why she would suddenly confort him. And as usual she was obviously a Dexs Ex Machina device to give a sudden resolution to a character. This would have been better if either Ashley or Mr. Radich came to Craig and offered the resolution.

    But that flaw you can get past. This is the most moving story about loss I've seen.
  • Craig's father dies and he has mixed emotions about it. Spinner and Paige run against Jimmy and Hazel for Luau King and Queen. JT and Liberty go to the dance together when she tutors him.

    This was another awesome episode from season 2. Another Craig centric 2 parter, it was emotional and quite the tearjerker. I loved the mixed emotions Craig went through with his father. It was so realistic because of course he would be a mix of happy and sad. More excellent acting from Jake, including his breakdown at the end. The only thing that kind of ruined it for me was Terri being the one to comfort him at the end. First of all, I don't think their characters ever interacted until this point so it was kind of none of her business. Second, Christina Schmidt isn't exactly a fantastic actress, so next to Jake she kind of ruined the scene. But I still felt for Craig so much especially since it left him orphaned.

    The subplots were kind of funny. It was the start of possibilities for Jimmy and Hazel and Spin and Paige are one of my favorite couples. I like the interaction between Liberty and JT and I'm glad they wound up together eventually as well.
  • I feel for Craig

    This episode makes me feel so awful for Craig. He is obviously hurting over the death of his father, yet at the same time, he is glad because he no longer has to be beaten up by him. I think it's heartbreaking that someone is glad their parent has died, but I guess I can understand where he is coming from. It's got to be hard to forgive something like that. You see the real Craig in this episode.
  • Craig's dad dies. JT and Liberty's first date. The popular kids are shallow.

    Completing season 2's main drama, Craig's paternal problems. I have to say Jake Epstein's acting was right on; this is why all the "Wheels" storylines go to Craig or Sean, but few of the other male cast members have had as much of a chance to prove themselves. (The only one who has is Jake Goldsbie, who really dropped the ball. But I'll save that for Time Stands Still.) And this is one of the few episodes where I like Craig with Ashley.

    Anyway, this begins with the Craig's old study partner. His dad. Craig doesn't like his dad, because his dad hits him. Back at the beginning of the season, Craig had all kinds of crazy schemes to get away from his dad, including kidnapping his sister, running away with Sean, and even suicide. Anyway, his dad helps him study, so he's thinking of forgiving him. But then after dinner, his dad hits him, Craig yells at him, and he drives off.

    The next day we find out Craig's dad's dead. Everyone's trying to help, but Craig's all nonchalant at it; he even starts laughing at the funeral. That's Caitlin and Ashley uncomfortable; Joey and Sean have some idea of what's going on. The episode climaxes with Craig thinking he sees his dad, flipping out at the dance, and Terri talking to him about her mom's death. After Craig calms down, he still owes Ashley a dance.

    The B plots were comic relief, kinda spoils the mood for an episode about being orphaned, but that's the writers for you. Basically, JT goes on a date with Liberty in exchange for help with his exams, and Spinner and Paige compete against Jimmy and Hazel, only to be bested by Craig and Ashley.

    To describe Craig's feelings, tears are not enough.
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