Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 9

Tell It To My Heart

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Marco comes out to his dad.

    "Tell It To My Heart" is just an amazing Degrassi episode. Marco finally comes out to his dad in this episode. My favourite scene is during the play when Marco just stops acting, and tells his dad that he's gay then goes back to acting. And although Marco never really needed to make a big announcement that he's gay he basically came out to whole school or all the people watching the play. I love the introduction of Tim. I wish he could have had a larger part in Degrassi. I enjoyed the subplot with Emma having a crush on Peter but she's keeping it a secret from Manny. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • Absolutley horrible. A Marco A-plot, and a Peter/Emma B-plot. Can it get any worse? I don't think so. Worst Episode Ever. I'm only reviewing it so I can make fun of it. Marco and Emma find love somewhere new.

    So, Marco likes this new kid at school named Tim aka Coffee House kid. Marco convices him to come out, and he gets kicked out of his house. Blah, Blah, Blah. Do we really need anymore Marco Being Gay storylines?

    The B-Plot was even suckier than the A-plot. Emma likes Peter, (why I don't know,) and she backstabs her bestfriend. We have to endure 15 minutes of just Peter and Emma making out. That was very gross to watch. She and Manny come up with a plan to embarrass Peter, but Emma doesn't go through with it. Worst episode ever.
  • Marco comes out.

    A very powerful episode & it shows that Emma cares for Peter & it's a start of a whole new relationship! Which is in secrecy, I liked how Emma was kissing Peter all over & was acting like a slut when she was taking off his pants, that was hilarious, but I like to see that she stopped & looked at the picture at the end. That was heart warming, the A plot introduces Tim which is the revealing part, Marco finally comes out to his dad to be with Tim after he got kicked out, it was very gutsy of him to go on stage in front of the entire school & say that, I like the new character Tim, he doesn't look gay But he's pretty cool, a powerful & revealing episode.
  • in my reveiw i write about how Marco comes out to his dad and in frony of the entire school.

    marco finally comes out to his dad and in front of the entire school afther he tells Tim to do the same but Marco lies to him about that and to regain his friendship with tim he had to tell the truth but didn't expeact to say it to the entire school.Emma seduces peter so she could help manny get revenge for what he did.
  • Go Emma

    I think Emma should go for it with Peter. Who cares what Manny says or does; she deserves everything she has gotten. She got naked for him he didn't force her to. I think that Emma should date him and flaunt it in Manny's face because that's what she deserves.
  • Hypocrisy double feature.

    Marco A plot, Emma B plot. Urrgh. I've always been neutral to Marco until this episode, but I hate Emma. And in this one, Marco will experiment with why I hate Emma. Marco tells this kid, Tim, to come out to his dad. This implies that Marco's come out to his dad. Marco's Claude. I will say that Tim kid's the best actor of season 5's newbies so far. I don't get what it is with Craig's 'knight in shining leather' thing this season, though.

    The B plot has Emma secretly dating Peter. She herself said there can be no secrets between her and Manny.

    There's some stuff about them almost having sex and Emma taking a picture which she was going to spam to the whole school but instead keeps for 'personal' purposes. Also, Marco comes out to his dad. But I'm too fed up with the hypocrisy, and if you have a problem with that, tell it to my heart.
  • Marco finlly tills his dad his gay. Emma falls for Peter. Rilly bad idea!!

    I loved this episode. Marco finlly tills his dad his gay. Then his dad trys to ignor it. Not so fond of the Tim giy but a good ceracter. Emma falls for Peter. Din't like that. Im the olny one thats notisted that Emma ceeps macking rilly dum designs laty. First she star to be firnds with Manny agien that thang with Jay now Peter. She is just turning in to a morona. Other thin that I loved this episode! Rilly sarry for the bad spelling!!
  • This was great. I loved both storylines.

    Part 1
    Marco Comes Out

    It was great to see Marco helping someone, Tim. Marco's dad really bothers me. I am glad Marco finally came out. That was really brave, onstage and all. His mom is really understanding.

    Part 2

    This was great. Emma was a tease. She has really fallen for Peter. I loved the prank but I am kinda glad she did not go through with it. It makes the storyline way more interesting. Peter is so thin. He and Emma look so cute together. I loved Emma in the black dress. Miriam has great legs and small boobs.

    This was a good epesode.
  • i say this was painful to watch only because it was painful that marco finally got a good plot and they messed it up.

    Alright, so they FINALLY give Marco something to do that doesn't involve Dylan... and they bring in Tim. Why can't Marco just hold his own episode? But miraculously, Marco and tim don't end up dating... which I am glad, because it wouldn't have seemed natural... but I hope that something happens in the future.

    Anyway MArco comes out to his father and... nothing happens. His father is just awkward. They could have taken it further, and made it a two parter just like Pride and expanded a lot! But they didn't.
  • Marco is gay, suprise suprise.he tells another gay kid to tell his father he is gay HE HASNT EVEN TOLD HIS OWN DAD!but his dad already figures he is gay (you can tell,and he doesnt wanna admit it),emma gets a crush on peter (who didnt see it coming)

    Ok i was really into liberty getting pregnant and Jt od'ing on Oxycodone, and i just couldnt wait to see the next episode... i was all excited then BAM its back to marco being gay. we already knows he is gay. please move on. show me spinners life, show me emma's and please continue with liberty but come on jumping from a good story line to a really boring one come on i know you can do better than that, i have seen them do better than that. i could barly watch this episode i was waiting for something really good to happen and then all of a sudden its over....
  • A lot of potential...just didnt perform.

    I really dont have a lot of thoughts on this episode....I personally liked it. But i dont think that this episode was all that good from a different perspective.

    The plot had a lot of potential, but it just seemed to be delivered in a very akward way. They got the point across, but it just didn't seem to be nearly as good as it could have been. Adamo did a fine job with the acting, as I really think he added to intensify certain scenes, but overall, I thought this episode was poorly delivered

    as for the B-plot.....I HAVE NO CLUE!!! One second i hate em (emma and Peter, and the next second i enjoy em. i dont know but they better get somewhere and something better happen soon.
  • Marco comes out to his father and helps another fellow student, Tim to come out to his father. Emma seduces Peter to get revenge and takes picture. Emma ends up to have a little crush on Peter towards the end of the episode.

    This episode i would have to say is one of the best so far of Season 5 along with "venus" was just an episode enjoyable to watch!..i was so proud when marco came out to his dad in the middle of the play.. and i love the part where emma seduces peter- she was all up on him! haha.. i cant wait for next weeks episode- a darcy spinner episode!!
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